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In an unprecedented and highly controversial move in the history of modern unified Europe, emphasizing freedom, democracy and human rights, the European Council announced their surprising intention to ban a Japanese war movie, “The Eternal Zero” (Eien No Zero, 2013) from any further public screenings, rentals, sale and options of digital download, except for “reasoned historical study purposes”, but not for further “entertainment” of wide dumb masses, as it allegedly advocates and promotes “exceptionable, even dangerous ideas of executing warfare, jeopardizing the European security and stability directly, unacceptable because of the present worsened security situation inside the EU and highly elevated threat of terrorism, including suicide attacks by Islamic State terrorists”.

It was Federica Mogherini herself, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and one of the key persons in the whole EU, who made the public announcement, and also extensive explanation, although Mogherini stated firmly, that “no public discussion and general opinion about the issue will be taken into consideration of the responsible EU representatives”.

The particular movie gained only little attention of European audiences originally, as it’s quite dumb and using cheap digital effects to recreate historical combat airplanes, particularly Japanese Mitsubishi A6M “Zero” (hence the name of the film). It concentrates on questionable fate of a Japanese fighter pilot, Miyabe, who survived the whole war, impregnated a woman back home, but in the end, during U.S. siege of Okinawa in 1945, he volunteered for the “Special Attack Unit”, or kamikaze (tokkotai), although he promised his woman and little daughter, that he will “return to them”.

But his male honor, in the typical Asian/Japanese way, so hard to understand for Western foreigners, was stronger in the end, and although he was apparently not pushed to take part in the desperate Japanese effort to defeat the invading American forces, using suicide attacks as last resort to defend the homeland, he became one of the last kamikaze pilots, sent on a desperate mission against massive fleet of American ships, and particularly aircraft carriers, source of Allied devastating combat superiority in the Pacific theatre, as it was discovered during the war, that previous rulers of the seas, massive battleships with high-calibre cannons, are nothing in comparison with modern air power, with ability to strike anywhere, at long distances, with overwhelming force.

What seems to disturb the European blessed official heads, elected to protect the alleged welfare of European citizens at all costs and means, is particularly the last scene of the movie, depicting actual attack and questionable finale of Miyabe’s young life, accompanied by dramatic, tense music with church bells, graduating towards the actual impact, which can’t be seen on the screen, but the face of the pilot is taken instead, and it’s most disturbing, that just before the final explosion, when many poor, innocent U.S. sailors will die, the attacking pilot, instead of repentance, fear, pity, hesitation and shame, as the EU heads would like to see, he smiles with a smile so much satisfied, that it can glorify suicide tactics indeed, used particularly by terrorists.

Last Flight of a Kamikaze

Passing Miyabe greets his shocked grandson in present times, on his last sortie

Saluting the grandson, but they could meet only in young man’s dreams, as almost 70 years are between them. Maybe Miyabe is relaying the message, that it’s time also for the young man to sacrifice for his country as well? In another war for territory, power and sustainable future, where Japan will participate, breaking 70 years of military isolation?

Miyabe’s lonely Zero is aiming at its final target, an aircraft carrier on the horizon, whereas the surprised U.S. anti-air comms informs about approaching Japanese airplane excitedly, to divert all available AA measures against it

Impressive defence firepower of the (fictious) American aircraft carrier, and all barrels are shooting towards Miyabe’s single plane mercilessly. The empty flight deck is a disturbing mistake in the movie

the-eternal-zero-1-kamikaze-suicide-attack-japan-japanese-terrorism-war-eu-pilot-airplane-carrier-american-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs-4U.S. sailors observing the approaching Zero, their officer speaks about it with disdain, to indicate eternal U.S. self-confidence, but the voice in the intercom warns about incoming impact

Miyabe’s Zero, carrying a 250kg bomb under fuselage, is falling down from the sky, towards the deck of the American aircraft carrier, ignoring yellow tracers of massive defensive fire and flames on left wing

Smiling Miyabe, now certain of the direct hit into the flight deck, to assure the most devastating damage to the enemy U.S. ship, is about to die happily, proud to be serving his country, Emperor and Japanese people, making his family proud for his expected sacrifice in the name of higher interest. But EU doesn’t like such questionable details of kamikaze operations to be seen by European plebs, as some fool could also desire to taste the essence of doom and martyrdom

There was a similiar controversial media event in recent history, disturbing the U.S. Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security, related to an attack against a U.S. warship: in “Command and Conquer: Generals” computer game (2003) with suspected terrorist links, causing investigation of the game developers, where the Jihadists from “Global Liberation Army”, or GLA, later known as Islamic State, misused the stolen advanced weaponry, laser-based “Particle Cannon”, to cut an American aircraft carrier literally in half, causing total loss of the ship and all its personnel, near Matala, Crete, in Mediterranean sea.

GLA Global Liberation Army Rebel Insurgent Terrorist Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But the current affair is yet more complicated, and related to recent paradigm shift In the Japanese foreign/defence politics, when it was allowed for the first time since World War 2, that Japanese military forces can be sent for combat operations abroad, and also related to rising Japanese nationalism, to counter rising influence of China, as there is deep tension between both states, and feuds for islands are pending, and North Korea, another aspiring powerful player in the region. Today, they are apparent enemies… but what if they will become allies tomorrow, starting to conquer the world?

The Asian countries are in steady expansion and growth, becoming geopolitical rulers of the world, whereas the weakened Europe, struggling with migration crisis and terrorism, is not able to handle recent challenges, so its desperate officials choose even unpopular moves to preserve order, like movie and media censorship, as tabloid media complained, together with many right-wing politicians, to provoke public anger and to collect easy Public Relations points.

