Estrogen Mafia Training (9): Woman Of The Year

It’s never too late to become a person who you always wanted to be. Did you ever dream to become a woman, who is publicly respected and followed? Who is a VIP? Now, you can learn the most secret strategies, how to rule the minds of journalists and readers, to win the publicity, and to step forward to the stars.

You maybe heard, how immensely powerful the media are. As soon as you will start being publicly recognized, the press will approach you irrevocably, asking for detailed answers, and then, it’s up to you, what you will create of yourself, shaping the positive public opinion about you, called media picture.

If you manufacture this matter correctly, you can get vast public favor, attention, recognition and opportunities. You can accelerate building your personal brand this way, and your life will become one big exciting ride.

Before you will start with any interview, remind yourself, that you are a part of the society. Think of all that people, who will read an article about you. Try to imagine them, their thoughts, opinions, perception, even expectations and desires. Ask yourself these simple questions: what people expect and want from consuming the media? Why they read it? What they wish to find there?

No, they don’t want to hear about your success, to be envious. It’s an unpleasant feeling for them, because the majority of them aren’t feeling successful. Why to ruin their day, their self-confidence and good mood? Do something better and more clever: make them your friends, your followers, who are pleased, that you showed them something new, that you shared some great information and inspiration with them.

So, avoid perceiving an interview as your personal show from many good reasons. It’s should be not about you – it should be about them, the readers, or viewers. Do something good for them – they will like you, and they will accept you as a leader. But only if you are, what they want, only if you can fulfill their desires, sharing something with them. Not your life, but distinctive knowledge and useful inspiration.

The basic way to achieve this goal and to win this demanding game, is to avoid the words “I”, “my” and “me”. Use rather the words “we”, “us”, “our”, “every”, “woman” and “team” instead, so any reader can feel participated, inside the action, respected, praised by you. Practice this with some previous interview in the newspapers, where some questions were asked, and try to respond to these questions without using the words “I”, “my” and “me”. It’s not so easy, we all use these words too often.

But if you can change your approach, unbelievably positive results can emerge. And if people will like you, you will get many opportunities, professional, social, and more. This way, you can become a VIP quickly and smoothly – just doing it right.

To avoid your ego in media presentation is critical. People will read about you, and they will shape their general judgement. Their minds are not purely logical, they are influenced with many emotions. And if they feel ego from you, why should they like you? Be clever, know your audience and give them, what they want and desire – they will love you!

When you are responding to the journalistic questions, try to do it from some general, common view, shared by many. Try to give good advices in your responses, something the readers can identify with. Establish a connection with them! Get close to them, by talking about shared values and challenges they also have to solve. Then, you will get their very deep attention to the article, and to your person!

One well manufactured article can be enough to make you a star, simple as that. And you will never lose the good impression you made – people like to keep their good memories, when they felt good and inspired. And you will help them to have this good time!

We can demonstrate this postitive approach on two possible answers to a question. Have a look, how differently they sound:

“How do you balance your work and family life?”

1) “Well, it is sometimes difficult. I try to manage my time, and to delegate some duties on my colleagues, so I can have a flexible working hours. Fortunately, my employer has understanding for my family activities, and I can manage my work according to my daily challenges.

2) “Any woman has similar challenges. But the situation is improving today, and many employers are perceptive to our special needs, so women can manage their time according to their overall activities. If you balance work and family well, you are on the best way to success and happiness in life.

Is it even necessary to explain the enormous difference in these two possible answers? Notice, how 2) is appealing to the reader, both female and male. There is definitely a connection established, and the reader will definitely continue reading, eager to know your opinion and good tips for her or him!

This optimal approach has another wide advantages for connecting with the journalist. Understand, that he or she is not an angel or a police officer. He or she is prone to your energy and influence. If you are balanced, pleasant, kind, tender, full of love to the world, your work and the people, no one can resist to perceive you as a sun, shining and warming up its surroundings.

Make the journalist having a good time, sitting and talking with you. Show them respect to their work, that you understand their duty to search for the truth about the world, and help them, be supportive, full of positivity. Maybe even something maternal could be in your speech and presentation. And no human being can resist this magic, because love is the most crucial value for us all. Whoever feels love inside you – he or she becomes your follower, attracted to your energy, positivity and sharing with others.

If you make them feel pleasant – how could they go against you? Why should they try to damage you? Do the best you can, and then relax. You have no control of things, and don’t try to fight for it, asking for strict authorization of the article. You would only show weakness, fear and insecurity. So don’t push things. Just indicate to them, that you trust them to do their responsible and important work the good way. Declare your trust to them – and they will feel obliged, in bond with you. So your professional relationships in the future will grow, and you will have useful media asset always, who will be on your side always, and on the side of your employer.

If you present yourself as a balanced and positive person, everybody will follow you. Why? Because majority of people lack this desirable state of inner peace, integrity and simple, effective view of themselves, the world, and their life mission. So, present this values to them, and you will become an example to follow, and naturally, without any pushing, pressure and tension. Show the world, that you respect the natural flow of events and things. That we own nothing, and we should accept the things and events as they are, without any judgement or complaints.

Always be only positive, never complain, and never attack anybody in your presentation. It never pays off, although you would like to declare your opinions on things openly. But be careful with that – try to be supporting here. If there is some bad phenomenon in the society, don’t critize it – suggest better solutions, advise, be useful, be helpful even to your adversaries.

To have adversaries is a luxury you can’t afford. Make friends of them, just showing your respect, and refrain from any rating and negative energy. Stay positive, always. Don’t criticize, or complain – never. Don’t fight with the world – the revolutions and changes have to be made from below, not from above.

If you want to change things in the society, use positive approach and understanding. Then, you will become a person who will be in very advantageous position, because all sides will ask you for consultancy. This way, you can make business development very effectively, and you will become an authority in your fields of professional interest.

Always try to position yourself in the middle of the things, where the most of power and influence are. Don’t take any side – act as a mediator, as a neutral side, who understands both sides of a problem, makes both sides to discuss about things, exchanging their opinions, searching for optimal solutions for them, or the society.

To become a Woman Of The Year is not so difficult, as you can see, but it needs a precise, complex and reasonable strategy. But keeping yourself on the positive side is a guaranteed way to the stars.

And remember: as experienced fortune-tellers and Tarot card readers like to say, “The best way to predict the future… is to create it!”

Alan Svejk -