EXFOR: Last line of defence against the Islamic State. Terrorists reveal secret plans to conquer Europe

As the malicious influence of the Islamic State is steadily growing, and it directly jeopardizes the peace, stability and safety of European citizens, affairs and future, plus, the anti-ISIS international coalition, led by NATO, is not able to stop this global threat, it’s the time of using extraordinary measures and armament for preserving the peace and bringing stability to Middle East.

EXFOR Paramilitary, operating currently in the Middle East, is the last line of defense of democracy and humanity in the world, a hope for your peace and your future. Experts in Psychological Warfare, Special Operations and Counterinsurgency, using the most advanced arsenal in the history of mankind, particularly PSY weaponry, they are the only entity, qualified and able to stop the ultimate terrorist threat.

“We go into the middle of this mess, completely ignored by NATO and the Czech Military,” the spokesperson of EXFOR explains. “They simply let it all go, closing their eyes, not seeing what is in stake at this final hour. They don’t understand that no army and no firepower in the world is able to stop this approaching avalanche. The enemy is too advanced, too experienced in Unconventional Warfare, hardened by endless wars in the Middle East region. He knows well, how to avoid Tomahawk missiles and UAVs. The Americans rely too much on their technology and air power: but this fight can be won only on the ground, directly facing the danger. When the NATO and our national armies failed us – it’s a matter of decency to do, what you can do, what you have to do. The ISIS terrorists disrupted the peace – and some heroes have to bring it back.”

Following the latest and most disturbing Islamic State terrorist attack, kidnapping a Czech fashion model, with intention to drag the powerful Chinese dragon into the Middle Eastern conflict, EXFOR is extending their combat operations in northern Syria, ramming a wedge into the Islamic State front lines. Operating with silent agreement of Syrian Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the West and Kurds in the north, tolerated by Turkey, EXFOR is using their most advanced armament and local assets to achieve a simple but immensely difficult task: to stop the Islamic State, to preserve peace, to prevent escalating the conflict.

“The lost girl has to be found, but such attacks will follow. We are extinguishing a fire that is hard to contain. We discovered some documents, revealing the plans of terrorists for conquering Europe without firing a single shot. This is the ultimate hour on the clock, as our motto says. We are here, and we will do what we can, to protect your safety.”

The European public is completely ignoring the issue, disturbed more by the refugee crisis. “You absolutely don’t know what is really happening here. The news are full of refugees, but the real crisis is upcoming here, and now. Just listen to this conversation of terrorists, intercepted by our advanced surveillance.”

“… you were always a good servant of our sacred matter, brother Rashid, and the rest of brothers respect you highly. You started in the Military of the old Saddam regime, then you fought alongside us against the American invaders, and then, you helped to create our new world, that resisted to all attempts of crusaders to destroy it. The time flows, and we are still here, on the contrary, yet stronger, than ever before!

Several years ago, some brothers met in this house, and above the map of the Earth, we dreamed about our new world. Everything begins with a thought, brother… at first, they laughed at us, then, they attempted to destroy us, and finally, they understood, that we are here, and no Tomahawk missiles or violence can push us away, because we represent a sacred matter.

Me and another brothers trust you absolutely, brother Rashid! And there is a new, unexpected and unique possibility, how to spread our seeds into the hearts and minds of our enemies around the world! So, I suggested you to lead this operation. It’ll be demanding, but in the end of it, the whole world will understand, that it’ll be better to respect us! We will assert our interests, but using completely peaceful way, without firing a single shot!

Brother Rashid… this is the ultimate moment of us all! We are ready, to change the world! We are standing on firm foundations already, and now it’s the time to show the world, that it should bow in front of us! We won’t point no weapon barrels at anybody… and still, the kaffirs will respect us, and they will gladly accept our faith!

Here is a piece of paper, where you will find, how we will fight now, so our future will be sustainable.”

“Brother Abdul… this is a way to spread our sacred faith, and concurrently, to preserve peace! If you will call me, together with other brothers, to lead this operation, it will be my highest honor to execute this task, and I won’t stop, until its noble goals will be fulfilled!”

 “You have our highest trust, brother! The operation begins at this moment! It will be necessary for you to travel to Europe at once, and to get a support from our brothers and sisters in many different kaffir countries. They will provide you the necessary data, and then, you will instruct our people, how to continue further. So, you won’t be participating the operation directly, and your risk will be minimal. Neither our foreign brothers and sisters will risk too much – calm them down, that according to the kaffir law, their actions will be fully legal. But still – the world will get our message, in large, and very quickly!”

“Great plan, brother Abdul! This will be done… for the fame of Allah!”

