Estrogen Mafia Training (10): PSY Usage In Human Resources

In a previous part of this series, two professional branches were recommended, where the enter barriers are low, and you can make a real career there, acquiring many options for the future. First was the Public Relations branch, and Human Resources (HR) is the another. It was advised to you, always go where the power and influence are. And here, in HR, you can find immense opportunities to grow your personal brand, to get noticed, recognized and remembered, so you can really start building your own realm of power and influence, by helping people in need.

Today, we live in complicated, even harsh post-crisis world, where many people struggle to get a job. It means, that anybody in the chain of work opportunities has tremendous power in his or her hands. So anybody, who is working in Human Resources today, can be considered as a person of influence, just by being at this right place, where options are distributed.

Imagine, how many applicants feel. They live under the burden of uncertainty and even worries about their professional and personal future. If you can effectively help them in this hard time, do something really good for them, they will be grateful, and they will remember you as a person who turned their situation to optimism and positivity.

In other words, if you cross their way in this sensitive moment, and you become an asset for them, by changing their feelings and approach, they will be glad to help you in the future.

Many of the applicants will be successful eventually, and they will be glad to repay you the favor one day. Of course, that you have only limited power to get a real job for them, but there are another positive things you can do for all of them.

It’s about your kind and positive approach, giving them optimism and self-confidence. Not only a new job can help them, but also some change in perception of their situation. And as a HR asset, you can give them this valuable and precious gift. And they will literally love you for this. Because feeling of being understood and supported is more valuable, than an impressive paycheck. Money come and go – but good memories stay forever.

If you would show them, that they can get rid of worries and stay positive and in good mood, you can change their lives, and as a consequence, they can really get a new job, just by changing their stance!

Can you feel, how important you could become for their lives and their fate? Do you understand, how wide opportunities it could bring for you?

If you will use advanced PSY methods to influence the applicants, you can become a crucial difference for them. They originally approached you with dark emotions in their minds and hearts, but when they will leave you, their feeling will be different – just by your contribution.

Do something good for them today – and tomorrow, they will do something good for you. You can never know, how high they will be one day. But if you leave your mark in their memories, they will be obliged to you, so one day, if you will approach them, they will gladly help you in your own interests. And they will have the options, if they will be employed in a highly important corporation, for example.

So, how to achieve this marvellous results? As always – using Psychology. Remember, you do this both for your employer and for yourself. You are not an anonymous employee – you are a partner for the applicants, they will negotiate with you directly. You represent your company, but also yourself. So switch your approach from simple “doing your work and get paid for that” to “grabbing vast opportunities for the future by doing something good”.

Your relations with an applicant should be deep. He or she must see, that you are there for them, they have your full attention and you want to help them, at least by relaxing them, and opening their eyes, giving good advices and widening the perspective of their situation.

Firstly, calm them down. Make them relaxed. They have to free their minds. Then, you can persuade them, that they are in the right place, sitting exactly with you. The atmosphere should be very positive. Not to remind them any errors they made in their previous careers, but introducing them into a world of unlimited work opportunities. Try hard to discover their unique qualities, emphasize them, make them to feel special, and recommend them a new career, where they can fully use their talent and skills, be fulfilled and happy. Give them good tips for advancement and self-improvement.

Your friendly and understanding approach should be a maternal embrace for them. Make them feel this way, and you will become their savior. They expected an unpleasant experience and bad news, but they met you there, and you are special. You are different, you are better than any other HR consultant. Give them more, to get more from them. People like to forget, who gave them something good, but you will not allow this, just by shining so intensively. Become a light in their life, and they will be grateful and generous.

Guide them, and offer them a helping hand. Become a doctor for their soul, provide them a relief from their hard feelings. Fill their minds with calmness and light. Connect to them, and they will feel it. They will stop feeling lonely and crushed by the circumstances. Only if they will forget the pressure, only if they will block it from their minds, only then they can be successful.

And you will help them with all that. They all will understand, how the feminine power can improve their life. And they will find this strength and support in you.

This way, you will build relationships with many important people. Provide them, what they desperately need today – and you will be rewarded generously tomorrow. Today, they are weak, down and in a bad mood, but you help them out of that feelings, and when they will be strong, they will remember well, who helped them.

In the HR branch, you can be really important for many people. Not only you can improve their lives, but you will also gain many advantages from those noble efforts. Be a special HR consultant, and you will see, what difference it makes.

You can start in any HR company. There is much fluctuation of the HR work force, people come and go often, so you can enter all the time. But you will make the most from this part of you career. You will establish a foundation for your future growth to the highest positions.

Any future employer will appreciate your extensive HR background, because it means, that you can negotiate with many different people, and you can provide a support not only for them, but also for your corporation. This experience can make your CV special and attractive. And you will be protected from any lay-off, just by being too important for the company.

Become important for the people and for your employer – and you are a queen, pampered, protected and with open opportunities to be promoted. Just give something more to your vicinity – and you will be recognized by the world.

Alan Svejk -