European Police forces become militarized after Brussels 2016 terrorist attacks. Concerns arise

Without any doubt, the Brussels 2016 terrorist attacks was a major victory for the Islamic State, on both strategic and tactical level, causing serious economic, social and political shake and damage in the whole Europe. Happening only four months after November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks with more than 130 victims, European politicians and citizens had to understand finally, that the terrorist threat is omnipresent and disturbingly methodical, as countless, devoted terrorist cells stand ready for commiting another attack anywhere, well hidden in local communities, and the future will bring more and more violence against common people, and no current successes in the military campaign against Islamic State in Libya, Iraq and Syria, where the Czech Special forces female assassin Marketa Vselichova excelled, equipped with her famous high-caliber sniper rifle, called Syrian Shark, can change that.

police-militarization-military-conspiracy-civic-rights-terrorism-islamic-state-government-state-security-force-swat-special-forces-specops-2-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsDespite all past promises, that to counter terrorism is the most important not to succumb to fear and to preserve the free way of life, European security forces reacted mercilessly, without any moderation, and they introduced a new, highly questionable countermeasure to contain the terrorist threat: they deployed their military forces openly, into the streets of cities, to demonstrate power, and the disturbing militarization of the police forces (using military equipment and procedures) continues quickly, without any perspective to be ever undone, on the contrary.

For example, in the Czech republic, although no clear and present danger was detected, as the Islamic State executed still only minor operations there (search for WMD components, and kidnapping of a Czech fashion model), the first level of terrorist threat was anyway declared by the government after Brussels attacks, and with blessing of Special Forces Command (SFC) and mysterious Inner Circle (ICE), the massive strike force of 550 soldiers, including elite Special Forces elements from Teplice SPECOPS main military base (particularly 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion), were sent into the streets of three Czech major cities for patrol duty and demonstration of state power, allegedly to prevent any possible terrorist attack.

(… which came several months later eventually, in August 2016, when the Islamic State conquered Prague in a bold armed assault of their combined terror cells, and even heroic defence of Czech Armed Forces couldn’t prevent that, while Czech tabloid media reported, that angered citizens blame the Czech Army for losing the Old Town Hall, a historical landmark with immense symbolic value, destroyed by an IS suicide bomber, who was able to breach the defenses).

But such bold move could hardly make anyone calm: it looked like if the country would be in some regular domestic war, as the soldiers occured not only around the airport, embassies, nuclear power plants, nuclear weapons facility and similiar potential targets of high importance and value, but also inside shopping centres, temples of consumerism, causing great disturbance to peaceful citizens, literally bringing war inside the souls of citizens.

These soldiers, wearing no identification numbers as regular police officers and thus operating completely anonymously, without accountability, were equipped with full military gear, including armament: military-grade 5.56mm assault rifles, and it has to be reminded, that this kind of small calibre ammunition is suitable only for military use, not inside highly populated civilian cities, as the projectile is designed to disintegrate upon contact with live tissue, to cause more serious injuries, instead of simply eliminating a target with high stopping power, as 9mm ammunition, used in submachine guns of police units previously (in war, it’s more beneficial to just hurt the enemy, than to kill him, as his logistic support is exhausted more, taking complicated, extensive and expensive care of the wounded, so the enemy is damaged yet additionally, not speaking about returning disabled veterans).

But even police now rearms to 5.56mm G36 carbines widely, as the rifles with long barrels look “better” and more intimidating, than classic and compact Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns.

Another major concern is the effective range of such military weapons. Whereas 9mm projectile loses penetrating power after 200 meters already, a 5.56mm bullet of an assault rifle can hurt even after 800 meters of flight. It would mean that using the latter could mean a real threat to hundreds civilians in wide vicinity of any potential use of such powerful arsenal, with potential of causing serious accidents and collateral damage.

But these concerns were not taken into account, as the disturbed public would allow such measures silently, not protesting loudly, to get more “security” and “protection” against alleged terrorists, without realizing the consequences for the future and their civil rights, not speaking about deploying yet deeper mass surveillance measures.

