Fethullah Gülen (FETÖ): A filthy terrorist stain on the pure face of Turkey is called Hizmet

An European outsider can hardly understand, how harmful and malicious are the Gülenists, Turkish traitors and terrorists from FETÖ (Hizmet), followers of Fethullah Gülen, not only for the Republic of Turkey, but indirectly even for the future of Europe, jeopardizing the sustainable development of the continent and worsening stability and safety of all Turkish and European citizens.

These vicious traitors and ruthless terrorists, organized in as a high-profile, perfectly organized and malicious Islamic sect called “Hizmet”, with influence in many world countries, infiltrated the highest ranks of the Turkish state, including the Military, and they tried to disrupt the democracy in Turkey by organizing a military coup against the current president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in July 2016. Fortunately, the Turkish people defended the democracy in the streets, paying the price for democracy with their blood, when the rebel soldiers opened fire on them.

Still, after more than a month after the coup, there are still active terror cells of the Gülenists remaining and active in the world, damaging the pure face of Turkey even outside the country, influencing the Turkish foreign politics, to harm the state and gather the politicial, social and economic power for these traitors.

One of such terror cells can be found in the Czech Republic, established around Turkish Embassy in Prague, led by the weak ambassador Ahmet Necati Bigalı, as any embassy is the perfect place for executing the malicious, treacherous activities of omnipresent Gülenists, to assert their own interests, in connection with deliberately created local front organizations (shell corporations), which organize “innocent” and “inconspicuous” lectures, gatherings, discussions, tourist trips to Turkey and similar public activities, to lure the local fools into their ranks and to mask the real intentions and efforts of Hizmet: to get high-profile recruits and followers, and to extend the influence of their organization, and the Gülenist world influence, further, while they want the state of Turkey to bleed.

The basic local asset for this evil purpose in Prague is a NGO, called “Mozaiky Platform Dialog”, which makes no effort to hide the deep connection with Fethullah Gülen, on the contrary: they present this man, currently residing in exile in the state of Pennsylvania, USA, as allegedly the only hope to “change Islam”, “modernize Islam”, to make Islam “moderate” and create “a dialog between religions”.

But there is only one Islam, and only a foolish mortal can think, that he or she can improve the world’s only complete and perfected religion. However, Mozaiky, and Hizmet, they misuse the current situation with the rise of Islamic State terrorism in the world, and they offer a “solution” to the scared European sheep, who don’t realize, that the effort of FETÖ is only acquring more and more power for their sect, speaking about “love and understanding”, as any sect, but in practice, they are rumored to even support the Islamic State, and then deliberately accusing Turkey of support of the terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, to damage the Republic of Turkey further, hurting the state with thousands of tiny wounds, because then, they can prevail, covertly and treacherously.

To succeed, Hizmet needs the local assets, and acquiring them is a basic task for any religious organization, or sect. So, there is a precise recruitment process established and executed: all visitors of Mozaiky Platform Dialog’s public events are assessed, their social position is analyzed, and even the psychological assessment created, to identify weak, atomized individuals, for setting an optimal way of persuading, bribing or forcing the targets for cooperation.

In these days, the fragile women, who are scared of the present wave of Islamic State terrorism the most, are perfect targets for the malicious Gülenists, who promise them peace and paradise, if the current Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be removed from rule.

The Gülenists manipulate the people, and women particularly, to change their stance from simple fear of terrorism, to some kind of “decisive” and “meaningful” action: supporting Gülenists, so they can allegedly bring peace and allegedly eliminate terrorism, by eliminating Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, while the Gülenists present themselves as the “right, moderate Muslims”, who are guardians of peace, and who are able to suppress, even to eradicate the Islamic terrorism (whom they deliberately support or even create, to manufacture their cat’s pawn).

Special Unit C102 PSYOPS - Sectarian Warfare Dept SECWAR religious sects sect Illuminati Gülenists OSHO Jehova Witnesses Islamic State Czech Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsUsing this ingenious procedure, the FETÖ could get enough (foolish) recruits and supporters everywhere in the world, and the numbers of the opponents of the Turkish Republic were growing quickly, spreading into all spheres of the society, both in Turkey, and abroad (see more details of their operations, acquired by Czech Military Counterintelligence and Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, SECWAR (Sectarian Warfare) department, in the article End of False Prophets)

Anyway, the Gülenists can’t be underestimated. They are able to playing high and precise games indeed: the failed coup from July 2016 is not their end, even though current massive purges in the Turkish official structures, to clean them from Gülenist traitors.

Most likely, they will switch their tactics to more intensive use of their foreign assets, who were saved from the purges inside Turkey, to get Turkey into the international isolation, damaging the economy and tourism further.

From this angle of view, it can’t be excluded, that it was FETÖ, who organized, at least supported or sponsored many terrorist attacks in Turkey, like series of bombings in Ankara and Istanbul, to redirect the blame on the Islamic State and PKK (Kurdish political party, which is banned and designated as a terrorist organization), to force the Turkish security apparatus for counteraction against Kurds, so the endless war between Turkish state and PKK can continue, and the busy Turkish Intelligence services, Military and police will miss the Gülenist traitors in their ranks, while foreign assassins like Marketa Vselichova can help to establish “terror zone” in Northern Syria.

In this perspective, the Gülenists will most likely attempt to create more of such terror acts even abroad, adding fake clues, leading the blame to Turkey, and then, they will offer a seducing “solution” to the world, called “moderate Islam” and “understanding between religions”… only if Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will be removed from rule.

As the Turkish people clearly declared their cordial and deep support of their President, and another military coup is out of question, as the most of FETÖ traitors were removed from their positions, the malicious effort has to be achieved from abroad, so the importance of their foreign assets, including their Czech clique, organized around the embassy, will rise yet further.

And they know, how to stimulate the denial, even hatred towards Turkish state: for example, simply by creating the impression, that Turkey is not willing to welcome the foreign tourists, any prolongation of their stay is not possible, or they refuse to provide the embassy information altogether.

But such small acts of malice are just the beginning of Gülenist ruthless treacherous terror campaign not only against Turkey, but also against the world, and all the countries, where they established their covert cells of influence, jeopardizing the national security of these countries, peace and stability.

From many reasons, the Gülenist movement, a sect of lies, apostates (=renegades from the faith), traitors and terrorists, has to be removed from the public scene, and not only in Turkey: it’s in the interest of all countries, to purge the Gülenists from their public space, so the flow of their malicious sectarian propaganda and infiltrating the society on all levels, to influence the foreign politics towards Turkey, can be halted.

Wherever the Hizmet established their vicious roots, there grows anti-state conspiracies, violence, death and hatred towards Turkey and Islam, and that can’t be allowed, as Turkey and Islam are the only hopes for the crumbling, collapsing postmodern Europe.

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