Fashion Models Conspiracy (1): Illuminati Vampires With Angelic Faces Uncovered

Without any doubt, modern tabloid media of the corrupted Western society are projecting immense social, economic and even political power, serving for the malicious interests of various covert corporate masterminds, Intelligence services and even governments just perfectly.

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsNo wonder, that also Wu Corporation, an influential Chinese multinational company with high but extremely controversial reputation, originating from Shanghai, suspected to have Illuminati, Military and Chinese Communist Party links, and organized as an advanced corporate sect, or a New Age cult, established their own front communications channel, how to influence the public at various opportunities, for endless array of useful purposes, including regular and full-scale Influence Operations, promoting their human assets to get them into the social heights, to send warnings or even destroy enemies easily, just by using modern mass media, and mastered Public Relations procedures, plus absolute ruthlessness.

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs HExcept NUSHI Magazine, directed at fashion, Wu’s covertly owned and fully controlled primary media tool is called Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, deployed under experienced supervision of Pavel Novotny, the most reputated tabloid journalist in the history of country, who brought completely new quality of gossip, disturbing Czech general society, business and politics on many occasions.

Pavel Novotny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe factual power of this single man is extreme and fully unaccountable, out of any control: using his master craft, advanced Public Relations, Propaganda and advertisement measures, every new “Special Issue” of this magazine is awaited with heavy impatience, supported by teasers, tempting statements, even deliberate provocations of experienced and merciless Novotny, and as soon as news stands are opened on Monday morning, literally long lines of people are eager to get their hands on the fresh issue, better than previous ones, bringing some new shocking revelations from both Czech and world society, business, even security community.

Eva Perkausova Czech celebrity Islam Islamic Muslim Allah Arabic Saudi Arabia convert messenger fashion model luxury M - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsThe motto of Heavy Slander is simple: “Their Filth Must Be Revealed”, and they spare absolutely no one, be it a top VIP or last unnamed loser, unless they don’t bribe Novotny generously to be favorable to them, or get useful connections with Wu Corp, so Heavy Slander will start to write about them most favorably, able to creating a media star from anybody instantly (for example, Eva Perkausova, who made a deal with Wu’s Showbiz Center, backed by generous financial and social resources of her wealthy lover, an Austrian business tycoon, a Wu’s client of worth).

wu-corporation-main-offices-dubai-your-dreams-begin-here-china-chinese-business-conspiracy-illuminati-fashion-model-woman-female-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsNo wonder, that this ingenious mechanism brings immense opportunities for Wu Corp, how to get control of most highly positioned social, business and political assets, as the corporate rats are literally begged by VIPs to make advantageous deals with them, but for a price: and doing business with Wu, you don’t pay only with money, you pay with your soul, with exclusive information, connections and access you have, which you are obliged to share with Wu, so their power yet rises, using your assets: only the basic questionnaire, obligatory for any client or employee, visiting Wu’s key Dubai Offices, speaks for itself.

Last week, when Novotny started announcing loudly, that the upcoming issue, called “Fashion Models: Slaves of Darkness”, should be definitely read “by all those dumb fools, who worship fashion models, also by young girls, who dream about becoming a model, and particularly by their responsible parents, and most importantly, by Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of National Defence Commission”, everybody understood, that this new magazine will have the explosive power of a depleted uranium artillery shell, or even a nuclear warhead, and many highly positioned official heads will fall, following the most juicy and disturbing revelations of the upcoming affair, like usually.

