Estrogen Mafia Training (18): Female Assets In Security Branch

Like every other branch, even Security has tremendous professional opportunities for women, and the demand for female operators grows rapidly there. If you think about a new and highly satisfying career, where your special skills will be fully appreciated, don’t miss opportunities in Private Security sector, or even Military. There could be a new, bright life waiting for you.

Your presence in Security is very desirable, and you can make a fortune there, without any substantial risks (with some exceptions, of course). It’s always good to have choices, where to go. And the demand for women is massive there, so you will have only limited competition. So, why to hesitate?

Private Security works as any other part of the corporate world. We have many companies there, many of them multi-national, and the principle of work there is similar, as in any other corporation. This is great news for the possibility of a truly international career for you!

Basically, we can separate the Security branch into these parts:

1) Analysis, where you work usually isolated from the outside world, as any other analyst, for example, in Business Intelligence. You collect mostly OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and you make some conclusions from it, or write interesting reports.

2) Surveillance, where you will provide some supervision, using technology. Quite calm work, and you will guard the safety of people.

3) Cyber Security, where you can contribute to protecting personal and corporate data and communications. The work opportunities for women are unbelievably high here!

4) PSY security measures – you will be able to use your special feminine skills here, as nowhere else. For example, screening of employees with access to critical information, inventing extended security precautions, using psychology, creativity and “out of the box” approach.

5) Intelligence gathering, where you’ll come into close contact with assets (it means people, useful to acquire “human” intelligence – HUMINT), using some simple cover – a journalist, PR Specialist or a businesswoman, for example.

6) Executive Protection, where you provide physical security for your clients. It sounds unusual, but female Protection Officers are really favorite between many clients, who demand them explicitly, because females have many advantages here.

7) Police. Any of the above security activities are realized in Police too. But the rules are more strict, than in private sector. Only for enthusiasts.

8) Military. Only for the brave, in perfect shape, who are willing to pledge allegiance to their country, and to bring many sacrifices in the name of higher interest.

Now, let’s describe them in detail, so you can decide, which of them would suit you the most.

1) Analysis

Number one, “Analysis”, is the realm, where women already rule today. For example, in the United Kingdom, at least half of analysts are female, and their work covers the events of the whole world. You can specialize in some region or interest, gain a deep knowledge, and become an authority there. For example, the Middle East is a critical region of the present world, so there is vast demand for analyses about it.

You can use foreign languages widely here, your age is not important, and this work is safe – you are, in fact, a researcher, so you spend most of the time gathering information from existing sources.

You can write this experience into your CV proudly, and every possible future employer will recognize and appreciate, that you have special analytical skills! So this practice could be very suitable for your next career too. Again, in the UK, many women start their careers here, as interns, and it’s very wise career decision, which doesn’t limit your professional future to the Security branch only – you can make a fortune in Finance or anywhere else later.

2) Surveillance

Number two, “Surveillance” – you will meet latest technology here, so you can become a Specialist. If you are interested in IT toys, you can definitely work here, the wages are high and the work is relaxing. The technology is the key to anything today, so you will keep touch with recent development. You can invent some new Surveillance methods, using your creativity. Surveillance is closely connected to another part:

3) Cyber Security

Number three, “Cyber Security” – again, the opportunities are massive here, both for men and women. As the number of IT security incidents rises rapidly, and as we are more and more dependent on technology, this branch has extremely high importance, and it’s rising every day. You can’t make a mistake, entering here.

And you can bring something special here! The basic thought is, that the cyber protection can’t be achieved by technical measures only – a human touch is needed there too. And a female touch? That could change everything there.

4) PSY Security Measures

Number four, “PSY Security Measures”, it sounds quite mysterious. But practically, it’s about internal security. Any wise corporation has the department called “Internal Affairs” (or something differently called, but with the same mission). So, you will check present and possible employess, if they are not a security risk to compromise the valuable data of your company, you will conduct interviews, study personal files… any previous HR experience is perfect here. This subtype simply connects HR and Security – quite attractive for your HR career advancement!

5) Intelligence Gathering

Number five, Intelligence Gathering, is a perfect opportunity for women of any age. We could even say, that the future of any activities in Intelligence will belong to women soon, from one simple reason – women are completely inconspicuous, no one will ever suspect them of any connection to the Intelligence community. Moreover, they are superb networkers, making social relations easily, and that is an ultimate skill for getting access to Intelligence.

The security risk is almost zero here too, because (almost) nobody expects a woman in this line of work – so the risk of a blown cover is low. Even if such event would happen, a woman can easily soften any accusation, and persuade assets, that they are completely wrong, mistaken. So her Intelligence mission can successfully continue.

Another issue, and only for really advanced, courageous and motivated women, are the Infiltration operations. Here, a woman is also a perfect tool of entering a foreign realm, to gather Intelligence from the inside. However, you can imagine, that the pressure is here much bigger, both physically and psychologically, and there are also wide substantial risks.

But in this world of Surveillance, where all Intelligence can be gathered from distance, these missions are only secondary and not so common. Mister James Bond was retired long time ago, and his place took a common USB flash-disk or some IT specialist, sitting in a warm office, not risking out there.

This “infiltration” line of work is not recommended for you, however. The price is too high, it’s definitely risky, and those missions are covert, so you can’t ever boast with your successes in your CV, ever. Moreover, you will have to watch your back for many years, even for life time – you know that from movies! And you can easily become a “replaceable” part of an operation… However, if you dream of some state medals… it’s your choice.

6) Executive Protection

Number six, “Executive Protection” – you will meet many important people from high corporate and artistic spheres, you will visit many interesting places, you will make valuable contacts, you will be respected and paid generously… why? Because female protection has many vast advantages for a clever client.

Firstly, it’s gentle and inconspicuous, so a client won’t show his fear by deploying some muscular men. Moreover, the presence of a woman will allow to solve any situation peacefully, so many incidents can be completely avoided. Also, a female client will definitely prefer a female protection, from many obvious reasons.

In Executive Protection, you can make a perfect career. There is even hunger for females, and you will be paid with gold. Some physical conditions are necessary here, but the barriers are still quite low to enter, and the risk for you is low. And again, the age is not an obstacle there.

7) Police (Law Enforcement)

Number seven, “Police” – it offers universal selection of security occupations, including Anti-Terrorism prevention units, where women can use their special abilities to maintain public security. But it’s better to stick to the private sector – you can do the same there, and you are more free to come, move to another position, or leave. Moreover, the state security forces become more and more supplemented and even replaced by the private sector (privatization of Police and Military).

8) Military (Army)

Number eight, “Military” – well, this is definitely not for everybody. The conditions are strict here, you are limited in age and health status, you have to go through demanding basic training, the Military has many rules to obey, you have to pledge allegiance to your homeland and to keep it, there is a real risk of physical harm… although female operators can be very useful here, so their presence is more than desirable: in PSYOPS (Psychological Operations), CIMIC (cooperation of civil and military sectors), COIN (Counterinsurgency), and Unconventional Warfare (UW), the most crucial matter for preserving the world peace.

The advantage is, that your life would get a purpose, you can contribute to the world peace, and maybe even make a career in NATO. But still, the private sector is much more beneficial and safer. And you can participate on special operations there too.


As you could see, the options for you in Security branch are very wide and attractive, with great perspectives for an international career.

It’s a question of supply and demand – and this is the perfect time, as professional demand for women there is steadily rising and high. So go there, and make a fortune! And you can contribute to our safety too.

And don’t forget to write a memoir about your brave actions one day!

Alan Svejk -