Facing The Dark Sun: Visit of the Czech Nuclear Weapons Facility At SPECOPS Base near Teplice. Warhead Missile Silo ICBM Launch Target Retaliation Destruction Enemy Bunker Military

The emotional report of Pavel Novotny, Chief Reporter of Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, during his visit in a Czech nuclear weapons facility, containing The Dark Sun, a nuclear missile, located at a secret SPECOPS military base near Teplice:

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairs“… Together with the North Korean ambassador, heavily armed escort of the Military Police, several generals of the Czech Army, the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, who constructed the site and the weapon, Caroline Rubesova, and two unknown women, masked with balaclavas, we were led to a vast dark room, on a suspension catwalk, which seemed not too stable, and firm. Above and below, there was only dark abyss, and all the sound of our careful steps spread with terrifying mystery, and tension.

Then, a strange humming sound could be heard, and the ground of the room, located far below, started to open slowly, like a gate of the hell. You still couldn’t see it, you just felt, that something huge is moving upwards, right around you.

Then, when the vast round object reached our level, still moving up slowly, the lights started to glow, and many red flashlights on the walls started to blink.

A repeated sound of siren could be heard, and the thick body of the missile could be seen in large, the nuclear warhead was passing just around us, still on the way up, to the sky, when the Czech national flag, and designation “THE DARK SUN – 258” could be seen on the body of the rocket, together with a Latin motto: “Una Hora Ultima”, or “One of the hours on the clock is the last”, known to be used by EXFOR Paramilitary, a privately owned counterpart of CIA’s Special Actitivies Division.

PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThis particular motto raised my questions later, how much extensive control of this deadly armament Wu Corporation has, but in the moment, I was so mesmerized by the show, not able to think rationally… I am completely certain, that the treacherous bitches from Wu Corporation added some PHE-X into the air, that artificial female pheromone, exactly their style, so you had to submit to their mastered demonstration of power.

Anyway, in this moment, you realized, that this creation of our people, our educated scientists, tall as a prefab house, full of enriched uranium, hydrogen and who knows of what else deadly shit, is able to level a large city, and to kill million of people. And it carries our national flag. This is our Czech message to the world… this is, who we want to be?

In my journalistic career, I felt endangered many times, when many fools threatened me, to stop me, to destroy me, to silence me, using many nasty means, including very violent ones… but now, I realized, that if this thing will go off, if some accident will occur, I will simply disappear, and all my dreams will be turned to dust in the instant… it was like watching a Devil himself, let me tell you, dear readers.

“Commencing the launch sequence, clear the area,” a strong female voice said seriously and loudly from the hidden speakers all around, and it was the most seducing voice, which I have ever heard. I suspect, that the voice belonged to Caroline Rubesova herself, as there were rumors at the site, between the workers, that she recorded all the announcements and warnings for the internal communicating system herself, allegedly for entertainment, and to feel like a “mother of the nation”!

When the rocket reached the roof of the bunker, covered with massive steel doors, to protect the rocket in case of a preemptive nuclear strike, the most terrible and scaring hiss could be heard and felt, when a lot of some white fumes left the body of the rocket on all sides, like if the bitch would confirm her full readiness for launch, like if a bull would be preparing for a devastating attack.

“Final stage of the launch preparation completed.
All systems active. Auxiliary power: nominal level.
Target destination set: 3900-12547.
Waiting for confirmation from SFC, CSW, MD, GS and ICE.
Primary target confirmed: Pyongyang. Distance: 8100.
Gyroscopic and navigation systems updated.
Flight time to target: 30 minutes.

Our cordial greetings to comrade Kim Jong-un!
People of the DPRK, accept our generous gift!
The warhead armed, stage one of eight.”

All people had a look at the North Korean ambassador, but his face remained completely cold. Not a smile, not anger could be seen there. The man was like a statue: this is the reason, why so many Western armies are so afraid of the Asians, because they are unable to be read. Indeed, such sick joke could be expected from Wu Corporation – but it won’t damage them, they always prevail, it seems.

“The Dark Sun is ready for launch.
HPU activated.
Thrust level set to 20%.
The sequence can’t be revoked now.
The warhead armed, stage two of eight.