So, it’s simply a must to obtain for any responsible citizen, who considers as his or her duty, to be informed about all the filth of the decadent, corrupted Western infidel society, or to be simply entertained, by reading about deep misfortunes of others, hidden conveniently in the living room, where no lightning of public anger and denial can turn his or her life to complete mess, when you can’t even leave your flat, without being mocked and insulted by agitated crowds, who will recognize you.

special-parliamentary-commission-for-defence-foreign-interests-and-control-of-special-weapons-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt must be reminded, that The Commission, or abbreviation of Special Parliamentary Commission for Defence, Foreign Interests and Control of Special Weapons, is the top security controlling entity of the whole country, positioned yet higher than Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior, supervising all high-profile Intelligence and military operations, both home and abroad, including those executed against official allies, including United States and other NATO members, particularly Poland (Operation FALL OF GODS, Operation SILESIAN DAGGER), and Israel (Operation WALLS OF HAIFA), and also supervision and operation of the Czech nuclear armament. The Commission is also one of the designated necessary parties, who would needed to issue a green light for a potential launch order of an ICBM with nuclear warhead, with expected targets North Korea or Iran, considered as archenemies of the West.

So, when Novotny made this particular move and alerted namely and expressively Miroslav Kalousek, the Commission’s chairman, it was absolutely clear, that the upcoming revelations will be somehow related to Czech security, Military and Intelligence community, including Czech Militarized Police (PCR), and many blessed heads should slowly start to pack their belongings from the office tables, as there will be an eartquake soon.

In the Czech politicial realm, Heavy Slander worked as a primer, whereas political opposition and enemies of particular ministers, government officials, military or Intelligence officers, or business executives in state-owned companies, they did the rest, adding massive explosive power to the affair, to remove their enemies or competitors from seats. However, Heavy Slander was the primary supplier of the suitable political ammunition for all ambitious wolves, so again, its influence rose to extremity, and Wu collected many easily gained points, how to influence society yet more, not speaking about totally real option of Wu, to remove not only single ministers or state officials, but whole governments, even presidents, as they, or their Chinese Communist masterminds liked.

silesia-affair-czech-poland-polish-territory-conflict-muslim-islam-islamic-allah-invasion-military-region-silesian-ostrava-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd not only them: also rumored Inner Circle (ICE), an alleged covert group of Czech military conspirators from highest places, obsessed to make the Czech Army one of the leading forces in NATO, wanted to promote their distinctive interests, including obtaining massive nuclear arsenal for the Czech Military and executing delayed revenge against Polish military incursions into Bohemia in the 20th century, by moving pawns on the chessboard here and there.

But shady connections and goals of military-industrial complex were more than certain, as corporate rats supplied ICE with assets and cover, making much of the dirty work instead of them, designated as private contractors, outsourced to replace state defence structurs, as such was current “fashion trend” in the Western armed forces.

However,  the whole “Slaves of Darkness” affair erupted yet before the first hungry readers could start to read about their alleged paradise on Earth, called infidel society.

czechoslovak-models-agency-vaclav-dejcmar-elite-fashion-model-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIt was Czechoslovak Models (CM), the key Czech fashion modeling agency, who attempted to halt the publishing of the new issue, using a special court action for immediate use, so called “preliminary proceeding” – naturally, this futile step only made extremely wide advertisement for Heavy Slander, and for free, so Novotny was most satisfied, and evil voices even claimed, that Novotny misused CM’s high prestige in the Czech fashion modeling realm, so CM became his effective cat’s pawn, or rather first scapegoat, or that Novotny had some dispute, or even a bloody feud, over a very exclusive fashion model Marketa Vlachova from the agency with CM’s (official) owner, mysterious and secretive businessman Vaclav Dejcmar… and it was only the beginning!

tomas-sokol-lawyer-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsWhen the legal deputy of Czechoslovak Models, former Interior Minister Tomas Sokol, the most reputated penal lawyer of the country, stood in front of journalists and read the official CM statement to the affair, everybody understood, that if CM hired this heavy weight legal asset, the CM’s deepest economic interests have to be directly jeopardized by upcoming Heavy Slander issue, and CM is forced to use all measures to avoid total disaster for their prestige and thus economic interests, as trust is hard to obtain, but very easy to lose.

