Estrogen Mafia Training (14): PSY Applications In Business Affairs

The famous science of Psychology has many possible applications everywhere, including Business Affairs. If you acquire this alternative, advanced approach to your professional life, you can gain massive general advantages, to become ultimately competitive member of the society, invited to hold highest positions.

Psychology is deeply connected with so called PSYOPS, or Psychological Operations. Originally a military concept, but included thoughts have many possible alternative uses everywhere, including Business and professional world. The basic principle is to know, how the people think, so you can persuade and influence them, and also the events around you.

Just imagine the contemporary world. It seems so fast, wild, uncontrollable, steadily changing, unpredictable. The basic mission of PSY use is to stop being only a passive element of the world, but to become an active one, who is not only an object of actions of others, but who is able to rule his/her world and his/her vicinity.

There is a nice wisdom:

“The best way to predict the future is… to create it.”

Imagine, what tremendous power you would have, if you would be able to create the future. Of course, we all create our future by our daily actions, but influencing the business success of your corporation for example, it could really help you to rise in the management ranks!

Do you know that famous McKinsey company? Their principal strength is in so called Business Intelligence. In other words, they provide their clients deep and exact analyses and data about the flow of worldwide and/or local business operations, and these information should help their clients to decide the right way, so their business will be sustainable and growing, not hindered by predicted, expected external events.

If you would know the future exactly, then you could avoid many mistakes or change your strategy in advance, so you would gain advantages in any situation. For example, the famous investor Warren Buffett says, that when a financial market is falling down and crumbling, it is a good time to buy shares, although everybody else is selling and getting rid of their investment assets.

In fact, if McKinsey would announce, as a strong player and pure representative of sociological “band wagon theory”, that tomorrow at 12:00, something is surely going to happen in the economic world, everybody would listen and adapt to this prediction. And that is an incredible power!

Or if Warren Buffett would say, that certain financial market will collapse tomorrow… what would happen? Of course, that many people would believe it, because he is an authority!

But there is an alternative explanation, that by publishing this information, McKinsey or Buffett would be directly influencing the future, by so called “self-fulfilling prophecy”!

As McKinsey would in fact create the future, they could afterwards say that they predicted it exactly, and this sure and easy success would further strenghten their worldwide reputation and options to influence things! So the circle would be closed and they would be considered as mysterious, always perfectly informed and highly desired corporation by employees.

Did you ever think, why the financial market is changing so fast, hour by hour, or even minute by minute? Well, the answer is simple: so many Business Intelligence meets there, both genuine, wrong or even fake, that the market is constantly trembled.

Now, you can see, how the future can be shaped and influenced. Quite easily. It is enough to persuade some key players, and sometimes, to persuade one, single person is good enough to start a wave.

This person can be, for example, an average analyst in McKinsey. Or a politician. Or a journalist in the economic section of famous newspaper. If this person will pass the information further, deeply persuaded, it works as the domino effect.

The same applies with the present “Big Data” hype. Basically, the involved companies promise us, that by processing vast amount of data, we will be able to make right decisions, and these Big Data will allow us to forecast the future, beating competition.

But who can control, if those data are not corrupted or sabotaged? And what happens, if they are corrupted? The consequences can be really serious, and definitely out of any exact ability to predict the future.

In summary – these so called predictions are always questionable, regardless of how many data is used. And the main element here seems to be, that the authors persuade you to believe it. How can you check their information? You either believe it, but it means to accept it as it is, or to deny it. But if they are persuasive, well… it is quite easy to succumb to this pressure!

Who would contest that McKinsey experts? But aren’t they rather alchemists?

The basic rule is – if you are able to persuade your vicinity, including your superiors, that something is going to happen, you have a tremendous power in your hands!

The moment when they believe and take precautions based on your prediction – well, you are the key asset! Would they ever dismiss a high-benefit employee like you? And what high reputation will accompany you! How many company values you saved by your cautious and conscientious approach, above your work duties and salary!

Imagine that. Friday evening, all your colleagues left for home long time ago, but you stayed in the office, analyzing, studying an issue… and then you found it! That critical data, which can save your company, or bring her many future advantages!

They must value an employee asset like you! You will be promoted soon… they will notice your special qualities, no doubt about it! You will never become a grey mouse in the corner, whose career is stagnating, and concurrently, you don’t have to fawn to anybody. Everybody will know, how important you are!

They will beg you to stay, and salary raise will be a regular reality! But you don’t need the money… you are just doing your job, but better than anybody else, simple as that! You are a fulfilled dream of any corporate culture… be what they want you to be, and give them yet more, so they can literally fall in love! Create emotions in them… by moving forward steadily and calmly!

Become important – and you are the queen of your corporation, steadily rising up!

This careful “soft power” approach will block any jealousy from the colleagues – they will see, that you are simply somewhere else, nothing can change that, and they will leave you alone. One day, precisely you will be a boss they will respect!

And it brings you one more advantage: if the company will see, that you don’t need them necessarily, that you could start anywhere else with your special qualities and you know about them… they will try to prevent that to happen, pampering you both covertly and openly. Make yourself needed!

Persuasion is, as seen above, in the beginning of any business success. You don’t have to study Yale or Harvard – even with a grammar school only, if you are able to persuade, that your data is solid and something will happen… well, the world is yours!

Maybe you are honest and you rather rely on some hard background, education and experience, not some magician’s claims. But if you will combine your great professional background with your precise and persuasive predictions, exactly as our McKinsey friends do… well, who could dare to question you, to doubt you? You will become the real authority, and soon, your company can be totally dependent on your opinion, so your importance and reputation can rise to the top.

Create a modest competition for our McKinsey friends, so Business Intelligence market will be revived. Female ability of perception will beat their allegedly scientific approach!

If they can (allegedly) predict future, with their boring analyses, that nobody understands or reads, but all believe them… you can do it too, but with much more fun and attractivity!

Make Advanced Business Intelligence a cool branch, to your advantage!

Alan Svejk -