Eva Perkausova: Islam In Her Eyes

At only 22 years of age, the blonde female “bombshell”, Eva Perkausova (*1994) made a shining career in the TV industry, gaining status of the ultimate Czech celebrity, as another false prophet, serving multinational corporations to spread their malicious message about consuming the right goods, wearing the right brands, to be “accepted” into the society, not speaking about spreading gossip from the “VIP world”, to keep infidel fools distracted with “bread and games”, like another pseudocelebrity of the same age and ambassador of Islam, Dominika Myslivcova.

But it would be too easy just to condemn Eva Perkausova, that she mutilated her body with generous portion of silicone, to impress the infidel foolish horny world with size 5 breasts, like many others B-class fashion models and pseudo-stars, that she needs to have her lips surgically improved, to be a seducing blonde femme fatale.

Eva Perkausova Czech celebrity Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Arabic Saudi Arabia convert messenger fashion model luxury - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsHer honest eyes are telling the truth: she is a good person inside, she just desires to be liberated from her current path of Devil by Islam, the religion of peace, and perfected way of life. Indeed, Allah will accept her repentance, that she served bad masters, she not only worshipped idols, but she also helped to create them, poisoning the world with fraud yet more. Fortunately, the Compassion and Mercy of Allah are limitless.

But who will bring her this blessing through the bars of her shiny prison, so she can make the right choice, and start walking on the Straight Path? That people from the Czech Islamic community, who have no time to spread Islam and liberate others, because they are too busy by worshipping filthy dogs, organizing preposterous protests to support the Christian infidels and quarreling endlessly, because the females have too much power there?

Eva Perkausova Czech celebrity Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Arabic Saudi Arabia convert messenger fashion model luxury 4 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOh, poor Eva, so young, so lost… she still lives her infidel dream, because no one brought the torch of light and awakening to her. But Allah knows, when the time is right for everything… so many sacrifices the poor girl made for her questionable career, so much suffering, sleeping with all that rich VIP male executives, to get her somewhere, showing her body, her temple, created by Allah, to the slawing primitive infidel crowds, so they can masturbate and ejaculate, to get rid of tension, misusing the poor girl as their tool…

Indeed, she made very bad choice, in order to reach the foolish stars of the infidel society. But look into her innocent eyes and ask: how would it be like, if such creation of Allah would become His tool, to bring Islam to others? Serving to the good cause, thousands would follow this inspiring, positive example.

Eva Perkausova Czech celebrity Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Arabic Saudi Arabia convert messenger fashion model luxury 9 - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsOh, Allah: the day, when this woman will take a hijab, proving her full submission to Your will and obedience to Your command, accepting Your endless Compassion and Mercy, the world will be made a better place. And that goal would be so easy to achieve: just to send messengers from Saudi Arabia, backed by their immense oil money, to seduce hungry Eva for business cooperation with a luxury fashion brand, and then, leading the girl into the world of Islam, travelling the Islamic countries, and discovering this miracle of Allah herself. Why should she doubt about accepting it, and submitting herself to Allah as the only master, getting rid of all the capitalist oppressors in the process? Indeed, any woman needs Islam.

And Allah knows the best, when this event should happen.

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