Estrogen Mafia Training (16): Principles Of Success

It is necessary to reveal, how the society really works, and what means are used to distribute power, influence and opportunities. With this key information, you will be able to identify, classify and analyze the flow of the society, and enter the right places. The basic advice: always go, where the power and influence are.

Firstly, did you ever think, why the society works so effectively, and almost any member knows exactly, what to do, where to go? It seems, that there must be a basic principle, useful for anybody, regardless of education, intelligence and depth of social contacts.

This basic concept is simple copying. It allows us to orientate, and to find an optimal life route. Instead of difficult searching, it’s most easy and convenient simply to watch what other people are doing, how they are thinking, and what values they have. And to copy it, to our advantage and for a smooth life journey.

But even this highly effective and principal strategy has limitations. For example, if our vicinity has only a limited amount of precise information about the world, we can be easily trapped in an insufficient view of the whole picture.

We also incline to accept this information without deeper study. And the result is, that the most of us live quite successful lives, but we are still too dependent on external values, events and people. And it makes us weak, making questionable decisions, and losing many opportunities. Not realizing our real potential.

Now, everything can be different for you. You will be able to see your position in a wider perspective, and to see farther away, even to the top of social structures, where you are needed.

So, we have the basic concept: copying. And you will agree, that another most substantial concepts are power and influence, so you can promote your interest and your causes, making them real, and changing the world.

Many people are really attracted to power and influence, they dream of them, they search for them, they pursue them, with feeling, that exactly these are the basic values for survival in the society, and getting opportunities.

On the other hand, many people despise these values, and their stance is, that they are “not for them”. They only want to live their simple lives in peace, to be happy, to have a satisfying life, with fulfillment, stability, love, family, friends, good jobs, perspectives for a career.

Now, where are you personally standing? Do you read newspapers? What feeling do you have, when you read about politics and powerful corporations, which rule the world? That other people rule, and we usually come to them, weak, and we ask for support and opportunity to become somebody. So we are dependent of them, and that is a high disadvantage, because we get only, what another persons give us.

Even so, many of us have quite high social and economic positions, but we are still only secondary assets. Our decisions don’t influence our society. We just do our jobs, live our lives, and then we read newspapers, what “they”, the others, the higher positioned, made for us and the society.

This way of life is quite convenient, but unsustainable. This world, in this time, it needs personalities, who will enter this realm of power boldly, and start promoting their ideas, so another day, they will be described in newspapers as persons of influence too.

Power and influence are basically neutral values. They can be used for a good cause, or misused, as we see daily. Another thing is, what our own approach to them will be? Inert, passive, or active?

Maybe you have somehing inside you, some born determination or even predestination for having power and influence, and that means responsibility for others. Will you accept this noble mission?

As a woman, you are the creator of life, and your strength is much higher, than you would ever think. You shine in your vicinity, you love and you are loved, you create beautiful things, ideas and art… but this epoch of history calls you for a higher duty yet.

You don’t have to change yourself. Just make yourself heard, extend the reach of your sacred voice. The world will gladly listen to you, but that change must begin in yourself. You are entitled to have power and influence things by your completely natural and balanced way.

But we all have to learn at first. For example, some things nobody told us about, and all that wise books were just full of empty phrases, not able to awake us completely, to inspire us.

Now, let’s have a look at the reality. It’s never too late to become who you should be.

Let’s start by making our perception of the society simple and illustrative.

What do you imagine, when you hear the word “society”? Many people, organized, structured, with distributed authorities and duties.

And they are organized in something, what looks as a pyramid. Is it hard, to rise up in this structure, or to fall down? Definitely not, it happens every day and it is called “vertical mobility” in sociology. But the basic problem is, that you can’t identify your exact position. You don’t know, where you are, so you could adjust your way. You can just guess. You go through darkness, with limited orientation, and this way, you meet many obstacles, slowing down your advance dramatically.

Is it about money, or a high political position? Definitely not. Many people with huge amounts money or highly positioned politicians are just weak as the rest of us are, because they have bigger masters above them.

We need some more illustrative examples. And there are several of them.

First is the military. It works simply – you enter it as a Private, the lowest rank, you go through a basic training and if you are good and persistent, you rise in the ranks steadily. They will promote you, and with any promotion, new authority and duties come. Everybody knows exactly, what his or her position in the military structure is.

Or that famous fast-food chain with “M” in their corporate logo. You can start tomorrow, as a common cook, and if you are good and persistent, in a year, you are a supervisor. Later, you can manage the whole restaurant.

But you know, that the real society doesn’t work this simple way. If you are born into a rich and influential family, you have definitely a better position, at least theoretically, than somebody from a poor family. Or if you get a property or a heritage suddenly. That external events influence your social position rapidly. So we can agree, that so called “vertical mobility” is really wide here, and we don’t control many of those imporant events.

So, does “the society” mean, that you are pushed in the darkness of history and events? Not quite so. There is one place, where you can really influence your position from the beginning, and you don’t have to go through the whole structure. So the “real” society is well copied here, but with one difference – you have the options. You decide, you act, you have the appropriate results.

