Estrogen Mafia Training (19): Women Are The Military Future

The present world brings many security challenges. But there is an overlooked asset, who can massively contribute to world peacekeeping: Women. In Security and Military, they can bring the ultimate advantages for preserving the peace and higher state and social interests. But it is necessary to awake them, to show them, how they are important, so they can orientate well and find their right directions. And later, they will help us to stabilize the world and to make our future sustainable.

The future of Security and Military branches belongs to women. Their abilities are so unique, that they can change everything, and bring us what we always hoped for: a balanced approach. Not another confrontations and useless demonstrations of power and ego, but only more suitable soft power, understanding, negotiating and finding peaceful solutions, to make edges between groups less sharp.

Now, how to achieve the world peace and stability?

The Unconventional Warfare branch, particularly Psychological and Information Warfare, the place where women fit the best, is very unique sort of modern warfare, because it offers such peaceful solutions of conflicts, avoiding any physical force and coercion. The West could learn the lesson, that present conflicts can’t be won by clssic force anymore. All that assymetric, hybrid and irregular conflicts of today can be won only with substantial changing of the strategy.

It simply needs another approach: careful, soft. Only then, an adversary can change his stance and actions, even become a friend and ally. And only women are able to bring this unique quality, so the international relations will improve, and many conflicts will be prevented or avoided.

In this new world without boundaries and borders, everything is changing, including the methods of warfare, in the direction of Unconventional Warfare. Also the role of security operators is changing. More well educated and capable female security and military assets are authorized with special security tasks.

There are no better assets for the warfare of upcoming future: the Unconventional Warfare, than women. But the same applies for business environment. Why? The reasons are simple:

1) Women less urge to control things. They are able to understand, keep and adapt to natural flow of things of nature and society. They are able to recognize the trends and right directions.

2) Women have more balanced perception of the world. They better understand the colors, that the world is not light or dark, but grey, always. To see positive aspects in apparently negative things is the key value for the right decision.

3) Women are more creative. Their ideas are perfect for the Unconventional Warfare, where thinking “Out of the Box” is absolutely necessary.

4) Women are more relaxed. It allows them to maintain calmness in many dangerous and risky situations, and to keep good and devoted spirit.

5) Women are less predictive and readable. Again, this quality is absolutely necessary for conducting the warfare of future, both in military and business.

Alan Svejk -