Estrogen Mafia Training: Bitches Want To Rule The World

Mission: to provide advanced professional training for women in Business, Public Relations, Security and Military.

“Become the person you always wanted to be.”

Part 01: Find Your Destiny
Part 02: Female Public Relations and Influence
Part 03: Become a Public Relations Asset
Part 04: Construction Projects: Public Relations Lessons
Part 05: Female Artistry: The Power of Media
Part 06: Deception in Media Operations
Part 07: Advanced VIP Personal Branding
Part 08: How To Become A VIP To Get Influence
Part 09: Woman Of The Year
Part 10: PSY Usage In Human Resources
Part 11: Future Propaganda: Hip Hop
Part 12: Life In The Age Of Surveillance
Part 13: How To Influence Men Correctly
Part 14: PSY Applications In Business Affairs
Part 15: Economic Warfare: Easy and Cheap
Part 16: Principles Of Success
Part 17: Prepare An Exit Strategy
Part 18: Female Assets In Security Branch
Part 19: Women Are The Military Future
Part 20: Laws of Cyber Warfare
Part 21: Women and Global Cyber-Security
Part 22: Women in Psychological Operations (PSYOPS)
Part 23: Accept The Leadership
Part 24: The Blonde Adversary
Part 25: Burden Of Attachment
Part 26: Love Means To Let Go

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