In other words – the system of this special place allows you to understand, how you can influence your own social and professional position, and with the option to see exactly, what your position is.

You can agree, that this special place brings one rarely seen quality – control.

“Control” is a questionable value, and you know that. More we try to control things or people, more they escape us sometimes. And people escape very quickly!

The nature doesn’t like pushing things. It prefers natural flow. However, “control” allows us to understand “power” and “influence” better. In practice, more power you have, more you can control things around you. And you need this, to survive. Everybody needs to own some control, otherwise we couldn’t influence our own lives. In fact, to have a control is better, than to have a property. Control is a good thing, if we have healthy approach to it.

So, imagine this amazing place: a structure, similar to our society. A pyramid. But we can enter into any position in the pyramid, and from the beginning. We can see our position, and we have the high level of control.

Well, here, they could learn us more about power and influence, don’t you think? And using this knowledge, we could transfer it and copy it in the “real” society!

We learn what we need here, in a small and clearly arranged scale, and later… we can be prepared for another, higher tasks!

You definitely heard about this place, but you possibly avoided it and considered it questionable. And you had many reasons for this perception. However, you were also missing some values!

This unique place to learn is called MLM, or multilevel marketing. Let yourself to be inspired, how the society really works, and how you can influence it!

MLM is a world, parallel to ours. Copying is absolutely basic value there – as in our society, or in military. Quite interesting coincidence!

You are usually approached by a man or woman, who offers you a great opportunity, to make money, to be independent. Sooner or later, they will ask you to pay a fee to enter their “amazing, wonderful, miraculous project with unlimited possibilities for your growth”.

And do you know, what is quite funny? The possibilities really are there. But only for the people high enough! Otherwise, you sponsor the structure above you with your earnings. They promise you, that soon, you will be sponsored by people under your position, but usually, it doesn’t happen. MLM coaches admit, that 98% of people fail in this business – and that is not an optimistic news!

But how many people fail in our “real” society? OK, “to fail” has many possible explanations… but if we think in the dimension of getting real power and influence, there is common number published in the books: 90%! In other words, the sociologists say, that only 10% of people in our society concentrate, own and have the real power.

So, we have 98% of failed attempts in MLM business, and 90% in the society… it seems, that to win a recognition is really a difficult thing!

But in MLM, there is a way, how to be out of that 98% from the beginning. And it could work in the society also!

This miraculous principle is simple: skip the lower ranks, their limited authority and their desire to control you, to keep you down. Go straight up instead, and enter the high structures! That is natural way, so you can avoid any useless fights for power with middle grades!

Just go up, persuade them about your qualities and ask them to share their power with you! Simple as that! Why should they hestitate, if you persuade them, that you are unique, you have something special in your hands?

In MLM, you can do it easily. You simply talk to that high-ranked organizers, and persuade them. If you are good, you can manage it.

And in the society?

1) Identify key assets, which have influence.

2) Classify, what kind of influence they have, where it comes from.

3) Analyze, what approach will be the best.

And then, just go there, as high as possible, and share with them your ideas and thoughts! You are strong, and you can persuade them! You can make it!

Isn’t it a perfectly natural flow? You have the quality, they have the power. Why not to make a business? They share power, you share your ideas, talents and feminine qualities.

You can go there, and negotiate with them as an equal to equal. Then, they will listen to you! That is the approach they want!

And there is yet a more courageous solution – go there, and claim your space! Simply make your position next to all that powerful people, and persuade them, to accept you as the part of their realm! Soon, they will notice you, and they will talk to you. Equal to equal!

Not the society keeps us down – we are doing it ourselves! Nobody steals our opportunities – it’s our mistake, that we don’t create them!

Famous actor and martial arts master Bruce Lee once said: “I ignore circumstances. I create opportunities!”

He completely confirms this theory. Instead of being dependent on others, he creates his own realm, with unlimited influence and power. And that is the way to be recognized from the top places, as Bruce managed!

Maybe this approach is connected with “out of the box” thinking. Why should you fight with low servants, when you can visit a king directly?

So, learn to find ways to influence and power, simply by going, where they are! Approach them directly and show that people close to them, that it’s in their own best interest to accept you “inside”.

You could persuade males, that if they will share their power and influence with you, they will benefit from it, because you will make their lives better, more balanced and relaxed, so they can find an inner peace. And they will give you anything for this, because the mentioned quality is ultimate for everybody, but hard to achieve for us males, as we are really hungry to own the world.

If you would help us to stabilize, to find ourselves, to acquire inner peace – then, we would give you everything, and glad! Approach us as a creator, and remind us, how we missed the basic life values! Awake us – and you will get rewarded by acquiring a higher personal authority!

They will listen to you… just talk to the right people, and the right way! You will see, that any gates will open for you, and the world will recognize your female qualities soon!

Just show your inner treasures to the world, let them shine, and yourself too!

Alan Svejk -