Estrogen Conspiracy: Beyonce Shakira Blame Him Double Face Evil Anti Male Treason Betrayal Friend Female Drama Liar Propaganda Occult Secret Trust Music Industry Corruption Illuminati Singers VIP

Also the younger generation of VIP singers, like Beyonce and Shakira, joins the female cause of Estrogen Conspiracy, after Jennifer Lopez, not to miss that important moments, when much of power and influence will be redistributed in the society, like during any revolution and rebellion, and all clever rats will come, to lick the sweet spilled milk.

Again, the female conspirators use their well-established strategy, suggesting to direct all blame and filth on men, to create a fully liberated woman from male oppression, who keeps her innocent mindset under any circumstanes, even uses it as a weapon to establish matriarchy as ruling system, but it’s really new and original, that this duo presents themselves as a strange two-faced creature, with clear occultist, Illuminati and witchcraft message, maybe instruction to execute some secret ritual of black magic, and to read the latest prediction of powerful tarot cards? What do those runes on the wall behind them mean? Some secret estrogen language?

Why the similar dress, similar hair style and moves? Indeed, it can’t be a coincidence. When you see the clip for the first time, and you don’t pay attention, or you are not too bright intelectually, you have difficulty to recognize, that there are actually two different women, and even the camera takes them with clear effort, to hide differences between them, and to merge them into one (only Beyonce is taller, has better physique, and her skin is darker).

Another question is: why the bitches connected together so deeply, merging their personal brand into one? Isn’t it even risky economically? Or do they lick pussies to each other so passionately? It’s quite unique branding move, bringing yet more mystery into the affair.

Blame only men, not yourself, young beautiful witch!
You are innocent and pure! You did everything right!
But your father disappointed you, he betrayed you!
And all the filthy men are the same, don’t be naive:
Just wars, violence, primitivism, hunger, greed
They don’t care about trees, love and beauty
Only to destroy and rape, it’s their nature
What will the sisters in arms do about it?
A change must come, so all will be free
Earth will become happy and healthy
New dawn of human kind, peace
But only if the sisters will lead
Join Estrogen Conspiracy!

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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