And what will you do, if all elite fashion models sheep will run from your stockyard, distracted by media filth and slanders? You can threaten them, that they signed valid and strict contracts, but you would only make the situation worse, and potential legal actions would finish you, as you would seem as cruel business animal, who doesn’t care about people, who is only interested in profits, so public opinion would stand against you, and your fate would be sealed: no one would give you contracts, because the other party would risk, that if someone – Heavy Slander – will reveal and publish your economic connection with CM, current persona non grata, you will be damaged too, by so called “law of falling shit”. No, the only options is to put your hands off such hot subject, and to find another agency.

human-augmentation-imprivata-health-care-corporation-multinationaal-china-illuminati-conspiracy-american-technology-brainwashing-mind-control-it-military-or-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairIt was well known in the fashion modeling agencies community, that the most dangerous assets for their successful business operations were overprotective mothers, who used all weapons they had, including their mere nails, if someone from the branch allegedly damaged a single hair of their beloved daughters, for which they wanted the most shining VIP future. Heavy Slander was naturally well aware of this weak spot of the business, and they liked to misuse it, with option to literally liquidate any fashion modeling agency instantly, if some motivated angry mother started to make accusations of sexual abuse, slavery, oppression and theft, regardless if these claims showed to be true in the end, and the same mothers sometimes exposed their beloved children to Human Augmentation, to help them to reach the VIP stars.

But no one took such affairs to the court, ever, that would be very unwise move, and usually, it was better to make “out-of-court” settlement, send the daughter to China or Japan, somewhere very far, announce her as alleged Czech beauty star for Asian clients, and to be glad, that it all finished relatively well for the agency, and the affair disappeared from public gossip.

Anyway, no one could be completely sure, whether the Municipal Court of Prague will allow the issue to be published, so the overall tension in the Czech public was quite high, as voices surfaced soon, speaking about unacceptable censorship, and breach of Constitution rights.

Heavy Slander, masters of ingenious promotion and guerilla marketing, used the tension to yet raise the interest and expectations, by inflating the affair yet more, sending a crowd of “concerned citizens” (=Wu’s collaborators and ambitious amateur actors, willing to do just anything for a few coins of gold) in front of main Czechoslovak Models office, located at Narodni street: the key place during so called Velvet Revolution 1989, in fact a memorial site of immense value.

In November 1989, the demonstrators were beaten mercilessly by Communist police forces here, a fake news to raise general public anger towards Communists was distributed (allegedly by Communist own Counterintelligence service StB), that a young student was killed during ruthless police assault, and Communist regime was allegedly overthrown by the Czech people, hungry for democracy, human rights, freedom and alleged Capitalist paradise.

lenka-filipova-lenny-czech-singer-female-woman-romance-song-cia-kgb-stb-bis-mossad-jewish-israel-intelligence-clandestine-operative-elite-feminine-family-czech-prague-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-affairsOr rather it was a complete fraud, as participation of StB in the affair was immensely wide, using both infiltration and covert operatives between dissidents, prepared in advance: the whole dissident movement was literally soaked with countless StB assets, like Lenka Filipova, and there are disturbing rumors, that ratio between “legitimate” dissidents and StB assets was one to one, including abroad.

This is widely deployed strategy, to send your assets into foreign countries and pretending deliberately, that they are enemies of the regime, oppressed and persecuted, to gather sympathy, foreign funding for “liberation”, perks, positions and control of enemy efforts to overthrow your governments from abroad, as the enemy naturally uses emigrants to organize any revolution from outside, has long history in modern Intelligence operations.

The demonstration, called “Defending Freedom of Czech Independent Press, Guardian of Democracy, against oppression from corporations”, organized covertly by Wu’s Influence Operations department, used indeed very questionable designation, as Heavy Slander was nothing else than a bullhorn of Chinese Communist Party in the Mid-European realm.

