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Indeed, feminine voice is the most powerful weapon, seducing, even dangerous, like their female hormone, that intimidating estrogen, symbol of deception, silence, apparent passivity, patient waiting and indirect approach.

No wonder, that various treacherous rats like to misuse the ultimate magic of female voice for their malicious purposes, like mind control of dumb masses of brainwashed Western sheep, or, to rise the female gender to rule, in so called Estrogen Conspiracy, with its ranks flowing with the most influential female and even male VIPs and elite social structures, who understood, that for sustainable future of the world and human kind, it means without wars, violence and destruction, matriarchy must rise, and violent, primitive men, who were warriors once, removed from rule, or effeminated, softened, assimiliated, like poor Moriscos in ancient Al-Andalus.

The latest technological advancements are indeed helping in this revolutionary cause tremendously, without male fools noticing. The masterminds behind this immense fateful conspiracy, deciding the future of the world, simply enhance and refine the female voice for the utmost persuading power, sending irresistible subliminal message, caught and translated deep inside the human mind, thus bypassing all defences and rational thinking, towards single status:

Submission, and following new powerful female leaders, emerged in this new divided but open world in eternal omnipresent conflict, neverending war for territory and resources, where drinking water is poisoned with estrogen by female urban guerillas, and unstoppable female element floods into all structures of power, with a clear demand: to rule, without any concessions or delays, as there is no time to lose time, if the future of the world is at stake, and many states have immensely large stockpiles of nuclear weapons and similar terrible means of war and destruction… which are controlled by aggressive, violent men.

It leaked into sniffing tabloid media, that female rebels acquired the most devastating weapon of mass persuasion, called USP-PSYOPS, developed by Wu Corporation, the key defence supplier worldwide. This extremely dangerous but revolutionary state-of-the-art invention, developed by the most bright minds of Chinese engineers, to defeat enemies without fighting, without violence and need to use the obsolete kinetic weapons, using only soft power, works with deepest unconscious layers of human psychology, and it uses system of measures, including visuals and sound, to seduce, deceive, manipulate, persuade, influence…

And who can be more suitable for this special purpose, than a female, if it’s deep inside her nature and “Yin” essence, to deceive, to defeat superior male physical power with subtle pressure and indirect means? Like smiling at him, but when he turns, stabbing him in the back treacherously, from the darkness, without warning, like a proper Princess of Swords, symbolizing Special Forces approach… moreover, if she is a striking fashion model, like Zuzana Jandova?

Of course, except Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most Exalted, who is the best of all deceivers… but it’s a female, who can persuade you to give her resources, even if she doesn’t sleep with you, even if she doesn’t give anything with real value back… only your feeling of a proper fool, that you did “something good”…

Sacrificing yourself, like that fool Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie Titanic, leaving his place in a rescue boat to some slut, when the ship was sinking into freezing waters, with absolutely no chance for a human to survive outside the safety of boat. And how long will she cry for him? Maybe five minutes… then, she will be immediately ready and willing to fuck with a new male, accepting his sperm into her body system, ready to be impregnated by him, because not chivalry, but survival is her female mission, and she will use any measures, regardless of alleged morality, or even law, to achieve this ultimate goal.

She will lie, seduce, deceive… to survive.
She will survive, and you, a dumb fool, will fall.
You failed in the test… and she won, deserving to live.

And there is not a better means of delivering the persuading female message of seduction and deception, than apparently innocent music, brought by corrupted Illuminati, occultist and witchcraft messengers like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Shakira and Rihanna, the decadent idols of unbelievers, who succumb to forbidden idolatry, who worship some mortal fools instead of ALLAH, the only deity, worthy of worshipping and submitting, to gain immense advantages and rewards in life and afterlife alike: to be in peace, and to lose fear, to have chance to be admitted into Paradise, if you worship and please Him properly.

