Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman): Israeli Elite Fashion Model, A-Class Hollywood Star VIP Actress… Seduced By Elite Czech Special Forces Operator Karel Weidenthaler, Creating Sexy Exciting Affair

Whoever sees the elite Israeli fashion model, Miss Israel 2004 and later elite A-Class Hollywood star actress GAL GADOT (*1985). must agree, that this woman is extremely beautiful creation of Allah, maybe even the most beautiful woman of the present world, and not only in the media…

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsGal Gadot is indeed a shining gift of Allah to all human kind, to please the people around the world with her shining presence and beauty, to inspire them in many senses, maybe to become even a strong temptation and test for them (fitnah in Islam)… but no woman can be worshipped as an idol, regardless how beautiful she is, as she is still only a transient pile of flesh and bloodm like all mortal humans: only Allah is the Most High, the Exalted and Eternal.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 29Anyway, this Jewish girl (=member of so called People of the Book, whose women can be married by Muslim men) has simply everything right, and she even didn’t need that nasty silicone fake breasts, fake media lies and manipulation with masses… Gal Gadot is simply herself, and it’s still enough to shock the world, men and women alike, when you have that strong feeling, that you have seen her somewhere already, it’s a deja vu, or maybe she was in your old secret dreams about ultimate female beauty?

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 13She is like from another planet, reminding an exotic queen, she is special, cute and strong together, but so balanced, and it means perfect in all senses… her immensely symmetric, even “ironed” face, her hair, her body, her voice, her everything… who knows, how many medical interventions of plastic surgeons she had (there are rumors about nose, eyes and cheeks at least), but the most important is the result… and it’s SO STRONG, so impressive.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 10Indeed, many people are reporting completely honestly, that they haven’t seen more beautiful woman than Gal Gadot, ever, in their whole lives, and they are not saying this as exaggeration… she simply creates SO DEEP impression, leaving folks literally breathless. Although there is many pretty women everywhere, not speaking about fashion models, which you admired until this day… then, Gal Gadot occurs in your range, and you know in that moment, that your life was changed forever, and your perception of female beauty alike.

After seeing just this stunning commercial, truly a work of art, then if you are a woman, you will run to buy the Gucci “Bamboo” perfume, and if you are a man, you will run to buy it to your slut, but secretly smelling it yourself.

Indeed, as the commerical suggests, Gal Gadot could be a president or something… and people would believe and follow her. She is just right, not fake, she seems real and normal and going somewhere… only extremely beautiful and balanced, inspiring, positive, and that’s the magic maybe.

She plays that Wonder Woman, and the upcoming movie with her, it will be simply ultimate hit, everybody knows that, brining ultimate experience with Gal Gadot. Only this trailer for the movie is simply INSANE: camera, music, cut, and the Queen Jewess!

And here, she is completely civilian, revealing real face, so you can imagine, how exciting would your life be, if Gal Gadot would be your girlfriend, devoted only to you, loving only you! That would be a paradise, no?

It’s very hard to stop talking about Gal Gadot’s immense beauty, and whoever says, that she is “common” or even “boring”, is lying… but there is that old, nice but disturbing proverb, “cherchez la femme”, or “Look for a woman (or a squirrel) behind every affair”… and in case of Gal Gadot, it’s valid with devastating power, as she is a real star, not some poor B-class sluts…

Karel Weidenthaler Czech Special Forces Actor Military Conspiracy Gal Gadot Actress Israeli Hollywood Star Israel Soldier Army Seduction Love Affair - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAnd the disturbing truth is, that the ultimate Gal Gadot, or rather her rumored love affair with one of the reputated Czech Special Forces assassins and warriors, named Karel Weidenthaler, as Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, informed mercilessly in their latest Special Issue, meant very deep conflict, split and overall dispute between small insignificant Czechia, and the state of Israel, which is the main military ally of Czechia, with even deep historical ties (see The Weapon Shipment 1948).

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 9But now, further military, economic, social and cultural cooperation between both friendly states in in stake… there is more reasons for this disturbing decline, which will have serious consequences, but so called Gal Gadot Affair, or Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA, as named by elite Special Forces of the Czech Army, was the last drop into the chalice of bitterness.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 6It’s well known fact, that the state of Israel slowly crumbles nowadays, losing all its power to the mighty and unstoppable Chinese, but the sturdy Israelis are still not giving up, not willing to let go their corrupted dreams about Zionist superiority over Jerusalem and occupied Palestinian territories, so they are sending next elaborate harbingers of power and influence into the world, like Gal Gadot is, indeed a perfect example of a media battering ram, to make a good advertisement for the state of Israel, when the Israelis learned the hard way, from their past mistakes, that using of aggressive military force is not good for Public Relations anymore.