But this fact couldn’t prevent many emotional public statements and lengthy speeches about importance of preserving freedom, delivered to gathered agitated plebs, who used the opportunity to release their accumulated stress and anger, and even threats of boycott and violence against Czechoslovak models, as alleged aggressors against free press, probably made by Wu’s “agents provocateurs” deliberately, to create yet more controversy and provoke intervention of state security forces, particularly Czech Militarized Police, who gathered their assault teams for intervention, to preserve public order, but the order to launch the force against the crowd never came.

It would be completely foolish to beat and asperse the demonstrators with water cannons and tear gas particularly at Narodni street, as memories of other very controversial event from April 2001 remained: during a march of anarchists, the Czech Militarized Police enclosed the whole space of several streets (around nearby Vodickova street), beating all people without discrimination, who were present in the “cauldron”, including civilians, elders and pregnant women.

muslims-against-czech-police-dogs-jihad-canine-security-military-raid-mosque-unlawful-protest-muslim-teplice-conspiracy-military-special-forces-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsIf an assault order would be launched, the head of the Minister of Interior Milan Chovanec would fall literally instantly, and he would be forced to make resignation yet the same evening, as his own party members and political enemies would take care of it reliably. Thus, he would be the first victim of newest Heavy Slander affair… still without a single eye, actually reading the content of “Slaves of Darkness” special issue!

ogilvy-public-relations-corporate-conspiracy-united-states-cia-influence-operations-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTo make a proper counter-move and to contain the highly explosive situation with limitless possible consequences for their future business operations, or rather to obtain an effective self-defence measure, Czechoslovak Models hired a team of highly experienced Public Relations assets from Ogilvy PR, a reputated U.S. Public Relations agency with worldwide reach, specialized in co called crisis communication, and promised them any reward they want, be it sexy CM women or gold, if they will be able to quell the crisis, or rather uprising and conspiracy.

The Ogilvy team arrived at Vaclav Veskrna International Airport Prague in full force, using a private charter plane, leased by CIA and originally used for so called extrajudical renditions of suspected terrorists to black sites in Europe, like an unstoppable corporate commando. But it was too late: revolution spilled into streets already.

For many years to come, Novotny considers this publicity stunt as one of the most substantial professional achievements he ever reached.

“I mean, to destroy some celebrity, to persuade the poor female singer Iveta Bartosova to commit suicide, it’s fine, but it doesn’t excite me anymore,” he allegedly said, refreshed with a white powder of unknown origin at controversial and later renamed Mecca Club of Prague. “But to see the shouting crowds in the fucking streets, knowing, that it was me, who sent them there? Man, that was something! That was some feeling of male power and might! Indeed, I never felt so much like a man, when I was observing all that fools with national flags and emotions in faces, shouting for my own rights… I felt like some fucking Napoleon, and I think, that this was the absolute top of my journalistic career, if you can still call it journalism, as it was rather pure politics in that moment.

When I saw all that people, all that intimidating and merciless police commandos with truncheons, shields, water cannons, with faces covered with balaclavas, ready to beat the shit out of the innocent Czech citizens, then, the better part of me, if I even possess such thing, wanted to shout: ‘Stop! I made it all up! Some fashion model bitches and dumb Illuminati conspiracy is not worthy of getting a beating, or even to be killed by some overzealous policeman!’ But thinking about it now… isn’t it a proper reason, to go into the streets, to say ‘NO!’ to corrupted New World Order rulers?

Anyway, to see from first person view, how easy is to launch a revolution… you all idiots just read the history books about them, learn about it at school passively, but I was the one who started one of them, who held my filthy finger on the flow of history once! And no one will ever steal this ultimate feeling from me.”

So, Novotny seemed satisfied… but what about the readers? Was the content of the Special Issue really so interesting, worthy even of innocent blood, which could be easily spilled in the streets?

