Estrogen Mafia Training (8): How To Become A VIP To Get Influence

To become a VIP, it’s a fulfilled dream of many. But only a few blessed ones achieve this high goal. There is a lot of mysteries about the VIP status in the society, but you will know perfectly now, where to go and what to do, to become a VIP and to get necessary influence and power, so you can change many things, including the flow of your own life, and the society will benefit from it.

That expression “VIP” has many definitions, but let’s stick to the original designation for “man or woman with power and influence”.

To be a VIP practically means, that you own and distribute power and influence, even if nobody knows you publicly, except some other important figures, your social connections. So you don’t have to be a “celebrity”, to be a VIP.

The important fact is, that you can become a VIP much easier, quicker and with lower risks, than a celebrity. And you can avoid all that nasty tabloid magazines and all that strange and ruthless “Hollywood” rules…

In a previous article of this series, you were advised, where to find a real power and influence, that can be grasped and gained. All that places were selected with one basic condition in mind: to have quite a low barriers for a person to enter. You don’t need a specific education for it, or some experience.

Just to remind you:

1) Public Relations – you can influence the communication of a company or an individual. The stronger is that company or person, the more influence is there also for you. Low barriers to enter are an advantage. And you can learn all the necessary Persuasion techniques, useful anywhere. Moreover, the PR branch is ruled by women today. So networking there is yet easier for you.

2) Fashion Blogs – the main advantage is zero barrier to enter. Many girls and women, who were originally socially unknown, could become real VIPs, pampered by famous brands. The key value here is to have own opinion, be persistent and lead the crowd of readers, as an example.

3) Getting power by influencing (wo)men correctly – the goal is to persuade men to share resources and (job) opportunities with you, because you are an asset, and they respect you as a personality. Having power and influence is logical here.

Imagine, if you would combine all this three activities and stances. No doubt, that you could become a VIP really quickly!

And there is one more amazing place, quite accessible, where you can really become somebody, a person of influence.

The HR (Human Resources) branch was long perceived as a boring start of a career, but today, everything is different. There is much power and influence distributed in HR, and also the barriers are quite low to enter. The actual substantial change in HR branch is, that HR processes, usually perceived as a “necessary evil” by applicants, are changing to a pleasant and inspiring experience for both sides.

A HR consultant can really grow the valuable portfolio of contacts, no doubt about it. And these contacts can change everything. Because if you help that people to get a good job, if you are pleasant and you inspire them to have a good and positive approach to the job-searching for example, they will not forget and they will always be open for a repayment. So these contacts have immense value.

So, to quickly get a power and influence in the society, with low barriers to enter, you can choose either Public Relations or Human Resources branch, and that is the perfect foundation for building your reputation.

But to build a personal brand, another necessary thing, you need yet more than that. And a Fashion Blog or something similar would be a right place to supplement your overall social, professional and creative activities. If you ask, why are that Fashion Blogs so important, the answer is simple – zero barriers to enter, much power is distributed there, you can build your personal brand there, train yourself in writing, gathering Intelligence, expressing the right way, shaping your expressions… you can get publicly noticed. It is simply a general support, so you can find yet more opportunities.

If you don’t care about fashion, think about “usefully” entering it. To use this realm as an ingenious infiltrating tool. To write about fashion is possible for anybody, even for a male, but a female is always more qualified, of course. You can start with your own small project, and later, who knows?

Find some fashion blogs, read and think: what could you do better, than these other authors? If you will start, and if you will hold on for 6 months or a year, writing articles daily… you will see, what change with your life will happen!

Building your personal brand by gathering social power is also a good idea. You have to own an aura of growth, success and influence. The more you shine it. the more you get it back. Men are quite easy to persuade, and to persuade females, it is recommended to go through business, money and similar opportunities.

If you will show to your vicinity, that these options are in your hands – that you are a PR asset, HR asset, or a writing asset – they will recognize you. And they will start to watch you carefully, perceiving you as a growing social asset, and it is advantageous for them to keep a high-quality connection like this (like you) really close.

If you will become a object of social interest, then you are definitely doing it well.

One final word of advice – don’t turn back and don’t compare with others. Stop browsing Facebook profiles, and also stop reading tabloid gossips and social news. This will lead you off your way. Concentrate just on your own journey, otherwise you will soon stop, full of doubts, just losing precious time.

To become a VIP is not hard. Just go, where the power and influence are. Participate, and start gathering your advantages. Your social circles will grow steadily too, as you will get recognized.

“Be Patient, Persistent and Positive.”

Alan Svejk -