Clear the area immediately.
Prepare for ignition.
The ignition in five, four, three…”

Originally, I thought, and the rest of the uninformed visitors maybe too, that this alleged launch procedure is just a joke, a show. But when really hot flames occured under the rocket, I almost started fucking crying of fear of incoming death, that I will be burned alive, so persuasive it was. Fortunately, as the victorious smile on Caroline Rubesova’s face revealed, the flames were made digitally, and the hot air was simply brought by some tube to our position.

“Test procedure completed. Thank you for using the services of Wu Corporation.”

And then, the rocket started descending again, until it disappeared back in the gates of hell, and you were so relieved.

It was really strange feeling, and I couldn’t cope with it completely yet, my dear readers. As a man, you are simply inclining to admire the power of weapons: but as a responsible caretaker, you can’t resist doubts and imagination, what would happen, if this ultimate devastating arsenal would hit Prague, either by mistake, sabotage or conspiracy?

I am really not sure, whether it was right decision, to build this undisputed invention of Devil. But maybe I am too emotional, as I saw the fat bitch myself, and very closely. It smelled so strangely… like red roses. Believe me, she is like a cold queen: ruthless, she has no emotions, no regrets.

They didn’t show us, how the missile is operated, and who can give the launch order, as this procedure is allegedly classified: but just to imagine, that some fool enters the coordinates somewhere, and this distinguished big lady is willing to fly and kill just anywhere, to obey any command, is the most terrible imagination.

When the Americans built their nuclear weaponry in 1945, to win the war with Japan, they were in the other situation, as they always had massive desires, to rule the world. But our country was always small, with no aspirations for power. And now? We have this devastating arsenal as well, we are somebody, we are feared, and also respected.

No one will dare to touch us, and it’s pleasant feeling: still, to know, that this missile is just fifty kilometers of Prague, in full combat readiness, with 10 megatons (of TNT) warhead installed, won’t make many people completely calm, I am certain.

The North Korean ambassador is indeed a man of strong nerves, as he made the following statement immediately after the demonstration:

“The people of North Korea, and our Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, loved by Korean people and afraid by Western capitalist oppressors and imperialists, send his sincere greetings to the Czech Republic, who now has the ultimate defensive capability, to deserve her freedom and independence in the world, for all the times to come.

We believe, that every nation has sacred right to possess such arsenal, as the enemies are always massing at the borders of all weak nations, and we hope, that both our great nations will start a new, great epoch of mutual relationships and economic, social and cultural cooperation, enriching both sides.

Indeed, this is the new day, when many things are changing. There are many routes to the world peace, and building a weapon like this, is one of them, although criticized by the U.S. controlled United Nations, those corrupted puppets.

But the stance of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is clear: we are glad, that another nation of the world has now the ultimate protection against all the treacherous attempts of the Western oppressors, who want to rule the world, who are willing to kill innocent people in millions, in order to achieve their questionable dreams about world superiority.

Don’t forget, our Czech friends: freedom is the most precious value in the world, and you have to be ready to pay the highest price for it. We survived in almost complete isolation for more than sixty years now, when the imperialists tried to starve us, never willing to forget, that we defeated them, never able to accept, that we are not willing to become their puppets, and we are ready to defeat them again, turning Washington into rubble.

So, our dear Czech friends: use your new arsenal well, and remember, that DPRK is your distant ally and good friend.”

But such rhetorics of a North Korean politician could be expected. Much more interesting was the opportunity, to hear the statement of Caroline Rubesova, the Executive Director of Wu Corporation, and also elected Woman of the Year.

Zuzana Kajnarova - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsI am the most certain, dear readers, that all of you know this fascinating person well, as she is perceived as the most influential woman of the whole country, but she is also suspected from many questionable moves and participation in many sensitive affairs and conspiracies: including connection with mysterious Illuminati, and highest ranks of Chinese Communist Party, owning the Imprivata health care corporation secretly, stealing the plans of U.S. advanced laser weaponry and delivering them to Chinese, playing the central part in the worldwide military-industrial complex, as Wu Corporation is one of the key defence suppliers of the Czech Military, delivering special weapons for the Special Forces, PSY and Chemical, and now, also the nuclear weaponry… the list is really long, not speaking about their EXFOR commandos, who are operating as a private Army, and no one dares to stop them.

