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Division, subversion, disruption, humiliation, making men bleed from thousand of tiny wounds… this is exactly, what clever, educated and capable females do, to win in their big struggle, called Estrogen Conspiracy, so matriarchy can prevail in the whole world, and rule of violent men, obsessed in developing deadly weapons, like nuclear armament or weaponized toxins, causing many wars, violence and suffering in the past, can end, replaced by much more wise, balanced and sustainable approach, so the world can live in eternal peace, as the females promise with sweet seducing voices of Sirenas.

There are three kinds of them: first, doing it for fame and publicity, like Bridget Moynahan or Beyonce, and those celebrity rats simply join the cause, because it’s trendy, fashionable, and you won’t ge punished for it, this is not a guerilla fight, where Police hunts you in some forest, like an animal… nobody goes to prison here, and weak men are willing to tolerate, that you are crushing them, poisoning their minds and drinking water with deadly substances of effeminacy.

Second group are simply brainwashed followers, so empty, so they want and need to follow some big cause, to fill their miserable lives with something, if they failed in careers, love and their female mission, it means to be a nurturer for her family… and they also want to release their hatred and disappointment somewhere, preferably towards someone, who won’t fight back, who is weak and soft, like “modern men”, pushed by females to become weak fools, willing to sacrifice their life for some worthless slut.

And the third group, it’s those genuine organizers, who truly believe their cause, who pull levers, like a Hollywood actress of Mexican origin, Stephanie “Steph” Sigman (*1987), an infidel dog-worshipper, originally a fashion model, who left her homeland to pursue big media career in America, and she quite succeeded in the alleged land of unlimited opportunities, making her break in the movie industry, while still young.

Since she played the main role of a corrupted beauty queen in “Miss Bala” (2011), where she was involved with Mexican drug cartels and narco war, based on tale of Laura Zuniga, a Mexican beauty queen, with her breasts generously improved with plastic, detained with drug criminals, being showed in front of TV cameras, making questionable media fame, Sigman really moved upstairs in the media food chain, even becoming a Bond Girl, although marginal, in “Spectre” (2015).

Anyway, Stephanie Sigman stands strongly against the Latino “machismo” culture, where she originates from, becoming a “modern inspiring female”, who sends a clear message, that patriachy must be fought, dealth with and defeated mercilessly… probably being infected by the American culture, babbling about equality and human rights endlessly, or maybe paid generously by American female media lobby, to assert the right ideas for female liberation.

This slut is not so aggressive verbally, like her many female counterparts. She rathers pick the movie roles of model women, who are strong, who organize big conspiracies against men, making them to fight each other, whereas they remain safe, out of all violence and bloodshed, collecting all the perks, including power and influence.

Indeed, provoking men to fight each other is very favorite subversive tactics, how to attain victory in the game for power an influence: the ancient Muslims from Al-Andalus learned the hard way, how effective this approach can be, they lost the territory, which belonged to Allah, letting Christian infidels to humiliate not only them, but the whole Ummah, the world Islamic community, which weeps for lost Al-Andalus even after 525 years, since the last Muslim kingdom in Spain, Emirate of Granada, fell and surrendered to Spanish invaders of reconquista, after being seriously weakened by internal civil war, when Muslim stood again Muslim, brother fought brother, son rebelled against father, which caused the final defeat.

And this is exactly, what Steph teaches her female colleagues: simply to stir unrest, slandering men, motivating them to start fighting each other, as there is a warrior inside any man, and the fools like challenge, they like to have an enemy.

And if a clever slut is organizing it, standing behind it all, covert, hidden in shadows… she gets so much power, and the men become her slaves and servants.

Surely, a right man should be submitted only to Allah, to His will, and a woman too, professing Islam as the only perfected and complete religion of peace… but if you are in infidel, then you will be damaged, you will be hurt by your mistakes and influence of powerful sluts, like Stephanie Sigman is.

This is, what you chose, and you will pay for this choice, being just another miserable pawn, as Steph teaches them, how to exploit your endless weaknesses.

In the end, you will be destroyed, and she will enjoy power. She is creating the matriarchy in practice, instead of mere words and bold proclamations. Thus, Stephanie Sigman can be considered extremely dangerous, and her influence immense… and imagine, that she is only 30 years old. Imagine her in ten, or even twenty years… she will certainly become a real monster, as aging makes sluts yet more determined to annihilate males, persuade or force them to submission.

The question is, how the world will look like in ten or twenty years? It got fucked up so much, in just ten years, with that corrupted manipulating social media like Facebook coming, controlled by sociopaths like Mark Zuckerberg… now, what comes next? It will be certainly something related with female superiority, as this infection spreads everywhere nowadays, including allegedly conservative Middle East, and even Islamic culture shows its weakness and feebleness, tolerating such subversive female elements, like Princess Ameerah al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia.

But fools always get, what they want, what they asked Allah for: including defeat and destruction, to be replaced by others.

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Bitches Want To Rule The World

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