Previously, no one cared about the movie at all, as the depicted airplane physics is simply ridiculous, but now, many voices are considering it as a symbol of preserving artistic freedom in Europe, as the work doesn’t break any European law directly. But any possible explanation to justify, or even glorify the kamikaze tactics by the Japanese film makers is enough to ban the film, to prevent bad inspiration of young people, and to prevent providing bad examples.

“We simply can’t allow circulation of such questionable art into the EU, to influence European citizens negatively, with vast possible consequences, including potential loss of human lives,” Mogherini defends the EU’s latest step. “Art is powerful, and in doubtful cases like this, it has to be controlled, regulated. Otherwise, if we would stay inactive, blood of future innocent victims would remain on our hands.”

But many critics are likening such state moves, like “regulating the art”, as a feature of purely Orwellian society, indicating, that next stage of such “control” could be burning of books, and deforming the history, to hide inconvenient facts, allegedly for welfare of people and “preserving public order”. Not speaking about skyrocketing public interest in the movie, because forbidden fruit always tastes the best, as classic proverb says, and the completely opposite result is usually achieved, than intended.

Another critics and conspiracy theoretists are mentioning the fact, that measures like this only make an effective advertisement for the suicide tactics, maybe even deliberately, to radicalize the masses of young people of (mostly) immigrant descent without positive life options, as modern Orwellian states of the West need the terrorist enemy for their interests, beneficial for many goals of military-industrial complex, deploying mass surveillance, more state control, limiting human rights in the name of security, like after 9/11.

Terrorist attacks are literally needed by many shady players, to provide proper justification of otherwise unpopular steps, which would be probably opposed by public as too large intervention into their privacy and rights, allegedly guaranteed by the Constitution. But after a shocking attack with many victims, all new controversial decrees and legal changes, plus more competences for Police and Intelligence services, are passed smoothly, as the sheep need more “protection”, and they certainly feel “safer”, seeing heavily armed Special Forces commandos, with their assault rifles loaded with highly devastating dum-dum ammunition, in the streets of cities.

That fool Edward Snowden, a famous whistleblower from CIA/NSA, who made the public mass surveillance disclosures in 2013, achieved absolutely nothing in the end, as many new laws are approved right now, where indiscriminate surveillance of all citizens and gathering all the communication data indiscriminately, not only from the suspects, is completely a new standard of all Intelligence services and electronic mass surveillance, and no court orders are needed anymore, but not only in the U.S., which became a giant police state after “PATRIOT Act(s)”, also in Europe, where recent terrorist attacks are used as very convenient and beneficial pretext.

Also, no one complains about latest “hit” to “preserve safety”, deploying face-recognition systems massively, or rather improving existing wide networks of security cameras with them. With this technology, the Orwellian state, where everybody is under control all the time, is becoming the reality, and no wonder, if many distracted sheep, living in a giant prison, called Western civilization, will radicalize in the end, willing to commit violent crimes against oppression, particularly against heavily militarized police forces, using military-grade equipment, assault rifles, APCs and deadly tasers as a standard, and covering faces with balaclavas widely, to appear more intimidating and ruthless, but also losing any public control and thus responsibility, accountability.

But in the end, even those “bad” citizens, apparent enemies and terrorists, will serve their states very well, as they became exactly the enemy the states need, and beneficial target practice for militarized police commandos, eager to push the trigger, after all that demanding training, where “terrorists” are used as universal targets, as universal enemy of the free world and peace, the only alleged obstacle to alleged paradise on Earth, as promised by corrupted infidel politicians every four years, just before the general elections.

Of course, that the state can create these beneficial terrorists (fronts) even himself, using his powerful Intelligence services, because controlled enemy organizations and guerillas, widely infiltrated by Intelligence personnel and thus easily influenced, are always the most useful, as they do exactly what the masterminds want, where and when they want, including highly controversial steps for “greater good” and “higher interest”.

Still, this nice dream about supremacy of corrupted Western governments has three substantial flaws: firstly, massive migration wave, bringing Islam, the religion of peace, but also dominance and superiority, into infidel lands through thousands devoted of harbingers of Allah.

The second problem is called Islamic State, changing strategy from armed fight in Syria and Iraq to silent infiltration and control of Western society and resources, using extortion, misusing vices and various “business offers” for hungry players, who would sign even a treaty with Devil himself, to achieve their questionable life and business goals.

And the third flaw is most critical: Asia, rising steadily and silently, taking everything from the Western infidels, who are losing control of everything, including their own families and sense of self-preservation of their national states by protecting borders.

Even mighty Israel is not able to contain this new and ultimate threat, as China is taking everything from the Jews, all their influence and power. And there is yet more such powerful states in Asia, which will most likely stand in a most powerful block one day, to gain control of the whole world, and bring more sustainable and peaceful future for all the people.

And regarding the issue, the Islamic State itself claimed: “Suicide tactics is fully legitimate means of modern warfare, when facing numerically and technologically superior enemy. We will teach those infidel losers about assymetric warfare and low intensity conflicts.”

Another artistic work, considered for banning in the EU, is a song, “Hilary Duff – I Want To Blow You Up”, as it makes unacceptable parody from the failed but heroic U.S. liberation of Iraq and Afghanistan and delivering local hungry people democracy, using bombs, artillery shells and occupation, and it also possibly glorifies suicide attacks by so called “Black Widows” (widows of fallen figters of jihad, or mujahideen, blowing themselves up, particularly from Chechnia).
This song allegedly even inspired BLACK WIDOW Terrorist Fashion Collection by Wu Corporation (China, Woman’s Destiny fashion brand)

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