“The kidnapped fashion model, code name ‘White Dove’, is the first such message of the terrorist to European citizens,” the spokesperson of EXFOR resumes his explanation. “But that is just a top of iceberg. The terrorists will be sending their proclamation to the people of Europe soon, and believe me, everybody will be concerned, when this critical document will be released. But we are here, let me assure you, disrupting their treacherous plans to conquer Europe. We are targeting their highest human assets, bringing fear into their hearts and minds, eternal suspicion of treason into their ranks. We will disintegrate their organization from the inside, and they won’t even know, what hit them. This is the last stand of democracy against violence and chaos.”

But this completely private effort by a paramilitary, officially unsanctioned organization is not too welcomed by top European politicans and NATO officials. “With all respect to EXFOR operators, their actions can make the situation only worse. Although we understand that they don’t use any offensive weapons in their cause, their actions in the region are thoroughly monitored by our Intelligence services, and if the international law will be breached, we will react accordingly,” a high representative of European Union’s Security Council reminded.

EXFOR confirms, that they haven’t asked for any permission by Syrian or Iraqi governments to execute their operations in the affected territories. “It’s the only way, how to stay neutral, not to be misused by any participating party of the conflict. It’s the only way how to keep complete freedom of your actions, to be judged only by your conscience. But our operators are just ghosts anyway, just nightmares in the dreams of our enemies. So we are not afraid of any prosecution, however, we consider quite funny that the EU representatives mention the valid international law, when we are talking about the ruthless, barbaric Islamic State here. This terrorist entity can be defeated only by unconventional means – and this will be done.”

It was reported that ruthless IS fighters, prepared to die for their cause without hesistation, are becoming quite disturbed by perspective of military version of The Device used against them, as such kind of PSY weapon is nothing they could ever meet on the battlefield. EXFOR haven’t released any details of its operational use yet, but many worldwide Intelligence services are highly interested in obtaining a sample of this technological miracle, sniffing in Syria and Iraq to get it, and the Islamic State itself allegedly declared a bonus of 1.000.000 USD for any combatant or civilian, who will be able to seize a working piece of this ultimate military hardware for thorough analysis and inventing possible countermeasures, particularly an Assault Device.

However, all previous attempts to reverse engineer The Alloy, an integral part of the invention, containing a special biochip to influence human emotions, failed. It was confirmed, that the basic version of the weapon can be loaded into a single truck, but EXFOR allegedly uses a portable version too, with completely unknown physical dimensions, but probably highly miniaturized, using nanotechnology and with lowered energy consumption. Thus, any external energy supply is not necessary, as the fuel cells are a part of the package, allowing the EXFOR operatives to smuggle the weapon behind enemy lines easily, even into the main Islamic State headquarters compound in Syrian town of Raqqa.

It has to be reminded, that China always loudly protested against application of PSY weapons in security and miliary operations, calling them “dangerous toys, which bring nothing good to the mankind”, and the Chinese government made all efforts to spoil Japanese acquisition of the hardware, which could endanger Chinese national security and interests.

Some security analysts even warn, that such wide usage of PSY arsenal could provoke China to unpredictable moves, including military intervention into Syria: and, ironically, this is exactly what the terrorists want, to escalate the conflict yet further. That is the reason why they recently kidnapped a woman, whose father is a highly positioned executive in a multinational corporation with strong Chinese participation.

“The conflict in Syria is moving in a big dangerous circle, as we can see,” a security analyst said. “You solve one problem, and you create ten another problems in the process. From this angle of view, removing Bashar al-Assad from Syria could launch a total collapse of the region. Do you remember the year 2011, when the world happily celebrated the U.S. backed fall of Gaddafi regime, claiming, that this event will bring peace and stability into the Middle East? But something completely different happened eventually. The ‘Arab Spring’ was just a beginning, not the end of this endless tale with extreme consequences for the whole world, for our future.”

But the Western public wants to hear about the issue no more, tired of all that horrible news about the Islamic State atrocities in previous years. Concurrently, as the refugees flow from Syria into the Europe in large masses, it seems, that the region, once a beautiful country is becoming a pure war zone, full of rubble and without any life, where the scene for a new big war is being slowly prepared: but there will be almost no world audience.

“Now you understand why the people of ancient Rome allowed its fall,” the analyst concludes his opinion. “The news was so unpleasant for so long, that they rather escaped into the world of pleasures, rejecting to face the truth.”

The Western public currently took the same stance. They don’t judge EXFOR Middle Eastern operations in any way, they don’t critize their importing of dangerous PSY weapons into the region – they simply don’t care.

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