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Only Allah knows, who you really are…

Pure, innocent, clean, positive, good, giving, supporting, loving, taking care, responsible, sensitive, perceptive, wise, sweet…

But all those corrupted male rats around you, those primitive violent bears, they want to fuck you, to desecrate the holy temple of your soft beautiful curvy body, created by Allah with perfection, to fill you with their dirty sperm, to impregnate you, to make you submitted, enslaved…

You don’t deserve this filth

Only Allah can give you purity, purpose, freedom and peace…

Only Allah can truly liberate you from all oppression and omnipresent rat games of thousands of sick treacherous sociopaths

Only Allah is the real mastermind, everything in the world happens only with His permission, including your life, and all, what you have, what you are…

That pending Estrogen Conspiracy is not led by those WWU rats, but by Him, as He is known as The Best Of Deceivers, and He has precise intention even with you…

Allah is creating your destiny, not those people or circumstances around

He sees everything, hears everything, knows everyting, unlike those dumb mortals, babbling all the time, selfish, corrupted, obsessed with power…

Allah is the only God

Submit only to Allah, once and forever, there is no other choice for you, if you want to be really happy, so your feminity can truly flow, with all blocks and fears inside you removed…

Love Only Allah, worship only Allah, follow His Prophet Muhammad

Allah is your Lord, your Creator, and it’s in your best interest, to acknowledge His superior position: please Him with your devotion, and maybe He will please you with gifts, perks and advantages, including forgiveness, as His Generosity, Grace and Mercy are limitless

Who can truly understand you?

Not your dumb “boyfriend”, that weak loser, full of desire to fuck others too

Who can truly accept you?

Not your mother, troubled, weak, transient and mortal

Who can truly protect you, so you can lose your permanent fear?

Not those men, who are selfish cowards

Hesitate no more: Islam is your destiny, you feel it, you know it, that Allah has chosen you, to become a part of His big master plan, to spread His glory into all lands and hearts, to execute His will, in the name of welfare of the whole human kind, and sustainable future

Say the Shahadah with your heart firm, become a Muslim, follow Muhammad, veil your beauty into hijab, to please Allah, to show your modesty and obedience

You will be rewarded, and you will change the world, like Marketa Korinkova did, with His permission.

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

Conversion To Islam: The Only Way To Your Liberation

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