Palestinian Squirrels of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque Must Be Liberated From Israeli Oppression
Alena Malarova Czech Militarized Police PCR Commando Israel Jerusalem Jew IDF Sayeret Matkal Commando Special Forces Israeli Palestine - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

In 2010, there was these two immense international scandals, caused by mistakes of Israeli security apparatus: January 2010, Assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh, alleged Palestinian terrorist, which took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, executed by 17 Mossad operatives with stolen identities of living foreign nationals, and in May 2010, Gaza Flotilla Raid, an Israeli commando assault of Turkish ships in the international waters, with nine Turkish civilians killed, or rather executed by machine gun fire from Israeli assault helicopters, and literally the whole world reacted with criticism and denial, and whole Gaza issue was again reminded to the worldwide public.

2010: Fall of Israeli War Machine
Gaza Flotilla Raid Israel Commando Ship Vessel Turkey Turkish Assault Violence Scandal Controversy Israeli - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

No wonder, that Czech CCM Wahhabis from highly Islamized Teplice are not willing to tolerate clandestine and heavily armed Jewish Militia, Codename SHALOM, operating at Old Town Prague quarter, and controlling this touristic landmark, rumored to be the last Jewish stronghold in Europe, a Jewish Granada.

Jewish Militia of Old Town Prague: Codename SHALOM

Third immense Israeli mistake, most likely caused as a result of a deep Chinese conspiracy, poisoning the Israeli Knesset (=legislative body) from inside, was the 2012 privatization of their main TELCO (telecommunications) operator, Bezeq International, which provided immense opportunity for the omnipresent Chinese, to get perfect surveillance and control of the critical IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) and Mossad communications, if procured enough of influence into the company, using various fronts and unlimited Chinese financial capital.

Moreover, through time, the Chinese became the critical defense supplier for the Czech Army, even building nuclear armament for them, which can be even publicly examined… the Chinese even allowed the Czech cyber-warfare units to accept wide surveillance data of Mossad top secret communications, to be well informed about all Israeli defence plans, regarding Czech defence and economic interests.

The Dark Sun: Nuclear Retaliation Weapon of the Czech Military

Special Unit C102: PSYOPS by Alan SvejkAnd together with steadily rising influence of Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary unit of the Special Forces of the Czech Army for executing special tasks in the civilian environment, which got literally out of any state control, one thing was clear soon: all this extremely valuable data about the most sensitive affairs of the Jewish state won’t be only accepted and processed passively…

But used to project Czech higher interests in the world, as The Unit was literally obsessed with executing the most bold, even insane operations, unprecedented in the history of Military Affairs, using people as pawns, and particularly elite fashion models. The journalists even started to call them “The Estrogen Mafia”, as the Unit had their feared Female Warfare operational department established.

Estrogen Mafia: Infidel Female Special Forces
Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Originally, the Unit paid utmost attention to female assets, in terms of recruiting and training, like Nikola Dotkova, a Czech fashion model, trained by Israelis for “special purposes” of seducing both genders, and deployed in 2013 against Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, in Dubai… Dotkova was allegedly also the second Czech paramilitary officer, who ever used so called Assault Chemicals in action, particularly PHE-X, an artificial female pheromone, a bioweapon, which reacts with the sweat of a female operative as a weapon of effective persuasion, designed for immediate combat use (the first was Tereza Sabackova, a fashion designer, also in the Emirates).

Nikola Dotkova: Codename CAT’S PAWN
Nikola Dotkova Fashion Model Czech Reporter Tabloid Magazine Media Cover Special Forces Operative Army Secret Covert Commander Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

But later, in 2016, the Unit’s key Active Measures (AMG) department started recruiting even capable men for similar tasks, it means seduction operations and infiltration through physical means of attractiveness and sex (fornication), and the most reputated of them was a well known Czech TV personality, lover of the most prominent names of Czech showbusiness, Michal Hrdlicka, whose male fame literally preceded him…

Michal Hrdlicka: Codename WOMAN’S DREAM. Paramilitary Liaison Officer. Czech Special Forces Elite
Michal Hrdlicka Lucie Borhyova TV Army Military Special Forcies Soldier Career Special Unit C102 PSYOPS Czech Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3

But men like Michal Hrdlicka could be too soft and “too sweet” for some kind of more “natural” women, who prefer classic Hunters with rather openly violent approach to the outside world, including females, so there needed to be some desirable diversity of male “styles”… therefore, the Unit’s attentive recruiters obtained even more “harsh” and manly types…

Karel Weidenthaler Actor Special Forces Military Conspiracy Gal Gadot Mossad Army Soldier Actress Israel Operation Secret - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

One of them was feared and intimidating Karel “Kaja” Weidenthaler, codename THE EVIL DOG, designated Asset A62, a heavily tattooed ruthless kick boxer and a career soldier, who even played that ultra-military types in several Hollywood action and war movies…