Indeed, Allah orders well, that Muslims shouldn’t listen to music, it’s even forbidden, except other things, like alcohol, fornication, plus other unclean things: but unbelievers like to be seduced and manipulated, becoming mere animals, living in endless hedonism, debauchery, improved by modern society into mindless consumerism and eternal state of brainwashing by corrupted mass media, so called “mass entertainment”, created to intoxicate and distract the dumb submitted masses, so they have no dangerous ideas of overthrowing their corrupted rulers, to become free: but the real freedom is submitting to the will of Allah, by converting to Islam.

However, when this “next-gen” singer Flore Beguigui came, she moved this treacherous effort of masterminds, how to use female voice to their malicious goals, to completely another levels. Her importance on the music scene may seem marginal, but she became a symbol of completely open manipulating of sounds, to achieve total submission of subjects, listeners, audience: using advanced technological means, her voice became yet more seducing, but also commanding, not natural, not real, with its original limitations removed by technology and sound processors, as the modern Western society prefers supercomputers instead of Allah, in their endless corruption and foolishness, and this decision means their fall and collapse.

The following song is really powerful, crushing and devastating, however soft and subtle it seems in the beginning… but it’s exactly like female sexuality, it starts slowly, but it’s extremely powerful and strong later. This song is even considered by some academic voices as a deliberate and exact replica of female way of sexual arousal and excitement… soft and inconspicuous at first, but making all fools to lose control later, changing into complete madness, obsession, witchcraft and most powerful experience with unforeseen consequences. Just listen to her attentively:

“Now, now, now
You should stay right now
Should stay right now, should stay right now
Could it really be a feeling?
Could it be?
With me, with me, with me
Could it really be a feeling?
Could it be?”

This is, who a bitch is, and you succumb to her magic. Why? Because you are weak. She offers a mirror for you, and you fail in this fitnah, you are losing yourself, giving your soul to her, so she has control. Bitches love weak men, as they can control them, but they fuck and get pregnant with powerful alphas. But she is beautiful and you can’t resist her… if you allow her to play her game. But you can’t stop and leave… because even as a man, you want to be enchanted and submitted to this sexy commanding empress from tarot cards, who is powerful, unlike you. You hope, that she will improve you, she will save you, if you will keep her close, if you will win her love… maybe you are right, but only if she will lead you to ALLAH, who is the only real salvation.

Some fools don’t have even one girlfriend… but this fool has even two! What is the relationship between these three? The bitches seem submitted to him, maybe he has enough money, so they make him happy… but he seems as quite a leader, balanced and confident, trendy, manly, so maybe he impresses the bitches naturally. Still, many fools will envy him, what he has: maybe some magic, to attract females and make them submitted? Anyway, he is successful man, no doubt about it. He wins, whereas you lose. Maybe the bitches are of average beauty, no VIPs, no fashion models, but he has them, he controls them, he enjoys authority and control over them… and there can be no better feeling for a man… except war and fighting, as he is born as warrior. Or maybe it’s all illusion… and they rule in reality? Only letting him to live in a lie?

You are a cowboy, alone, but free, only with your horse (car), going on a road trip without firm destination, enjoying freedom… but then, she suddenly occurs, as a big test of your life… and you fail. But maybe she would say, that all fault is yours? And you will ask: how did it happen, that it all ended like this? This man presents three versions of self: one sneaky and submitted, when she rules, one violent and aggressive, when he rules, and the third nice and positive, when he tries to correct her bad behavior, as it should be. But in the end… well, how can it end, if you allow such dangerous creature to influence your life, to create your destiny? If you would be submitted to Allah, then only He would create your destiny, not mortals, and a bitch is still merely a mortal. She will pass… and her beauty will pass much sooner.

Is there is a lesson for you all? Certainly:

Feminine essence is immensely powerful
Her masters are powerful too, capable and treacherous
You succumb to them all, you lose, you are weak, not able to resist
The only way out of this eternal misery, defeat and submission is ALLAH.

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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