Estrogen Mafia Training (5): Female Artistry – The Power of Media

There is a critical principle in the distribution of power and influence: The Media. You should understand, how this branch works in present time, where to learn about most actual trends, and how to enter into this great ball yourself and start building your personal brand, to get recognized and respected, for accomplishing further tasks.

The power exists in the society. It is distributed and used. It is quite easy to ignore it, as many people do, and to flow passively with the crowd, but you are losing many opportunities. Because power is available to anybody, and you don’t need election votes or money. You can enter this realm easily, and get your part of power and influence quite quickly. Otherwise, you will always be only an accepting part of the world, and others will decide your fate.

It’s deeply in your feminine nature, to be rather the passive and accepting element, simply the Yin power. However, if you live in these times, you are blessed with your feminity, and you could achieve many good things for youself, even for the society.

So think about power as a natural element you can either ignore, or to use to your advantage, so you can start controlling your life, and your vicinity, acquiring freedom. And freedom, it is an ultimate value.

There are places, where you can meet power, recognize its flow, and eventually decide to enter this show yourself, to get wide professional and social advantages.

The technological development of the last years brought us many good things, and of course, many new challenges. But one aspect is purely positive – the democratization and total public accessibility of media.

Today, nobody has to be dependent on the mainstream media, and we can choose from many independent sources. Most importantly, we can easily start our own media broadcast, by establishing a blog with only several clicks. So the barriers how to change from a passive reader to an active creator of media are literally non-existent, and this opportunity is open for anybody.

Of course, that this approach has also disadvantages and challenges. For example, the competition is hard, and harder every day. But one rule is still valid, and will be valid forever – the content is the key. If you will bring a quality content to your readers, you will steadily rise in the ranks, and if you will be persisent, then in a year, you will start to dominate your environment as an active media asset.

You definitely heard about that Social Media hype. But you should know one important fact – the influence of social media is strongly overestimated. It is simply too shallow and fast. It is good for a fast impression and advertisement, but you need to find and analyze something deeper and more intensive. Only there is power distributed, and power means deep and persistent approach.

Moreover, the Social Media have one big danger you should know – the comparison. That is the reason why many people started to turn away from them, because it brings them unpleasant feelings, seeing all that great optimistic statuses of their friends, who seem to live perfect and easy lives, but you are deep in your problems, so in comparison, you feel weak and humiliated. And your mind hardly resists to this comparison. Sometimes you don’t even realize, what is happening, what took your good mood away. But one possible source of problem is the Social Media, all that refined photos on Instagram and happy smiling couples of the Facebook.

There are even psychological studies of this phenomenon, and the advice is simple – use the Social Media, but accept it as a virtual world, as an illusion. The moment you start feeling discomfort using the Social Media, it is a clear sign, that you succumb to them, you allow them to influence your mind too much, and it’s the right time to think it all over, to cut it out of your perception.

And there is another problem with Social Media: it’s called the Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS), which takes a lot of your energy away from you, by constant distraction. In practice, the Social Media bring you an attractive content, that “shiny objects”, and it causes you to lose time, energy and effort. You divert away from your values and goals to other people and things, thinking, that precisely they are the needed miracle to finally improve your life. It fills you with a false hope, followed by disappointment and feelings of emptiness.

Social Media aren’t a bad thing in nature. But the society should better prepare its members for their influence, for example, explaining them, how this thing works psychologically, and what feelings you can experience there, what to be careful of.

However, there is a place, when the female power is really distributed, where it is real, so you can study the used techniques and methods.

That magical place is a (female) fashion blog. There are many interesting facts about these projects and their social importance is extremely high. This is the place, where you can watch distributing and using of social power, the thing you should master youself!

Fashion blogs are the contemporary weapon of social influence and persuasion. The women who make them, they influence the society much deeper than you would expect. They know that – and you know that now too.

And do you want to know, why they rule, why they get the power? Because they lead. They show the leadership and own opinion. It is not just about great personal style and taste – it’s only about leadership, the courage to stand up in the crowd. And the crowd is fascinated with this ability, and starts listening. People open their minds, ready to accept the thoughts of another human being.

This is, how the influence and persuasion work!

Visit those places with respect, thinking about their possibilities in the matters of influence. Find some good fashion blogs and start reading. Watch the expressions of their authors, how they communicate, what tone and speech they use.

Soon, you will find, that there is even an aspect of authority.

You heard well. There is an authority, and such fashion blogs are the strongest. Their authors are in fact totally caught in the nets of power. They feel, how important they are, and it changes them, they can’t resist it.

Of course, let’s omit the possibility, that a manufacturer of clothes uses his ultimate PR assets to set up a blog with hidden and deep messages to customers.

There is another interesting phenomenon – if you read several of these blogs, you will find surprising uniformity in their tones, styles and expressions. Like if their authors were the members of a single tribe, or something. And these similarities go very deep. For example, the majority of really good and famous fashion bloggers share one trait: they have boyfriends, serving as their closest collaborators and photographers.

Watching those boyfriends, you will notice one interesting thing: they are all very handsome. They represent their girlfriend, after all… but it means, that these fashion queens really rule, not only in the virtual space, but in reality too!

And they are no supermodels! But still – they are able to influence their vicinity and even to get a high quality boyfriend!

How is it possible? They simply discovered the ability of authority inside themselves. It started with innocent blogging – and it continues further, when they are perceived as the key social figures, and manufacturers and advertisers literally beg them to wear precisely their shoes and fashion!

Now you see, how everything is connected, and how far you can reach, getting a real power.

They are your female colleagues. And they have power. Just read and you will understand.

Now you know, where the opportunities lie. You don’n have to start a fashion blog tomorrow, but if you would, and if you would persist, you could achieve marvellous things, and later, you could influence hundreds and thousands of people, as your female colleagues do today.

You don’t need to be a fashion prodigy – only to show your opinion, your firm stance, value, appreciation. And the crowd will recognize that, because the public is steadily looking for new inspirational figures, so they can follow, get inspired, get a leader.

So if you search for a possibility of getting power, now you know, where to look for. Search, study, read and think about, how you could do it yourself.

Your female artistry is so special and deep, that you will be able to really influence people. You can also train on this small playground for another projects. It has only advantages. Just overcome your doubts and embarrassment. Remember, that people will find your power in the crowd, and they will incline to listen to you.

Yes, to live an ordinary life and stay out of some public exhibition is more comfortable. But if you will start once, and if you will hold on, you can become somebody, as those other women did.

Just look at them! Yesterday, they were nobody. And today? What miracle happened? They simply started with nothing, and gained respect by doing good work.

You know, what is the best thing? It is only your project. You don’t have to ask for a permission, approval. You simply decide yourself to do it. You have the control. Of course, there will always be some criticism, but that’s only a matter of habit, to understand, that it simply belongs to the thing. But it means nothing.

The personal brand is very useful for you. And here, you can build it very easily.

Alan Svejk -