Estrogen Mafia Training (13): How To Influence Men Correctly

There is a big secret, how to influence males with the tremendous efficiency. Although women are able to persuade them effectively anyway, this is something yet different, a deeper layer of communication between both genders. And you will be able to use it to your advantage, with the results you could never dream of.

What does that mean? That if you will understand this small theory, you will be able to get men to your side, but in a honorable and deep sense. In fact, you can start building your empire of power, by persuading all men around you, that you are the queen they should follow and support, and they will do it, voluntarily, but with their good conviction. Can you imagine the related possibilities? You can really become a queen of your personal world, your close vicinity.

When they announced the movie “Hunger Games”, released 2012, many men and women from PR and advertisement branches got really, really vigilant. You maybe ask, why? What was so substantial about this movie for young people? There is that courageous girl, they call her Katniss, and she has that bow and arrows… it was just a tale!

Even so, this movie, it was a complete paradigm shift. It was a revolution. It forever changed the relations between men and women.

But for another part of knowledge, we had to wait another two years, when “Divergent” (2014) was released. And this movie went yet further.

What was so interesting about these two movies? Well, this needs a scientific approach, to discover possible hidden clues. Only then you can understand all important relations.

So let’s start with some comparison:

1) Both movies have same leads (main roles) – a young woman, cca 16-20 years of age (age of high school)

2) both movies show a new society, with several social fractions, and strictly demarcated borders between them

3) both women have combat and social revolt as their primary activity (in the movie, they were quite common girls before, but now they are forced to make serious, adult choices)

4) both women fight both male and female opponents (eliminating opposition)

5) Katniss has a (younger) sister and mother, Tris has both parents and a brother (cca same age)

6) both women have a love interest. Katniss has originally that worker, but she is forced to marry somebody else, her combat colleague (chosen by lottery). Tris immediately falls in love with that military superior, and their affair ends well, they are together at the end.

7) Katniss uses the bow (ranged weapon), Tris uses martial arts and firearms

8) Katniss has average and rather gender-neutral appearance (“a girl next door”), Tris looks quite handsome and feminine, she even uses makeup and has highlights in hair

9) Katniss is forced to make decisions by circumstances, Tris voluntarily decides to make substantial changes in her life (she is really hungry)

So you can see, that there are some common features of both movies (and personalities of female leads), but also some substantial differences. And do you see the pattern, how are both personalities built? The authors had some particular idea in mind, when they created them (let’s omit possible differencies between the movie and book).

And these rules can be, when closely studied… well, unusual.


She is built with several basic rules in mind:

All men in her close vicinity are either non-existing (no men in her family), weak (her always drunk mentor, who used to be a hero, her combat partner, who is cowardly) or simply empty (her original love interest, that handsome, tall, but dull boy)

In case, that men are strong, they are usually her enemies, prepared for ruthless physical or social elimination.

All women in her close vicinity are weak (depressed mother, who lost her partner in some disaster and never recovered, small sister), or grotesque (that figure in “haute couture” dresses). She has to take care of them all, and make decisions for them. She is the only adult between them… even if she is just 16 years old!

This doesn’t have to be some intentional propaganda, to deliberately humiliate men. But you will maybe agree, that something is really not natural in Katniss world. We can talk about a manipulation, with very simple messages to the viewer: “Look at men, how weak they all are!” (or how they hurt us – her mother).

There can be another explanation, that movie makers are glad to manipulate with viewers, and mostly with young female watchers. They want a new generation of retail consumers. They say, “hey, we have a model woman for you, so you can have some inspiration, how to be strong”… but in fact, they pamper new generation of consumer females, prepared to buy big houses, luxurious cars and invest on stock markets their life savings… and similar risky and even unwise economic decisions.

Katniss learns the viewers, that females are the ones who can, and even have to take care of the world. She persuades us about it in many ways – but she can inspire you too. In the sea of weakness, you can be a queen.


(originally Beatrice, but she took “Tris” as her “nom de guerre”)

Tris is manufactured with more balance – or we could say, more naturally and cautiously. She has normal men in her vicinity (model of usual family), and they are not described as some cowards. Her love interest is a military officer (or something similar), who seems to be quite capable. And her basic adversary is a woman.

All seems fine, until that important moment, which is simply memorable:

Tris and her love interest are climbing to the top of a Ferris wheel, where one critical information is revealed – that good looking, brave soldier, natural leader, who seemed to be completely balanced and born as military elite…

Well, he is scared of heights! Tris reveals his darkest secret…

Can you imagine, how substantially is all changed in their relations?

Before, he was the leader, and she was nobody in the group. But now, she has the power. One moment was enough to change everything. It is her enlightenment, total empowerment, and his lowering.

Of course, that relations between genders should be balanced! Why shouldn’t a woman know the weaknesses of her partner? She would find out, sooner or later…

But the unique feature here was, how swiftly and ruthlessly this was made. Let’s hope, that the man made it deliberately, as experienced military leader, who knows advanced PSY methods of leadership, to empower her, as an upcoming combat ace of their unit… yes, it’s another possibility and it can’t be completely omitted.

Anyway, you can see here, what miracle happens, if you discover and reveal male weaknesses. In that moment, you have the power.

If you send the message: “I know you, I know, how you think, how limited you are, what are your weak spots”, and if you do it sensitively… well, in that moment, any man is at your knees!

If you will behave with courtesy, he will recognize your superiority. You will simply remind him, that his gender brings many limitations, and he should stick to somebody strong – like you.

It is deeply connected with that “band wagon” theory of sociology, that we all want to be close to the powerful ones, where the most substantial events happen, so we can benefit from this connection. The same applies to the fashion blogs, described elsewhere.

If you can persuade a man, that you are that kind of key person – well, it’s in his own best interest, to follow you, to support you!

He will make this serious decision himself. You only show him the way.

You will make a deal, in fact, a business. And both sides will have advantages. That is simply perfect!

This way, a matriarchy could be established in the society. Moreover, this can make men better people, they will learn to recognize another values, and they will get more balanced approach to the world and life, following their inspiring examples. That is why as woman, you are blessed. It just needed some time, so the world could discover it.

Now you see, how large are your possibilities, but also the responsibility.

So, the rules are: remind men of their weaknesses, but do it with courtesy, be a kind personality. Persuade them, that if they will help you and support you, they will be introduced into a new, better world, bringing many advantages to them. And they are not so dumb – they will find the right decision.

Imagine how wide are the opportunities of this special application of power…

Moreover, we men simply have to wake up from our egocentrism. It doesn’t lead us anywhere, it only leads us off our way. And you are the one, who can help us with this task. Of course, that you will be rewarded for your noble contribution to our happiness… with opportunities, sources, power and influence.

Alan Svejk -