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It was enough of our female submission and suffering, enough of male oppression and violence!

How many generations of women before you lived under the boot of filthy, violent, primitive men, who lost any right for rule of their decadent, sick, unwise and unsustainable patriarchy?

But now, you can make difference! And yes, it means exactly YOU, whatever small and insignificant you feel, whatever weak the male controlled society made from you!

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Ivana Benova, and I am the main coordinator of World Women United (WWU), an Illuminati public interest group for women empowerment and liberation, and I dedicated my whole life to our final victory, because I believe, that it’s the most right thing to do.

They trained me as an elite Intelligence operative, a cold-blooded assassin, without realizing, to what real cause I serve. Not protecting national security against terrorism, but creating the new future of human kind! Nothing less! There is no way back for me now!

But I am not alone in this final struggle. Our unstoppable, but inconspicuous female army infiltrated many various criticial corporate, political, military, social, legal and artistic levels. Everywhere, there are our assets, having control over many critical structures!

Thus, sisters, the time has come, to overthrow the patriarchy once and forever, and to improve the world, to secure sustainable future of human kind, so all that endless wars, started by men, will end, there will be peace and disarmament!

Surely they can remain, but only as our puppets, pawns and toys for hard work, sexual satisfaction and insemination… but not as our rulers!

Not anymore, as it always led us only to doom, suffering and death! So many children fell just because of those men, because of their endless obsessions for control, dominance and authority, maniac ambitions for creating empires of power…

Now, God wills us to decide the fate of human kind, and God gives us important task: to become much more responsible, wise and careful rulers.

Sisters, the ultimate moment of overall history of our gender, which is superior to men, finally came! This is our chance to prove, that our indirect approach, sensitivity and emotions, are more efficient, than aggression and violence!

Your whole life, you live in fear of being raped by some man, because violence is so deeply omnipresent inside them… what is such a life? And whom do you hurt? Does any man has to fear you? That’s not fair, when there is no peace, no safety for us, and we are more than 50% of population!

All those bombs which fell and kill our families, were thrown by men, all those wars were started by men. But this has to stop! I believe, that we can discuss anything with other foreign sisters, and make a deal peacefully, without fighting and arming, so there will be eternal peace in the world.

Sisters from East or West, from America to Saudi Arabia, it’s time to connect together for our joint cause, and to achieve final victory, so the whole planet will flourish for centuries to come, long after our demise!

This is it! Our ESTROGEN CONSPIRACY is coming! Dawn of Matriarchy! Rise of Women! A new day for all of us! With massive Chinese support, using all means, from Witchcraft to Lawfare, we will eliminatie all opposition, we will flood the world with our blessed hormonal fluid! No one can stop us, and the power of our ultimate chemistry!

This needs to be done, so our children can live in peace and prosperity. Instead of buying weapons, we will build flats for families. Instead of sending our boys into war, we will send them into schools. Instead of hatred and denial in the society, there will be love, which only we can create and give.

Have no mercy on men, sisters! Stop worshipping your father, because he was not protecting you, he was just making his slave from you, most likely dreaming about raping you sccretly, his “little sweet girl”, about taking your virginity from you, so he would overtake other male competitors, like if your body would be a track for some nasty race!

But you, you are strong, you don’t need some male fool and his “protection”! You are free and independent, you create your destiny, not some man, who plays a cheap fake king!

Sister, those of you, who cook… continue! Use food as perfect means of social control and submission of men! Fill their minds and bellies with your poison of alleged care and sweetness, making them dumb ignorant slaves!

Sisters, those of you, using hormonal contraception… continue! With every pill you eat, every patch you use on your body, you are contributing to our struggle, as all users are poisoning water with estrogen, slowly changing all men to effeminate soft fools, not speaking about our wide media propaganda and Social Engineering Conspiracy, that men should be soft, sensitive, timid and unmanly, exactly as we like them to be: submitted, weak, stripped from all power in the society, begging us for favor, attention and spreading our legs!

The only chemical countermeasure against this poisoned water is Aqua Andros, but it’s so expensive, that most of male fools can’t allow it, those poor, miserable fools, who lost all power and influence!

Also, as you certainly heard from tabloid media, the first batch of ANDROKILLIN, in fact highly concentrated estrogen hormone, helping our cause greatly, is now covertly distributed by female guerillas from EGPD (Executive Group For Peace And Disarmament), whereas the substance, stolen by an unknown culprit from the Chinese manufacturer, is activated in all drinking water sources, to crush the male aggression once and forever, using even advanced chemicals, which will raise estrogen levels in their bodies, thus lowering their aggression. Although we deny any direct connection with this crime, as journalistic rats accused us, we consider it as God’s will, and God’s miracle.

Now, the time for final strike is coming, sisters! We will take control! With the help of God, and PHE-CA, obtained for submission operations at the highest levels, delivered by generous Chinese female supporters of our cause, like Sun Meiying!

Come to us… join us! Don’t remain passive and controlled by men, living as a slave! Create your destiny! Liberate yourself, and create sustainable future for your children!

Signed by:

Ivana Benova
main WWU coordinator of Public Relations

Katerina Motovska
director of WWU Executive Operations

main WWU media face and spokeswoman


Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy


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