Estrogen Conspiracy: Sevdaliza Princess Warrior. Sevda Alizadeh Singer Feminity Female Woman Iran Gender Warfare Liberation Victory Matriarchy VIP Superiority Dominance Revolution Feminism Voice

Regardless of sectarian differences in the world Islamic community, many Shia and Sunni Muslims strictly reject the Iranian singer Sevdaliza (citizen name Sevda Alizadeh, *1987), designated by many members of Ummah as the most corrupted Muslim woman nowadays, committing many un-Islamic sins, perceived even worse than many infidels

But it has to be reminded, that Allah is the best of all deceivers, and He is known to use devoted, capable, inconspicuous soldiers of this vast female army of deception and apparent apostasy, like Marketa Korinkova Maryam, to achieve His glorious plans and special intentions, which foolish, weak, transient mortals have no ability to understand, no right to judge, only to submit to His will, to be blessed with His endless Compassion and Mercy.

Indeed, her very unique music, her striking presentation, her seducing Persian beauty, her well shaped unique body, her shocking self-idolatry, her apparent denial of God, her firm belief in female essence as the most powerful energy of the world, can seem deeply disturbing, but Allah certainly has His reasons, why He allowed this immense fitnah, why He prevented Sevdaliza’s father and brothers to intervene in the cause.

It seems, that the Lord sent this Islamic Princess Warrior, to infiltrate and get control over so called Estrogen Conspiracy, a covert worldwide revolution of females, with one simple goal: to establish matriarchy, rule of women, to remove corrupted violent men from rule, even by poisoning drinking water with estrogen hormone, and Sevdaliza is indeed a born leader, inspiring females from all over the world, to release the devastating power of their feminity, to stop living in oppression, submission, denial.

They all decided to follow her, choosing her as their prophet… and only Allah will judge her.

It won’t be the mysterious Illuminati, leading this estrogen revolution: it will be this Muslim woman, she will create and bring the future of female gender.

Like all perfect and persuasive deceivers, Sevda Alizadeh has two faces: one, Islamic, devoted, submitted to Allah, respecting her Iranian (Persian) roots… and the other is a woman so extremely seductive and feminine, but combined with male essence, having well built body, curvy but muscular, as she was once a professional basketball player, even representing Netherlands, where she relocated.

Indeed, this is, what female conspirators want to do: to find perfection, by combining female and male essences into one ultimate unstoppable package. And this is, what she represents, what she achieved, by being highly emotional, artistic, sensitive, perceptive… but also warrior-like Princess, the strong leader, who fascinates thousands both women and men.

She uses her curves and her pussy as her main weapon, and ruthlessly: even many infidel female artists, slaves of clever masterminds of corrupted music industry, like Beyonce, Rihanna, Shakira, Lana Del Rey or Mariah Carey were never be able to discover all the options of their magical pussy, which rules the world, creating madness inside men, stealing peace from them.

Indeed, this woman is much improved version of reputated Gal Gadot from Israel, and her fame is on massive rise… but in comparison, the Jewess is really nothing, she is just an empty, cheap shell… but Sevdaliza is one of the most inspiring women the world has ever seen, indeed a fascinating creation of Allah, her body is superior, as it implements female and male features in perfect, balanced combination, while maintaining and improving her feminity, which is only emphasized by her immensely colorful, artistic, talented soul.

When famous Slawa (Gilsel Slawada) came, she caught attention of millins… but this Iranian woman, this is the future of the female essence, where total balance between anima and animus of a woman will be achieved: and the immense power of pussy, ruling the world covertly, emphasized massively, to inspire other bitches, that they possess this unique weapon of mass destruction, surpassing all nuclear arsenal ever built.


This is, where she is coming from, her roots: but she got way too far from a submitted, obedient, modest Muslim woman, as you will see… soon

She only wears obligatory hijab back in Tehran, although it suits her so well, as beauty is not suppressed with hijab, on the contrary… but in the infidel Europe, her new home, where she succumbed to many decadent vices… rather not to say!