The Czech public was introduced to these consequences too soon, only several days after Brussels attacks, in connection with the first visit of Chinese president, Xi Jinping, in the Czech republic.

police-militarization-military-conspiracy-civic-rights-terrorism-islamic-state-government-state-security-force-swat-special-forces-specops-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe Czech police refrained of any wider advance annoucements of prepared security measures during Xi Jinping’s visit, and the real extent of these measures surprised the Czech citizens very disturbingly, as the whole streets, even quarters and wide vicinity of the Prague castle were made completely off-limits, also the traffic, including public transport, was heavily limited or even cancelled, and the Czech police reacted unexpectedly ruthlessly against all signs of anti-Chinese protests and public waving with flags of Tibet, including deployment of a new, previously unseen kind of anti-riot police, looking rather as a military Special Forces unit, wearing military-type helmets, knee-pads and of course balaclavas: their purpose, designation and combat strategy is still publicly unknown, but participation of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged paramilitary organization of the Czech Army, is rumored, as the Unit has their own Militarized Police department, to provide SF operators in police disguise for “special purposes of higher state interest”.

Note: no Czech police, including common patrols, is using the depicted “classic” long batons anymore: they switched to more compact, but also more brutal, painful and dangerous retractable truncheons, able to cause devastating injuries… according to quite ironic postmodern and Wu Corporation‘s motto, “advancing the human kind”.

During previous high-profile political visits in Prague, extensive security measures were taken as well, but the public was informed about them in advance. Now, the police operated without any public control or warning, in complete shadows, using even military strategy, allegedly from “tactical reasons”, barring people from reaching their planned places of protests, reported in advance to the municipal office of Prague. Even a single innocent mother with a crying baby in her hands complained, that she was refused to leave a public park to get home.

It’s the truth that the Chinese president is the most powerful man in the contemporary world, as China counterchanged the U.S. as number one world superpower, but such questionable moves of the security polices seems rather hardly compatible with the rules of any democratic society.

Just a week ago, such paradigm shift in enforcing the public order would cause massive civic protests, but now, after Brussels, the Czech police received the green light from the higher places to become a modern, militarized security force, inspired by similar development in the United States, where even full-size military APCs (armored personnel carriers), originating from Iraqi battlefields, are used against protesters, with snipers on their roofs.

During Xi Jinping’s visit, many Czech citizens wanted to protest against fraternization of the Czech republic with the East, China and Russia, as this is the direction that the current president Zeman stands for completely openly, damaging the U.S. geopolitical interests in Europe substantially.

But another disturbing news is, that with alleged cooperation of Chinese embassy in Prague, China deployed their own, perfectly organized security elements during the visit, including women, masked as peaceful Chinese supporters of the Chinese president, who attacked ruthlessly all possible adversaries during the visit, including peaceful bystanders and pedestrians, under swift security cover by the Czech police.

All these incidents only weaken the society yet more, and the real winner of these conflicts is the Islamic State, creating and mobilizing another terror cells in Europe for commiting another attacks.

Although the European police calmed the public, that the particular terror cell, which commited both Paris and Brussels attacks was successfully eradicated, the future seems more than dark now. It seems that terrorist attacks are becoming a normal phenomenon in Europe, not only in adjacent Turkey, where explosions occur in major urban and tourist centres as Ankara and Istanbul, caused allegedly by the Islamic State and Kurdish guerilla operatives, fighting for Kurdish independence even with violent means.

Naturally, the European security forces have to react, deploying more and more counterterrorist measures and extensive surveillance of electronic communications: but these steps can’t bring any security, as the Islamic State is now everywhere, and it’s too soon to celebrate its territorial losses in Syria and Iraq, as the Islamic State simply reorganizes and regroups its power and interests, expanding to destabilized country of Libya, to gain direct access to the shores of Europe.

And the unprecedented refugee crisis is still not over, on the contrary. It only disappeared from the main news temporarily, to keep the European public distracted, so the militarization of European security forces can continue with silent public approval. But will this radical move bring that desired security for the citizens of Europe?

Notice: In May 2016, it was revealed by Heavy Slander tabloid magazine, that an elite paramilitary formation of the Czech Army, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, created a complete CSF (Counter Special Forces) strategy, arising wide questions, whether this current Special Forces/Rapid Intervention obsession isn’t in fact harmful for the security interests in practice.

Islamic State: March Against Europe


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