It was the complicated matter for Municipal Court of Prague to decide. Needless to speak about heavy pressure from all sides, pushing the judge, so it was hard to preserve independent decision process.

raid-military-police-czech-document-classified-assault-counter-terrorist-controversy-politics-m4-carbine-afghanistan-ambush-media-freedom-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsMeanwhile, combined assault elements of the Czech Militarized Police and Military Police (SOG), heavily armed with M4 carbines and counter-terrorist breaching equipment, like if executing an operation if Afghanistan, raided the Heavy Slander head office in full force, seizing all the data, files and detaining all personnel, searching for a particular document, originating allegedly from Special Forces of the Czech Army, marked “Operation ANGELIC VAMPIRE: Testing Illuminati Mind Control Measures” and classified as “Top Secret: Matter of Special Importance”, which should be allegedly in Novotny’s possession, without any regards to freedom of the press or duty to obtain a court warrant, allegedly to “protect state secrets of extreme strategic and tactical importance against potential unauthorized misuse and leaking into the hands of foreign Intelligence services, and Islamic State operatives, to be misused by the terrorists to jeopardize highest defence interests of the state, European Union, NATO and the whole free world,” as Minister of Defence tried to explain to angered Czech journalists.

But who laughed the most, it was the chief reporter Pavel Novotny again, and there are rumors, that he wanted to yet continue the affair, take it even to the level of complete absurdity, by bribing the judge to hold the issue deliberately, to yet stoke the overall tension to sky heights, with perspective of collapsing of the complete Czech government, if some useful spice from his extensive information database would be added into the mincer of the affair, and Novotny was always well supplied with such suitable Intelligence, or rather “dirty laundry” on any politican, official or celebrity, supplied by Wu’s Showbiz Center, which executed Intelligence gathering for Media Operations purposes.

But distant Wu masterminds disapproved such extreme, but ingenious move of Public Relations mastery: sometimes, if you launch a dark wave, a Tsunami can return to you, to damage or even to destroy you, because you were too hungry. The original mission was accomplished, and Chinese are masters of strategy, believing in balance, harmony and “golden midpoint”: a wise victor always knows, when to stop, when enough is enough.

Although the classic military strategy of Sun Tzu teaches, that an enemy needs to be crushed completely, otherwise he will arise again one day to revenge the old defeat mercilessly, the Chinese rely on soft power, rather than aggressive approach. Thus, no one will ever feel an urge to revenge against them, they will always maintain friendly relations, even with their enemies, however ridiculously it sounds.

And that is the reason, why they are winning in the complex game for global dominance, because the world doesn’t see them as enemies, they are peaceful and mild and smiling, whereas United States, willing to use force and violence to promote their geopolitical interests, are losing everything, under heavy pressure of omnipresent Islamic State terrorists and covert enemies, using fronts, because this is 4th Generation Warfare without clearly defined borders and front lines, where no one is able to distinguish an enemy from an ally.

Anyway, in the end, when the people actually got their hands on the freshly smelling, so much discussed magazine, which just came from printing works, they were the most surprised. They expected just anything, but what they found there… it was a strong coffee indeed, pure madness, hard to be understood by common human mind.

And ironically, under influence of this shock, the same people, who called for freedom of press yesterday, soon called for banning the Heavy Slander… to the utmost joy of Novotny, gaining another free advertisement for the magazine, as any public calls for banning are the most effective advertisements ever, and many rats know that very well, whistleblowing themselves… but P.T. Barnum knew about this strategy long time ago already, it’s nothing new, it only shows, how wicked but exciting is the world of Public Relations, persuasion, propaganda and Influence Operations. So, it can’t be excluded, that it was again Novotny, who organized those alleged “enemies of Heavy Slander”.

Until this day, the released information of “Slaves of Darkness” is discussed in beer pubs and intellectual cafés of Prague alike. Some say, that it’s a pure lie, slander, forgery, fraud, lie, fabrication… whereas others promise, that they even participated in the mentioned conspiracy themselves, probably to attract attention of lurking Wu recruiters, to get a good job, with secret intention to be “silenced with money and perks”, so Chinese march for global rule can continue successfully.

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