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One of the most prominent VIP sponsors, symphatizers and supporters of liberating Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) from unlawful infidel oppression and establishing independent Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) there, in so called Alhambra Conspiracy, so all Muslims of the world can be proud again, is Faris Al Kooheji, a member of an elite Bahraini family Al Kooheji, highly reputated in the Middle East business environment, and second most important in Bahrain, after ruling Al Khalifa clan, which holds the Bahraini throne since 1783 already.

This young man, he wasn’t always a good devoted Muslim, submitted to Allah, walking on the path of sacred Jihad, on the contrary: he was even despised by many Muslims, because of his hedonist, lavishing lifestyle of excessive luxury, driving a shiny Lamborghini Aventador, spending most of the time doing sport, whereas many evil voices claimed, including gossip section of reputated Bahrain Confidential magazine, that he is a secret lover of Princess Ameerah of Saudi Arabia

Faris Al Kooheji, although he had perfect Swiss education, he did almost nothing for the Ummah, the Islamic community, or for greater Islamic causes, he lived a selfish consuming life, where ALLAH, the Most Glorified, the Most High, had hardly any place.

Like many fools of nowadays, Faris left the Straight Path of Islam, committing many major and heavy sins, including shirk, idolatry and many others, admiring and mimicking filthy Western infidels in Canada, where he lived, their decadent lifestyle, because if you live too close to them, in the infidel Western countries, mingling with them, taking them as friends, accepting gifts from them, although it’s not permissible, you become corrupted easily.

Faris spent most of the time travelling through various world VIP resorts, from Switzerland to Dubai, living in five-star hotels, enjoying utmost luxury, meeting other VIPs, partying, enjoying good time… whereas Muslims and Gaza and Palestine were oppressed and killed by Israelis, who claimed sacred Jerusalem for themselves illegally… and one of these chic, glamorous VIP sites was Marbella, located in Southern Spain, the Andalusian territory.

Al Kooheji had absolutely no idea originally, how much important is this area for Islamic history, present, and future: but it was the will of Allah, that he came right there, only to be informed by local impoverished Muslims, when they were chatting by Faris’ Lambo, that this was once a Muslim land, a part of Dar al-Islam (=where Islam rules)…

Later conquered by infidels, as ancient Muslims of Al-Andalus became soft, feeble, and instead of fighting the Christian enemy righteously, instead of defending the land of Allah in firm unity, they let infidels to bribe them, to divide them, and they rather fought each other, in endless internal strifes, civil wars and treasons, son against father, not speaking about excessive power of their women, which caused their final fall.

Those modern Andalusi Muslims, Moroccan descendants of humiliated Moriscos, who were forced to convert to Christianity, or to be killed, after the last Emirate of Granada fell in 1492, they had no money, like Faris… they had only Allah and their firm beliefs, what has to be done: that Al-Andalus must be finally liberated from infidel oppression, after 525 years of darkness, to please Allah!

“Their devotion to the cause really impressed me,” Faris Al Kooheji said in an interview for ARC News TV station later, when he talked to Omar Bin Ghazali, a Qatari journalistic ace. “I had everything, and they had apparently nothing, no cars, no jobs, not even mere flats, but they were still thousand times better Muslims, than me.

So I asked them, those activists from IFLA, ‘Islamic Front Of Liberating Al-Andalus’, while I was completely ashamed by their determination and modesty: ‘Brothers, how can I support your sacred struggle for liberation of these sacred Islamic lands, which belong to Allah? How can I be useful to this noble cause of the whole Ummah, of Muslims from East and West?’

And they said: ‘We need good lawyers for our Legal Jihad, to reconquer Granada for Islam once and forever, to rectify mistakes of our ancestors, for which they were punished by Allah, but now, Allah is giving us another great chance to earn a lot of credit.

There is an elite Lawfare (Legal Warfare) human asset, located in China, working for the Chinese Army, as a Special Military Advisor. Her name is Iveta Klimesova. And we need her unique professional abilities.

We asked many VIP Muslims for legal support of our cause, including Princess Ameerah al-Taweel from Saudi Arabia, but she denied us, saying, that, she only wants to support female legal causes, and she doesn’t care about Al-Andalus, that we should stop weeping for it, and live in reality, in the present…

But how can we, if the magnificient Alhambra palace is so close to us, calling us, to liberate it and Granada from infidels, and to end the long occupation of their sick crosses of their deviant religion, erected there, to mark alleged infidel superiority? Poor beautiful Alhambra, waiting so long, when Adhan (=Islamic call to prayer) will be again heard from its towers? How must she be pleased, when The Grand Mosque of Granada was built nearby, in 2003!

How can we be silent, passive and indifferent, like all those Muslims before us? Like all those corrupted Islamic rulers, who denied help to Granada, who allowed it to fall into infidel hands?

Fortunately, our cause has powerful allies, like Maryam Al Maktoum (=Marketa Korinkova) from the Emirates, the junior wife of Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who suggested a suitable way, how to achieve this goal, with the permission of Allah: using the most intricate and efficient Legal Jihad.

It’s His will, so we need lawyers. We don’t need offices, assistants, Internet, cell phones, computers or terrorists: we need just creativity, ideas, pencils, paper and careful research of old books and documents.

As Iveta Klimesova, the legal ace, instructed us precisely, our goal is clear: to prove, that Islamic Republic Granada was established before the shameful signature of shameful Treaty of Granada, which made Granada Emirate a part of Christian kingdom of Castille, under that bitch Queen Isabella I, as the executive power of Granada territory changed its form before the Treaty was signed and the Emir passed the power to Granada people, and therefore, the contract with Christians was invalid… and it means, that Granada never surrendered to infidels, and de facto exists to this day, and it can, should and must be restored in full force!’

Honestly, I was really angry, hearing, that Princess Ameerah, my VIP friend, is so cold to the higher Islamic causes… but what can you do, women simply see Islam differently, than men… anyway, I decided not only to give over 70 percent of my ‘Zakat’ (=obligatory Islamic charity money) for the fiscal year 2016 for the liberating Al-Andalus cause, but I also announced, that I will sell my ‘Lambo’, and I will donate the received proceeds to support impoverished Moroccan Muslims in Spain, particularly education of their children, so they can become lawyers, able to defend Islamic interests effectively…

Plus, I secured wide support for Maria Kukucova, a sister in Islam, who is imprisoned in Granada, as an Islamic victim of a wrong court decision, who also awaits liberation, like Alhambra palace.

With the agreement of my father, and permission of Allah, I offered to pay the University education for 100 of talented Muslim boys and girls… and this is only a small contribution for the cause, as this is not just about Alhambra and adjacent gardens… Allah gives us a big lesson here, what needs to be done, so the painful mistakes of the past won’t be repeated.

O Allah, thank you for all the gifts and teaching. There is no one, like you!”

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