Estrogen Conspiracy: Jennifer Lopez Joins Female Cause. Corrupted Music Industry Illuminati VIP. Humiliate His Mother. Make Him Loser. Despise Him. Create Divisions. Make Unrest. No Peace For Fools

Have a look at that face of Jennifer Lopez, that famous American female singer: too many of too obvious facelifts, made by plastic surgeons from GHC Group, a part of Illuminati medical conspiracy. As she can’t cope with inevitable aging and losing her female reproduction ability, she gets louder, aggressive, poisonous, like a proper witch, like a Hollywood actress, Bridget Moynahan, who suggested new efficient strategy to defeat men… with their own assistance and help.

Those are the VIP social leaders of Estrogen Conspiracy, attracting wondering female crowds to follow them, to shout their anger and disappointment: and they will blame men, redirect all guilt and hatred at men, who are weak and effeminate, and more they become soft, under massive female pressure, more they are despised and criticized…

The circle closes, and estrogen celebrates general victory, not only social, also wells of drinking water are poisoned with estrogen, by female urban guerillas EGPD, misusing stolen ANDROKILLIN substance, to annihilate all violent, primitive, insensitive males from planet Earth, so there will be no more wars, by transforming the male fools into soft sensitive females, using simple chemistry and deliberate hormonal disbalance in nature.

Of course, that those female conspirators, full-time revolutionaries, sucking money through various charity foundations and NGOs from the state budgets, need to stick many sharp wedges into society. There can be no peace, no harmony at the West: only divisions, conflicts and clashes, general unrest, later even civil wars with blood in the streets, so the corrupted West will fall under Chinese global dominance yet more easily.

Oh, Chinese masterminds: you are good pupils of Sun Tzu, the great ancient military leader! Let the corrupted West collapse! And let North Korea rise, under wise command of Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme Leader, with help of servants and puppets like J-Lo, a first class VIP Western slut!

There is a massive female Army in the streets of Western cities:
Countless miserable bitches over forty years of age
which no one wants, except for intercourse

Many of them will never become “mama”
They are too busy with their professional career

But instead sorrow, they poison the world with anger
Who destroyed them, who took sense of life from them?
The same bitches, who now call them into fight against all men.

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriachy

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Alan Svejk