Estrogen Mafia Training (22): Women In Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)

We all dream about eternal peace, both in our minds and the world. But you know, that this goal is hard to achieve. You are a balanced person, but others are not.

The truth is, we live in the harsh world of eternal conflict between thoughts, opinions, stances and people. Many sides try to promote their interests in our minds, and that is called Psychological Warfare. One day, when you will enter the high structures of power, you will have to assert yourself and your ideas. And PSYOPS concept will help you to succeed. Using PSY means, you can avoid many exhausting battles with the world, and achieve your courageous goals smoothly.

We can agree, that the best results in every realm can be achieved only with a balanced approach. Sometimes, only a tiny detail can draw a thick line between success and failure. You have soft power inside you, and you can change the world with it. But the laws of nature apply to you too – without the ability to use the opposite form of power, the “Yang” essence, you will stay in the middle of your journey. Some powers will be able to block you – because you made only one half of necessary actions.

The unique advantage of PSYOPS for you is, that this concept introduces you fully balanced approach, “Yin” and “Yang” essences combined. Soft power, emotions and empathy, your royal features, are wrapped into an unusual packaging of military-like, precise and systematic strategy, careful planning and deploying advanced tactical thinking. It all begins with a decision, and it is accomplished with decisiveness and intention. And the world and the people like this style!

If you will master this concept, you will soon become the person of influence, and the world will start listening to you, so your ideas can be recognized in all that crowd and competition. And then, opportunities will come to you, and you will be able to choose. You will have options. The power and influence mean options. More open doors. Your bright voice will be heard by both men and women. They will clear your path with respect, and they will be ready to follow you, so the world can become a better place, more balanced in every aspect.

Except advantages on your personal level, there are more reasons to adapt and master this strategy. Psychological Operations is the basic part of so called Unconventional Warfare (UW), the key Military concept for the present world. If the world peace should be preserved, it is necessary to accept, how the present and the future international conflicts are and will be implemented. Not with an open battles with tanks and aircraft, as in history, but in hidden, covert ways, where all actions are covered with the fog of uncertainty, where a physical power means nothing, and it is usually avoided. It implies, that women will be participating in UW widely, because this new world copies their “Yin” essence, and their activation will be necessary. It means vast professional opportunities for you.

But now, let’s return to PSY operations.

We all need to persuade our vicinity sometimes, to assert ourselves. Otherwise our environment will persuade us. To keep our own freedom of thoughts and decisions is a nice idea, but in practice, we are daily influenced by many strong broadcasts, both visible and hidden, and they are often hard to resist, or even to notice.

Advertisement, mass media, social media, politicians, our employers, colleagues, and sometimes even our friends and significant others… they all speak to us, they whisper to us, they try to persuade us. To buy things, to support somebody, to like somebody, to like and prefer them, to do some actions, desirable for them, for that persuading, active side, who has advantages from many logical reasons. They can choose the way and time of their persuading operations.

We can call this Persuasion. And one of the basic tools for Persuasion is an Information, supplied to us, to raise desirable emotions in us. Of course, that this Information is carefully crafted by Marketing and PR specialists, who know their job and us, our thinking, our preferences, our needs. And the goal is simple – to persuade us, without us noticing the pressure, if possible. In the Military world, this is called Information Operations (INFOOPS).

If you want to persuade somebody effectively, you need to know him or her. So observe your environment carefully, before making a move. Also, count with the possibility, that the other side is clever and supplies you with wrong Information deliberately, so the persuading side can become persuaded, the hunter becomes hunted. The Intelligence branch and spy activities works the same way.

Information Warfare can be perfectly watched in the world of retail goods. There are many companies, who produce goods – and they need to sell it. To achieve this, two conditions must be met (usually) – to be better, than competition, and to persuade us to buy exactly their goods.

Any corporation is in hard struggle, as you can see. They need to surpass their competition, and to get our consent. So they use many tools, like advertisement and marketing campaigns, where they try to influence us. There is always some message – an Information – prepared for us, crafted to be effective and strong, so a proper emotion is raised in our minds.

But there are also others parts of Persuasion. And we call this concept PSYOPS, or Psychological Operations. It describes the decision to persuade and influence, with all related components, so the opposite side is inspired to make an action, or change their stance. There are many possible means, and they are used altogether, in coordination, as parts of complex Persuasion strategy.

PSYOPS is originally a military concept. But the science of Psychology is used everywhere, including Business, Marketing and Advertising. To imagine the military world and approach is useful, so you can understand the importance of suitable strategy and tactics.

There is a goal you want to achieve, and there are means suitable to use. The most important of them, with tremendous power, are the media. You can use your creative skills there, but remember – the message has to persuade, to raise emotions in target audience, so they can be influenced. So if you are building your personal brand, always think about your audience, their perception, values, approach, stances, preferences.

PSYOPS are based on knowledge of others. You give them something what they want, what they need, what they desire – and they accept and follow your stance or suggestion. Simple as that – and that’s why PSYOPS are so perfect and effective, if used properly.

As you can see, “Persuasion” is not completely clear definition here, because it suggests an one-way approach. But people deny any pressure – and they can recognize it. More you press them to something, more they evade and escape, until they are even hostile.

PSYOPS are more clever – always a two-way street. You have to know, how the people think and what they want – give it to them, and the world is yours. Much of this deep knowledge is even surprising. Some people literally like, when somebody tries PSY games on them, they are flattered, they feel important. Others need a stealthy approach and/or an ingenious diversion.

But all people recognize decisiveness and purpose in your actions. Many of them lack these personal qualities, so they are willing to follow a leader, who has them. Become a leader – and they will listen to you, they will let you to influence them, they will even follow you, so instead of an adversary, they become an ally.

This way, you can persuade even a wide audience, composed by completely different personalities, ages, genders etc. People share some values, and if you show them publicly, they will give you their full attention, they will open their mind to your influence. All you need is a natural, generous and smiling approach without pressure – you give them your shine, so they can be inspired and delighted, and they will start listening.

Now, you can see the difference – if you would only shine, they wouldn’t follow you. They need to feel that strength and decisiveness. PSYOPS are in fact “Yin” creativity and empathy, combined with “Yang” decisiveness and a swift action – and the result is a balanced, complete strategy, how to be allowed inside other minds, and to accumulate related advantages.

So stay, what you are, use your blessings. Just add a little of “Yang” factor. And then, you will become an active creator of your vicinity and the world.

Alan Svejk -