Estrogen Mafia Training (17): Prepare An Exit Strategy

In this present unstable world, the best approach is to supplement your professional activities with a work alternative. This way, you can feel secured and prepared for any situation. This balance and relax will also help you to be more satisfied and self-confident, able to sustain any professional and personal challenge.

In pre-crisis time, acquiring a job was quite an easy task. It was enough to go to one or two interviews, and you were happily employed. But the world changed dramatically in 2008, when the big economic crisis came, and the consequences are still influencing our professional lives. This bleak situation is still not resolved, and it is a wise strategy, to adapt to these conditions, by building an alternative option of income.

A careful approach is more than suitable today. It means, not to succumb to that attractive feeling, that nothing can stop your perfectly managed personal career, because you are important for you corporation, and you can’t be a victim of a possible lay-off, ever.

So, before you will continue in your professional journey, it’s in your best interest to think about some alternative professional field, where you can realize your qualities. It will help you to get a precious value in this world: options.

Options are always very good thing. You can, but you don’t have to. You can choose, you can decide. You can control things. Not to send hundreds of CVs and become dissapointed, upset, losing motivation quickly, if the recruiters don’t answer your e-mails and calls, or they tell you, that you are “overqualified”. In that time, it would be already too late.

If you have a place to go, a home, it is even the crucial value in life. When some bad feelings and doubts would come during your demanding work, you can finish these thoughts with a deep breath and thinking, that you will retire, back to the place where you started! You will allow yourself a new professional start and you will leave all this behind…

This really helps to feel good, balanced, relaxed. Not to be dependent on one field, one company, and one income. The current epoch is full of single people, including women, and it brings serious challenges for the financial security of a person. We are simply on our own, and nobody can and will help us. Moreover, if you have a mortgage, and every month you are obliged to pay high amount of payment, then financial security must be attained.

And there is yet another reason. We all have some certain, limited amount of intellectual energy, and current jobs can be very demanding, so we can easily touch the limits of our abilities. It can also affect our health – and that is an issue to think about.

If you would have an alternative work field, where you could relax, it could be really helpful. A hobby would be the best, so you would be interested, motivated to educate further, and to know everything about your branch, so you wouldn’t have to adapt with difficulties, if necessary.

It could even extend your primary professional field. For example, if you work for McKinsey Business Intelligence, then you could read tarot cards and guess the (happy) future of your clients. You could actually help people, and get paid for it generously! These “personal development” services are the profession with “golden bottom” and there will be demand for them always.

If you would start your personal brand today, then the switch from one activity to another would be absolutely easy and natural. It would also help you to avoid that unpleasant feelings, if you are temporary without a job. This way, you could accept this change as beneficial, so you can relax from that demanding corporate environment, get yourself together, because you have the time to think about your future.

Searching for a job would also easier then, because you could go to the interviews relaxed, balanced. And the recruiters can feel this! People don’t like pressure, it bothers them, and makes them uneasy, lowering the chances of an applicant. Recruiters like relaxed people, who will help to bring relaxed atmosphere to their corporation.

As you can see, this approach has only advantages, some of them critical for your happiness. So, what are your fields or interest and hobbies? Write them down and try to find something. You don’t have to be completely original – copying, but adding your personal brand, works here more than sufficiently.

So called “personal development” or “personal services” are a good place to start. Some of these services demand a qualification, another have zero barrier to enter, and they are “free professions”, so you can acquire an entrepreneur license without additional requirements.

Of course, that there is a wide competition in these services. And it is the matter of right personal branding. Basically, you have to make your name a brand. A personal website is a must, and strong social media presence, with regular and attractive content, is important too. But only this way, you can persuade your future clients to choose you, in all that crowd.

However, let’s be honest – this work is still easier, than the extremely competitive corporate world. You can make small progress every day, and in some months or a year, you personal brand is alive.

If your selected field has some CSR or “good cause” added value, your reputation in the corporate world can rise significantly. The employers welcome today, when somebody participates in the noble social efforts, and you can get additional advantages. And again – it all can help you to be extracted from any lay-off lists. Even a small detail can decide your professional future today.

And if you inspire other people concurrently – what approach can be better? Don’t worry, your vicinity will notice soon, and they will recognize you, including your employer and boss. You will become favorite and important, because you bring some extra value to the company.

During the time of crises, details seem important. So build a personal strategy, and extend your activities. It can make you untouchable, and the others will approach you with some extra opportunities. Then, you can own power and influence. You are safe – in the matters of stable social and professional position, but also regarding the income.

We make our future by our decisions – so make wise moves. Just be open and the world will open to you!

Alan Svejk -