Estrogen Mafia Training (2): Female Public Relations and Influence

It is your highest responsibility to be active, to influence things. To broadcast messages to the world, not only to passively accept another transmits. The world needs you, the people are hungry to find and listen to a Female Leader, so things can change.

The easiest way to achieve this goal, the place with the lowest barriers to enter, is the branch of Public Relations. There, you can influence corporate communications, and insert your personal messages to the public, so the world can recognize you, and your special qualities.

The branch of PR is ruled by women already. But usually, they are too silent, maybe even scared to take the lead. No one told them, what they are capable of. So remember, that you have to be creative, unique and loud. Not only writing some boring press releases. You have to bring something to the world, to readers and watchers, to become a Female Influencer.

Do you know, when the people will start listening to you, even with some spiritual devotion, when their minds are opening, ready to be persuaded and influenced? There are two options: first, be feminine to the core, cute, pure, innocent, the complete essence of Yin power. Second, bring them an art. If people feels touched by art, they are free from burden of logical thinking and overanalyzing, and their souls will accept any message.

It is the right time, when you can change them, and in the case of Information Warfare and Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), you can even divert their efforts and steps to the right direction, softening their adversity against the higher interests of you, your company or your state.

In the realm of present “information superhighway”, people are overwhelmed with information. But their minds know very well, what they are searching for, to achieve a pleasant experience. If you are clever, you will satisfy their need. And that will be a mutually beneficial business – you will please them, and they will please you, by changing their opinions the right directions. You will succeed, and they will get something they wanted.

Did you ever hear the word “Propaganda”, or its light version “Persuasion”? It has really negative taste in the Western world. But we are making substantial mistake, by overlooking, why Propaganda can be a good thing, even crucial – because people want to be influenced. They have their freedom to choose the information and decide, but somebody has to give them a choice, by presenting them a clear, firm and easy-to-follow stance. They like leadership, because frankly, where the truth lies? Does it even exist?

Don’t be shy to use Propaganda, because the truth is, that people are willing to listen to it, if it brings something good to them. An enlightenment, pleasure, alternative opinion, instruction, how to live, what to do…

You can see here, how the communication is always a two-way street. To be a successful public communicator, you have to perceive your target group as the hungry minds, which are ready to accept anything that is good for them. Don’t forget, we all think of our own interest at first, always. And we can find it, always! So don’t be afraid, to be loud and influence them. You may be scared of that responsibility, but things are much easier than they seem – people have their needs, and you have your mission. You both can easily find a deal.

So start your journey by changing perception of the word Propaganda, or Persuasion. Doing this important step, you can become an active element of the world. And you can accept the mission to influence things, events and people.

You can ask, why should you persuade them? It is even right, to influence them? Shouldn’t be everybody respected and left alone, to make opinion independently?

Well, if you will stay out of this, if you will hesitate, another entity will not hesitate. And this entity can be an adversary. Because out there, an Information War is going on, and we can’t stop it. We can watch it, or enter it and fight. There is not any other choice. Will you again read newspapers, passively? Read about people who change things, who influence the society, and your life too?

Who gave them this right? Think about it. What qualifies a person to influence another souls? An election? Oh, come on! A school, and education?

No. The only rights we have are those we take and even occupy.

Alan Svejk -