Estrogen Mafia Training (23): Accept The Leadership

To change your position in the world, to become an active element, you have to change yourself, by accepting the position of leadership, and related responsibility for others. If you will continue to live just for yourself and your personal interests, ignoring this necessary social role, you will become too weak and vulnerable, prone to outside influences, dependent on favor of luck, your employer and your superiors. And that is insufficient, in this complicated times, when things can change daily, and substantially. Get better prepared for any future situation.

It’s the year of 2015 now, and look around, how the world is rapidly changing. We all want peace and stability, but they are still far away. We all want stable jobs and careers, but there is still a lot of lay-offs and nobody can be completely certain, that his or her value to the company will last until tomorrow. Many of us also have numerous pledges and commitments. And the young, hungry Millennials enter the professional world in large, and soon, they will manage it, they will even own it. At least all that wise newspaper articles are saying that.

What will that mean to us? Will these new professional leaders consider us beneficial, useful, or not? Will we keep our current positions in the corporate world? Who knows? Nobody can tell for sure. And many of us will rather choose to live in the sweet illusions about their own importance in all times.

Considering these complex circumstances and uncertain views for the future, we should think about more active approach to the world and our fates, when we are still able to change something.

But where to search for an inspiration? The Chinese culture can learn us Westerners an important lesson, how to find an island of stability in the unstable world. They copied many things from us – but there is something we should copy and adapt from them, to make our lives sustainable.

You know, that our Western culture promotes individualism, independence, free thinking. But this approach has also some disadvantages, mostly for the individuals, who are single, without any serious support from family or a significant other. The number of such individuals grows rapidly, between both males and females. And it could mean serious consequences for our future.

Who will take care of us, if we will be in need? Not everybody has a loving family, who can provide not only a warm embrace, but also some material support, if needed.

Our power is limited, our health is also an important factor, and we have only a limited control of it.

The Chinese are in the better situation here. Why? Because they have a special value in their society, where any individual can always find a firm safety net – it’s called “group harmony”, or “collective thinking”. We are highly atomized, but they share some values and opinions. So it is easier for them, to exist in the society, and to find optimal values to follow, to orientate themselves correctly, to find their place and personal mission.

This can bring them the balance in their soul, improving their health and inner peace, and these are the most crucial values for any individual. We Westerners consider each other a competition – but it seems, that the Chinese have the ability to perceive each other as a colleague member of the society, somebody more close. It means some positive feeling of mutual bond, everlasting inter-personal connection. We have nothing like this – just our family, friends – and that is all. And not everybody has a great family and great friends, from various reasons.

If we would apply this “group harmony” to our lives, it could bring vast advantages for our survival, balance and success. Thousands of single persons could find inner peace and optimism for the upcoming years and related challenges.

And you could be an advocate of this new way of “collective thinking”. Or even you have to be, because you have the blessed ability to shine and persuade your vicinity just by your feminine essence, by setting an example.

If we would continue in close cooperation, this fact could be really beneficial for our self-improvement, personal development, personal balance and also useful for grabbing the right professional, career opportunities. Maybe it wouldn’t be so painful to learn about leadership and accept it, if we would do this together. A single person should become a leader, to be a beneficial member of the society.

Together, we can find certainty and safety in the world, because it can’t be bought or rented. You either have it, or not. And to become a leader, to improve our society by your example, you need to find some certainty and confidence at first.

Soon, you will be well prepared to enter that high professional positions in the corporate world, and you will have your rank. You will be important, and the corporate world and your superiors will respect you. If they will see something special in you, the promotions and another advantages are yours. Then, you will enlighten and improve the world with your special and beneficial feminine features, and you will be rewarded appropriately.

Alan Svejk -