Fitnah of Saudi Arabia: Princess Ameerah al-Taweel. Subversive UnIslamic Element, Promoting Decadent Western Ideas of Social Engineering Conspiracy To Disrupt Traditional Saudi Society And Weaken Islam

“One corrupted Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel ِis worse for the world Islam, than ten infidel armies.”

what are doing out there, in Saudi Arabia, holy land of Islam?

Did you get completely fooled, becoming soft and dumb, losing your manhood, just watching the revolt and rebellion of your women, letting them to destroy everything, as they became infected with imported decadent Western ideas of so called “women empowerment”, created only to control the world by U.S. aggressors and their Zionist allies, who use also subversive ideology and ideas against the Ummah, together with weapons?

What happened with you, fools? Did the oil wealth took the reason and judgement from you? But what Allah gave you (=oil and immense wealth), He will take from you, if you are failing in serving Him properly, and He will punish you, for your feebleness… like He punished those ancient fools from Al-Andalus, who succumbed to dunya too much, forgetting their sole purpose of life: to worship Allah, their Lord!

How can you allow and tolerate such extremely subversive persons for Islamic interests, like this alleged Princess Ameerah bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel Al-Otaibi, or shortly Princess Ameerah al-Taweel?
Princess Ameerah bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel Al-Otaibi Saudi Arabia KSA women empowerment fitnah driving female danger threat Islam Muslim Hijab woman - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 14

Who provokes you with her fully revealed beauty, who doesn’t wear hijab most of the times, and still calls herself a Muslim with total insolence? Who says, the she wants to be the first woman of Saudi Arabia, driving a car, and who got divorced, setting bad example of so called “freedom” to other Saudi women?

What will happen with Saudi society then, with all these dangerous novelties, disrupting the foundations of Islam?

Shaytan has always a beautiful face, to seduce you from Straight Path!

Indeed, brothers, you set very bad examples for Islam lately, like that other big fitnah of yours, so called megatall hotel Abraj Al Bait in the holy Mecca, built in total arrogance just besides Kaaba, making the centre of Earth small and tiny, in comparison with this terrible fitnah!
And Allah doesn’t like arrogance indeed…
Abraj Al Bait Hotel Megatall Mecca Saudi Arabia Fitnah Controversy Islam Islamic Kaaba Allah Muslim - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

If you tolerate people like Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel ِAl-Otaibi, it will bring you doom, and punishment of Allah. But not only you, whole Islamic community, Ummah, will suffer, because of you!

Those fools from Al-Andalus also forgot to realize, that with their weakness and ignorance, they are writing the most shameful chapter of Islam, haunting present Muslims even after 525 years. And they also showed their arrogance, by building too beautiful Alhambra Palace, something like medieval Abraj Al Bait, so called Islamic Wonder of the world.

In distant Czechia, far away from deserts of Arabia, there was this nice proverb, which should serve as warning for you:


At first, you allowed them to vote. Tomorrow, you will allow them to be voted into key executive and judicial offices. And next day, under their rule, you will become effeminated fools, losing respect, losing protection of Allah, losing your land, losing Islam, losing all.

And who is the main subversive element of Saudi Arabia, supporting such decadent and dangerous activities of “Women Empowerment”, which is nothing else, than pure Social Engineering Conspiracy, how to disrupt traditional Arabic societies, and to destroy the power of Islam? Who has her mind erased with corrupted Western ideology, lifestyle, values and culture?

Who provides treacherous tools of Lawfare (Legal Warfare) to Saudi women, like the first Saudi law firm, specialized solely at “promoting and protecting” women rights? Do you understand this treacherous euphemism well?

Yes, it’s your Princess, whom you admire secretly, and your wives, sisters and daughters admire her openly, willing to be like her: “free”, “independent”, “deciding their fate”. Indeed, she gives them very “good” un-Islamic example!
Princess Ameerah bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel Al-Otaibi Saudi Arabia KSA women empowerment fitnah driving female danger threat Islam Muslim Hijab woman - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 3

Brothers, you allow this woman to create your destiny. Therefore, she and her sick, wicked and dangerous ideas rule your world. She has money, wealth, social connections, VIP royal position, and she uses it actively, but not for general welfare of Islam.

All that novelties and changes are only eroding the faith. She got out of any control. You should protest, get loud and be heard… your ignorance and feebleness are making her yet stronger, and Allah knows, what you do, who you are.

The Princess is the main source of all imported ideologic evil and danger for Saudi Arabia, and you do nothing. Sure, sit back further, relax, let everything to crumble!

Like that Al-Andalus fools, who even cooperated with traitors and the enemy, bribed by treacherous Christian infidels with miserable coins and sweet promises, to be defeated yet more easily and quickly! Who accepted so called Oran Fatwa, like complete fools, where Shaytan himself advised them to step away from Islam, allegedly for “survival”! Indeed, they were too attached to dunya… like you!
Princess Ameerah bint Aidan bin Nayef Al-Taweel Al-Otaibi Saudi Arabia KSA women empowerment fitnah driving female danger threat Islam Muslim Hijab woman - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy 4

Maybe you could even support Ameerah’s charity foundation, to be “modern”, like Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum from the Emirates, who supports these subversive female elements in all senses, calling them “new future of UAE” and welcoming all subversive novelties, even shaking hands with them, although any such physical contact between unrelated men and women is forbidden!

Where is that feared religious police? Is the Princess immune, and the policemen are only beating poor common folk with truncheons, although she is thousand times more serious criminal and subversive element?

Have a look, where your weakness and ignorance got you, fools… the Princess is dissolving your world right in front of your eyes, and you do nothing, you can’t do anything, like some last miserable fools, who have no power, no control, letting females to rule, giving them too much power.

But Allah will punish you, fools, and replace you with others.

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