“I want to assure the Czech citizens, that we, Wu Corporation, our management and employees, have no access into the Command and Control Room, operating the rocket, located at Floor 4 of The Facility. This area is off limits for us, and only designated military personnel with highest security clearance can enter there,” the woman starts to explain decisively. “We own no launch codes to the weapon, and it’s not in our capacity to influence its operation anyhow. I also want to remind you, that it’s not weapons, who kill people: it’s the other people. We were asked by the Czech state to build this project, but we are not responsible for its future use: it’s you and your elected politicians, who will decide, whether and how it will be used.

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsThe Facility is now under the control of the Czech Military, including the supply of rocket fuel and general maintenance, and the responsible personnel of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons will be present at the site 24/7, to supervise all the operation of the Weapon of Mass Destruction.

All further statements can be obtained from the Army spokespersons. For us, Wu Corporation, the work is finished, and we are moving to another projects.

But let me tell you just one thing. We accepted the offer, to work on the project, not because of money, prestige, obsession or fame: we simply agreed with the Czech Army, that certain sad chapters from our past, which cost many lives of our people, which brought us so much humiliation and shame, shouldn’t be repeated. And let’s our children to judge us: today, we did, what we felt as right.”

Leaving the site, watching the dark woods, passing around my car, I can’t stop thinking, that this whole show with the rocket, is only a relatively small part of the complete picture. She said the truth: the whole Dark Sun project is only a side contract for Wu Corporation, as they prepare something much more substantial, but there is too much wild speculations, and too few of real facts: people are speaking about a TDE, a Time Displacement Equipment, or translated for normal people: the time machine.

Still, one thing is really bothering me: what did Caroline Rubesova mean at the end of her statement? Why should she care about the past? She is known, as a woman, who goes with the flow, who lives in the present… but there must be something in the past, really painful or interesting for her.

I presented this opinion to you long time ago already, my dear readers, when it was found, that Wu Corporation spent too much time and effort, investigating the archives and even gathering witnesses, concerning certain event of 8th May 1945, just hours before the end of the war, when a war crime, one of the hundreds, commited by SS murderers, who wanted to suppress the uprising, happened in Prague.

We tried hard to find out, what is so important there, in the past? And is it connected to Wu Corporation, or Rubesova herself? But she is only around forty years of age… or is it about her relatives?

Or is it a fake clue, deliberately offered by that corporate rats, to keep us, the sniffing press, the guarding beast of democracy, distracted?

The connection between the allegedly constructed TDE, and the past events of 1945, is simply too much tempting, and obvious. What if those corporate fools are building the machine just for this one mission?

And listen… don’t they want to send that nuclear missile there, somehow, into the past? Man, that would be a conspiracy… let’s say, helping Adolf Hitler to turn the war, by sending him a very efficient gift, even with the same design, as that V-2 ballistic missile of Nazi Germany, so the Allies won’t suspect some UFO or time-travelling conspiracy! And you paid all the treason from your taxes, fools!

A nuclear missile with German design and a time machine in the same bunker… you see the connection, fools?

And it’s not over yet. There is still that mystery with Daniela Kyrova, a missing fashion model from 1996, repeating in the secret files of Wu Corporation too often. And guess, who ordered the deep investigation after twenty years, since the woman disappeared, conducted by their Internal Affairs department, together with EXFOR? Whose signature is on all the papers? You don’t to guess twice, fools: a slim female hand made it…

If you thought, that they will build a nuclear missile just behind your Prague mansion, and the deadly toy will sleep there peacefully, in the ground, so you will forget it through years, believing, that it brought you peace… well, I am the most certain, that you will be very surprised, and soon!

So, stay tuned, and buy all the upcoming Special Issues, fools! The team is working hard, to make you entertained, so you can forget all the miseries of your unsuccessful lives! Sorry… I simply had to say that, like always, huh huh!

No, seriously: in one of the next issues, a very explosive material will be published: a very deep analysis of the key persons of Wu Corporation, and many their old sins, including those with clear description in the Penal Code, will be revealed!

Would “prison orange” suit Mrs. Rubesova well? We will see soon!

Yours sincerely,
Pavel Novotny, CEO

Read disturbing letter, sent to Kim Jong-Un from Czech military conspirators, thanking him for delivered critical components of the weapon:

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