EXFOR: The future of counterterrorist operations and defeating the Islamic state

Let’s face the sad and disturbing truth: neither the NATO or the U.S. Military are able to defeat the Islamic State, also called the Islamic Caliphate (IS, ISIS, ISIL or Daesh), spreading from Iraq and Syria further into the world. This front organization of unknown entities, generously backed by money, weaponry and manpower, using the most ingenious and surprising strategy and tactics, unprecedented in the history of terrorism, representing wide and complicated interests in the Middle East, classified as the most dangerous terrorist group in world history, which brought unprecedented instability to the Middle Eastern region, including massive influx of Syrian refugees into adjacent countries, including Europe, is the most serious threat to the stability of the Western world. And the pending Russian military intervention Syria only brings a perspective of World War III closer.

It’s the right time to change approach to this issue substantially, to deploy another measures, than UAVs, airstrikes and Special Forces commandos, which showed ineffective and unsuccessful in containing this ultimate terrorist threat. Any more attempts to pacify the situation using common measures mean just more strength for this special adversary, who deliberately wants and motivates the foreign forces to intervene, to lure crusaders into a deep trap, where they will fight each other, with simple task: to escalate the conflict.

One thing must be understood clearly: the Islamic State can’t be simply defeated in common sense, using means of classical warfare. They are everywhere now, and no walls, boundaries, Tomahawk missiles or Predator UAV precision attacks can stop them. The seed they planted can’t be eradicated – only contained, transformed from the current shapeless and flexible form to something inclined to control.

Another reason of IS’s survival and growing is, that the Islamic State positioned itself into the center of Middle Eastern relationships, into very tactically advantageous position, where it can be protected simply by pulling levers on many possible sides. There are too many strong players there: the U.S., Russia, China, Turkey (and Kurds), Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and of course Israel, so the easiest thing for the Caliphate to survive, even grow, is to provoke mentioned countries to bite each other, because everybody of them has their own crucial interests there.

In summary, the relationships and interest in the contemporary Middle East are extremely complicated, and connected to each other, so we can talk about a dangerous game of domino, just ready to collapse. That is the reason why the U.S. never dared to execute a full scale military operation there, after that undeniable fiascos in Iraq and Afghanistan, but this unwillingness for action buried the popularity and world importance of the U.S. President Barrack Obama, who now ends his second presidential term as a politician who failed.

It was only a question of time, when somebody will use this power vacuum, to enter the Middle Eastern realm, to gain wide advantages. The Czech Military, although advised, really missed a great chance to make a good reputation in the NATO and respect of the world, so Russian bear came instead: this opportunity was simply too tempting.

But Russians are not the only new strong players in the dangerous Middle Eastern game.

There are wide public and journalistic rumors, that a new and formidable organization, mysterious, even secretive, with unclear goals and structure is just entering the Middle Eastern realm, and in large, possessing ultimate measures and arsenal, which is able to gain power and influence there, using strictly indirect, mostly non-military means.

Their intimidating reputation begins with the most strange, sinister and purely Orwellian name you ever heard: EXFOR, or Public Interest Comission for Investigating Contemporary Supernatural Phenomena and Threats by Extraterrestial Forces, using the motto “Una Hora Ultima”, or “One of the hours on the clock is the last”, is a privately owned counterpart of CIA’s Special Activities Division. On their website, they declare “executing critical missions of special importance for the survival, sustainable future and welfare of the mankind.”

The natural question comes immediately: what can an organization with such strange, unrelated objectives search and achieve in the Middle East, plagued by the Islamic State?

But things become clear soon, when it is revealed, that EXFOR is a front organization of The Corporation, and their corporate logo doesn’t even try to deny this fact. Originally, EXFOR was created as an artificial and fully controlled “enemy” of The Corporation, who publicly declared their effort to “uncover dirty secrets of The Corporation”… but in the end, it was found, that this was just another foul game by The Corporation, who needed to gather all their enemies into one, easily controllable block, under their own rules.

It’s always beneficial when you can control your own enemies or business competition – and there is also that old proverb in the Intelligence community, that “if (they) wouldn’t exist, we would have to create them.”

From an unknown reason, The Corporation is entering the Middle East right now, and without any doubt, they bring their ultimately advanced arsenal with them: particularly The Device, military version, which is known to work both on micro and macro level, able to influence either single individuals or whole social groups, using so called “group conciousness”. This special measure and technological miracle seems like the only one with potential to disrupt the growth of the Islamic State, and to change the whole situation there.

But it has to be reminded, that EXFOR operates without any official consent or approval by any internationally recognized entity, like United Nations (UN), so they exist and execute their actions without any official control and accountability, including current Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, the only Syrian representative who could provide an approval in such matters. However, nobody knows, what those actions are exactly: EXFOR is covered in shades, and their spokesperson, himself a very shady figure with unclear personal history, suspected with previous involvement with Czech Military Counterintelligence in certain black operations, both domestic and abroad, commented the disturbing rumors in a very disturbing statement:

“EXFOR feels no need to enter the Middle Eastern conflict, it’s not our concern or mission, it’s the problem of politicians you have voted for, so go ask them for a help, if you feel threatened by that ISIS terrorists. We were just asked to execute certain special investigation there, to protect the humanity from negative influence of possible extraterrestial activity there, so we represent the interests of the whole mankind, and thus, we take the liberty to use any necessary means to achieve this critically important goal. If you want, then judge us, prosecute us: we don’t care. We don’t exist. We are just a nightmare in the dreams of our enemies, not yours. We advise you: move from our way, for your own safety and welfare. Care for your business, and we will care for ours.”

The world politicians are not unified in their opinion about this new issue. Some declare, that it all means nothing, they try to calm down the public, whereas others warn openly, that EXFOR Middle Eastern operations could represent yet more serious danger, than ISIS itself… and that is the most disturbing opinion, which made many journalists literally breathless! Can somebody or something be even worse than that ISIS cruel, ruthless, inhuman terrorist monsters??? And should it be an entity who only claims to investigate some supernatural phenomena, who never commited any violent act, as they use only psychological means (PSYOPS) in their efforts…???

“The situation in the Middle East just complicated yet futher, as we can clearly see,” a director of a worldwide famous private Intelligence company, who refused to be named publicly, declared. “From my modest opinion, things start to be not only complicated there, but completely out of any possibility to understand. This EXFOR party, with their dangerous toys in possession and commonly executed PSYOPS, is just another step higher in the crisis. We can only hope that EXFOR represents the right side of the conflict: our side. But without any doubt, the future of mankind will be shaped there, at the Middle East: and EXFOR seem like an entity who will influence it widely and substantially. As you can see, to change the world is much more simple, than anybody could expect: at first, they astonished us with The Device, which brought them immense power and money, and now they came with this. Is it just another round of their eternal game for world dominance? We will see… and soon.”

The last rumor that currently surfaced in the Intelligence community is, that EXFOR should acquire advanced PSY weaponry, particularly Pandur II 8×8 PSY-AA tactical support vehicle, unoficially of course, by the Czech Military.

EXFOR: Last line of defense against Islamic State. Terrorists reveal secret plans to conquer Europe

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