Estrogen Mafia Training (25): Burden Of Attachment

Why do the people suffer in life? It’s not the outside circumstances, which hurt us. We hurt ourselves, just by being attached to many things, values and people. Your freedom begins in your inner world, and only then, no outside events can take it from you. Learn to let go, and to respect the natural flow of things and events around you, and you will become victorious in the whole life.

The basic problem is, that we expect too many things from the world. And any expectation means attachment. But the outside world can’t be controlled by us, and if we pray for our dreams to be fulfilled, we just confirm how weak we are, how much we need other things or people for our happiness and fulfillment.

For example, many of us are so emotionally hungry, we would like to share our love with somebody special, and when we successfully meet someone special, who seems beneficial and useful for improving the overall quality of our life, we are immediately caught in the net of dangerous expectations. Then, we begin to be emotionally dependent on other people. But we can’t control them, and we take their freedom with this approach. The nature doesn’t like this behavior, so she often punishes us by disappointment, when that people fail in our high expectations.

That other people don’t spoil our relationships – we do. Not outside circumstances and events hurt us – we do it ourselves, just by this questionable and unsustainable approach.

The key to happiness, inner peace and fulfilled relationships is to be able to let go your dreams and all things you were holding so tight, and you were scared to lose them. You fought desperately with the world, so that they won’t leave you, you wanted to stay them forever, to please you, ease your eternal hunger and your foiled hopes, that you lost long time ago, when someone or something hurt you.

The happiness is in our hands, not in the quality of the matters outside. Just let go everything you were so strongly attached to, and you will become the master of your life, who is able to fully control her emotions, because you will be independent on the world outside. Only then, your feelings can be stable, only then your discipline will hold and your personal and professional goals can be fulfilled. Otherwise, you will spend your life just waiting for something that will possibly never come, and your lonely nights will be full of tears and regrets.

Fill youself with acceptance of the world exactly as it really is… and then, no alleged loss of things, people or theoretical opportunities will hurt you.

And then, you will be free, no matter what will happen around you. You will be the person who will survive all trembles and changes. Just accept them, and let go all that old stuff inside you. You pampered your nice memories of things and people you thought you once had, but this attachment was hurting you long after they were gone, because losses are the basic part of our life, and no matter how tightly you will try to hold your world together, it will run away from you anyway. And you just exhaust you inner power, and even love inside you.

Remember, our only mission here in life is to be happy. But it’s our full responsibility to achieve this status, and nobody else can accomplish this crucial goal instead of us.

Just let go, forget, be content and open your mind to the present moment… only it matters for achieving the happiness.

Alan Svejk -