Those lips, reminding Donald Duck, don’t seem as a standard female issue… maybe rather a result of some medical intervention, as she is willing to do just anything to be an ultimate woman, and her personal symbol is a pussy, which those megalips remind well, including chosen lipstick color

One covered eye… maybe connection with Illuminati? Those rats have their long fingers everywhere…

So decent, noble profile of a beautiful young Persian woman… but the reality can’t be more different

She seems cute, sexy and innocent here… because every woman has many faces and you will never find the truth, the “real face”… it doesn’t exist, the change is permanent inside her

Surely she knows, how pretty she is… combined with the necklace, she seems as a rich Persian bitch here

Eyes of a witch… lower your gaze, men, or become enslaved and submitted to her female essence, becoming miserable fools, submitted to a woman. worshipping her wrongly, instead of Allah… but anybody should be submitted only to Allah, as he is the only deity

She can be decent, even aristocratic, when she wants, or needs… but she never forgets to show her female qualities, like those killer thighs, so full, so tempting

You need to see movements during a live performance… she is INSANE! And how emotionally she touches herself… strippers and hostesses from Las Vegas could envy!

This artistic expression is too complex for a common fool to understand… but it’s certainly powerful, like anything she does, because she is an ultimate woman

Romantic face??? Very unique, but again, woman changes her face many times a day, and changing skins is natural for her.. don’t try to understand, rather keep your integrity, or be hopelessly hooked

Vogue Netherlands, May 2017 issue… as you can see, Sevdaliza made it even to high VIP Dutch spheres, and nothing can stop her, the whole infidel world is submitting to her… the styling is rather manly… but there are those tits… yeah, it’s about perfect combination!

That sexy, curvy thigh! And the dark hair! Real Warrior Princess… showing her gifts from Allah… fighting on the music stage… for whose interests? Allah? And half-naked?

This body is INSANE… muscular, well developed, but curvy, soft and feminine: Fucking with her, grasping this special body with your manly palms, must be ULTIMATE experience

This is SICK! Unnatural width of her shoulders can be well seen here, combined with narrow waist… she looks rather as a man, including face… but the immensely long hair remind the reality… or is she a man, pretending to be a woman???

Some ass for the fools…

And THE PUSSY has arrived! She covers it with her palm, but the gesture seems rather symbolic, not about hiding, rather not to be censored… this is just the beginning of pussy madness of Sevdaliza!

That dark space between thighs, there is Mrs. PUSSY… and that face expression… like just after somebody ejaculates sperm into her, and then he says, that he doesn’t love her… angry, disappointed, cold, detached… woman can be a dangerous creature, when feeling betrayed

Fascinating composition… revealed tits, indicated pussy, long free dark hair, smartphone, cigarette… this doesn’t seem like ISLAM indeed!

See that pussy, so close, and so far away? PUSSY is everywhere! And glamour models could envy this perfect pose!

With her MOTHER, indicating PUSSY under her white shirt again… there has to be some hidden meaning… or is it just plainly vulgar, un-Islamic and sick?

Things are getting serious! She doesn’t wait for you, to come and fuck her… she is just enjoying her feminity! Again, pussy is very nicely indicated, just under that exposed belly

This sequence is BRUTAL! More about this feminine miracle later

Pussy from right side… Sevdaliza seems to be absolutely fascinated with that sharp slot between thigh and vulva

Pussy from the left side, as there is never enough of Sevdaliza’s pussy! The motto means “All Is Well”… her massive tattoo can be seen… altough pictures of living things and permanent damage or alteration of body, including tattoos, is forbidden in Islam

See that road to the Pussy?

She loves her curvy sexy hips! She is obsessed with her female curves

“The Vulva Slot” again… like every proper artists, she pays attention to tiny, overlooked details, like wrinkles on skin

Wrinkles and tattoo… only Sevdaliza knows, what this composition means

What is in the center of the picture…? You don’t have to guess twice, surely it’s her pussy… now it’s revealed, that she has her hip tattoos on both sides, and on thighs symetrically, as well… and what does that strange posture of hands, palms and fingers means? One needs a translator to understand these advanced artistic expressions of Sevdaliza!

That strange posture again… very original, like anything she does… and she has so called pussy gap (thigh gap), perceived as one of signs of ultimate female beauty


It should represent different faces of a “modern woman”… the lyrics, the music, the scene, and the final “satin” sequence are simply INSANE… like this woman herself!

There’s a woman
She fails him every time
She can’t come down
She lives to be declined
There’s a woman
She’s every fantasy
And no reality
In one

There’s some gravity
Pulling her essence down
There’s a remedy
For them motherfuckers (!) around
There’s a woman
She’s every fantasy
And no reality
In one

It bring her back to life
How can I suffer without the pain
Can we struggle without our shame
It brings me back to life
How I can suffer without the pain
Can we struggle without our shame

I wish I could cry
I wish I could die
I wish I could cry for help
(but my heart is too cold)

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

Women Of Islam: Message of Peace, Freedom, Destiny

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