Estrogen Mafia Training (21): Women and Global Cyber-Security

Two of the United Nations priorities are women empowerment and global security. There is a unique opportunity for women, to contribute to the global security as never before: in the most actual matter of international cyber security and preventing cyber conflicts with serious and unpredictable consequences. Women can become a crucial part of global peace-keeping efforts in 21st century.

To prevent vast dangers of a cyber war, female activation in Global Cyber-Security is required, through establishing a special multi-national security group, organized and integrated under the United Nations, with simple task: to counter the massive dangers of wide present cyber threats, still overlooked by the media and politicians, by using unique female qualities and abilities, which provide the only way to successfully contain these threats, to restore balance and hope for a stable, safe future.


Cyber-Security can’t be achieved by technical means only. All that firewalls, encryption, antivirus software and similar solutions are fine, but insufficient, because the opposite side is equally capable, as authors of those defenses.

Let’s not forget, that we are talking about top professionals here, well educated, determined, motivated not with money and corporate career, but with fun, excitement, challenge. So they will always be ahead of any defenses, and we should finally respect that, to get the right perspective.

The basic remedy for any cyber defense is understanding the culprits. It is necessary to stay mobile, not to hide behind some theoretical security solutions for “protection”, but to go out and to watch, learn, feel, what is happening, and why.

In other words – to counter cyber threats only with technical solutions is only a half of proper defense. The psychological aspect must be added, as crucial and proper extension. And there is serious lack of information about personalities, motivations, thinking and stances of culprits. No one cares about this issue it seems, and that is the basic reason, why cyber attacks are so successful. Who can get this advanced knowledge of adversaries?

Women, female assets, are just what is needed, if the defense should be complete. We should remember, that only a balanced approach can win in business, in life, in nature, and in cyber-security too. And the balanced approach means not only advanced hardware, software, but also highly advanced psychological assessment, provided by female perception.

Female assets are the only one, which can balance the active efforts of culprits. And more: only they are able to overcome the defenses of the opposite side, if an active approach is necessary to contain a threat.

Why is that? Women simply understand the relationships in the world better. They see more, they are able to adapt more easily, they recognize even small details. They are not so egocentric, as men, and their high ability of empathy allows them to be great friends and business networkers. More than manly fighting and rivalry, they prefer peaceful solutions, negotiation, discussion, listening, accepting the facts and calming emotions. All of these values are necessary to maintain the world peace.

The concept of cyber security should be changed, from an eternal “battle” between an attacker and a defender, to more balanced perception. More knowledge, more understanding, diversity – it means more prevention, and more efficient defense.

If the UN should prevent cyber conflicts with reliability, it must be not only above all states, but also to be the strongest, by including most efficient and capable cyber-security assets.

And who can understand the culprits the best? Women. Who can find a suitable way, how to counter culprits? Women. And who can surpass the defense of culprits, if necessary? Yes, women. If women would be activated in these efforts, then the necessary balance will be restored. And this is completely soft and peaceful solution, optimal for sustainable international relations.

The best defense to cyber attacks is provided by a female touch.

Mission and tasks

That suggested UN cyber-security unit should realize these important tasks, to help to maintain peace in the world:

1) Provide extensive communication between (super)powers in all cyber-security issues. Women are great negotiators, so these tasks should be entrusted to them.

2) Prevent and resolve international cyber conflicts, offer peaceful solutions and remedies. Create an universal strategy, how to react to cyber attacks, to maintain peace under all circumstances.

3) Study, analyze and understand all serious cyber-security incidents. To be better prepared next time, a lesson should be taken and shared between participating countries, and all received knowledge shared with others.

4) Avoid accusations of cyber attacks between member states. We know well from history, how dangerous are any public accusations between countries. This approach should be avoided, to disrupt any Black Flag Operations, or provocations. It’s simply an insult, and that approach to international relations should be avoided. Member states should agree to avoid any accusations. If an incident occurs, it must be investigated first, and instead of marking someone else as culprit, the remedies should be made, so similar incident won’t happen anymore.

5) Provide active measures, to prevent a cyber conflict. If a high-risk situation would occur, and offensive cyber-measures would be necessary to use, all states should cooperate closely, share resources and abilities, to contain any threats. But only together and under close supervision of others.

Additional advantages

– Inspiration. UN would confirm the most active, resourceful and inspirating approach to the issue of diversity, gender balance, women inclusion and empowerment

– Publicity. Confirming female effectivity in security operations, allowing to emphasize their importance and advantages for the security branch, it means more work positions offered.

– Prevention. Persuade the possible culprits to change their stance, by publicly presenting alternative approach to them – not fighting them, but understanding them.


Future warfare will become more and more non-material, so special measures are necessary, to maintain world peace. The UN should accept this new task, by establishing a multi-national cyber-security force, where women will provide the core personnel, and with their special approach of soft power and empathy, they will contribute to improving international relations and peace-keeping.

All countries should support the UN in this important effort, at least by realizing, how substantially is our world changing, and that the most serious contemporary challenges for global security are in cyber space.

Alan Svejk -