Gabriela Giotto: The princess of Slovak fashion

In middle Europe, there is only a few of really distinctive fashion designers with prospects for an international, even global career today. Gabriela Giotto, located in Bratislava, Slovakia, is without any doubt one of them. Her authentic and sophisticated work exceeds the limits of fashion, closing to real artwork.

She is known as well-educated and highly balanced personality with positive approach, allowing others to feel great in her company. After previous impressive media career, Gabriela followed her dreams decisively and she started her own fashion brand, which gained wide media and public attention immediately.

Farebný dizajn- Gabriela Giotto - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsHer fascinating creative process begins with sketches, but these sketches are immensely advanced, revealing high qualities of her universal talent. Then, the patterns are moved to dresses, scarves, glasses and pillows, full of vibrant colors, attracting many eyes to any woman who wears them, fulfilling their needs and dreams to be somebody, to protrude from the crowd, making Gabriela’s customers more than happy. Also the fashion models, wearing her dresses on fashion shows, are the purest beauty of Slovakia. And Gabriela, young, attractive, shining woman, can proudly stand between them on any catwalk.

But the fashion designer herself stays modest, managing her fashion company wisely, carefully and sustainably, respecting her domestic Slovak market. However, her unique work got much attention abroad lately, and expansion of Gabriela Giotto’s fashion collections into another countries is inevitable, as her work was highly appreciated anywhere she visited.

Charlotta - Gabriela Giotto - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsGabriela Giotto is generally perceived by a great representative of her country in the world. Her dresses and accessories make their new owners feeling happy and joyful, because all items are enchanted with Gabriela’s balanced female essence. She is an artist who is connected to her customers and admirers, respecting their special needs and desires in life – and she is able to satisfy even the highest demands of her VIP customers, who ask for premium dresses, sold in small series only, suitable for high-profile clientele of the international social and business elite.

There are rumors that representatives of vast Chinese fashion and luxury market expressed deep interest in her work. Entering the vast Chinese fashion market is a dream of any manufacturer – and Gabriela Giotto could be one of them. Her work is universal, captivating for people everywhere around globe – she can achieve truly international career. One day, we will see her dresses in a shop-window in Shanghai, right besides the most famous fashion brands. And she will shine there, even between such high competition.


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