Karel Weidenthaler Czech Special Forces Actor Military Conspiracy Gal Gadot Israel Soldier Army Seduction Love Affair - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 6Originally, he was a highly decorated paratrooper from 102nd Reconnaissance Batallion, who way deployed in Afghanistan and Mali in Counter-Guerilla duty, then, after November 2015 Paris terrorist attacks, he served as SPECOPS security reinforcements at Veskrna Airport Prague (he had a short love affair with Alena Malarova from Czech Militarized Police there), and later reassigned to The Unit, a covert part of the mentioned official Special Forces formation, suitable for executing most sensitive black military operations and conspiracies, including so called Active Measures, and even Executive Action (=assassinations).

It’s the most ironic, that considering these very disturbing circumstances, how many people disappeared or died from mysterious reasons, when the Unit’s assassins got an order to “remove a pest with extreme prejudice, the Czech Military command was quite upset with Karel’s participation at very controversial fashion shooting, called “The Kladno Murder Case” by photographer Petr Stipek, where Kaja had a role of a serial murderer (!), using a machete to hack some poor, innocent girls, who only went for a night relaxing walk into a forest… but there was this mad man Karel, and… you don’t want to know more!

THE KLADNO MURDER CASE – Karel Weidenthaler (Petr Stipek Photography)
Karel Weidenthaler Kladno Case Murder Machete Violence Women Female Controversy Scandal Photo Set Series Petr Stipek Photography - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Also previous “Joker” photoshoot, by his occassional lover Dagmar Micova, was not too much better, or more decent, suitable for kids… but Karel simply loved these roles of killers, murderers and violent fools, and you rather don’t ask why.

“This is not a good example for the Czech school children!” Miroslav Kalousek from National Defence Commission protested in the Czech Parliament, asking Weidenthaler to be extrajudicially punished for this insolence and breaching of military laws. “Does one of our elite soldiers even realize, that he should preserve some decency, even out of service? Do the Czech civilians have a guarantee, that he won’t become a terrorist leader or a mass murderer, misusing all the special combat skills, which this state granted him in the extensive military training, in the price of millions? Remember, this man is rather a walking war machine! Therefore, he should be controlled tightly!”

Karel Weidenthaler Hipster Swee Cute Idol Womanizer Seducing Style - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Sweet Boy

So, to rectify the undesirable controversy, and to keep his public image decent, Karel Weidenthaler made another set of photos, this time playing a sweet, cute, sensitive, modern hipster man, where his aggressive nature and massive muscles were suppressed deliberately, and he also emphasized his big marvellous hobby, motor bike riding, making him yet more irresistible for various Czech sluts, who simply love these harsh motor bike types in heavy leather jackets, with a logo of some criminal bike club on their back. But here, Karel wanted to seem rather romantic, like if waiting for some particular slut, who could fulfill his male dreams about ultimate love…

Waiting Just For You, My Love! Let’s Ride To Happiness Together!

Despite of these slight “artistic” complications of his military career, the Czech Army considered Karel’s transfer to Military CounterIntelligence ranks, but Weidenthaler refused the attractive promotion, as he “liked the life of action”, not sitting behind some desk, as a staff officer, doing boring paperwork…

Still, during a preliminary MCI course, where his intellectual capabilities for future military duties were tested widely, he met with Ivana Benova, called The Sexy Spy, and admired by Czech, Israeli and Moroccan Intellience community, and inevitably, they became secret lovers, because Karel’s charm and charisma is simply irresistible to women, whereas Ivana Benova had many feminine treasures to offer, including vast breasts of “D” size, positive personality and perfect love skills, like fellatio (sucking dick), which took you straight to heaven, as Ivana’s blessed male “victims” reported with utmost enthusiasm, admiration and affection…

Ivana Benova: The Sexy Spy
Ivana Benova Ivca Intelligence Operative Spy BIS Counterintelligence Israel Morocco Brazil Elite Woman Female Sexy Breasts Fashion Model Top - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy M

Fortunately, Karel’s “official” girlfriend, Veronika Krejzova, a good and modest peasant girl, who simply loved him with all her heart, wouldn’t realize…

Veronika Krejzova Karel Weidenthaler Girlfriend Girl Woman Female Love Spouse Partner - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 3Or maybe she knew well, as every woman has that sixth sense, always noticing even slightest differences about her lover, but Veronika understood, that her beloved boyfriend simply lives in the world of endless temptation, and she needs to accept the fact, that women are simply obsessed to get Karel, literally, because testosterone and manhood can be felt from every cell of his muscular body… moreover, he simply needed to refresh his sexual desire with another female body, it was quite normal for a man, always obsessed with getting some new stimuli.


As every modern elite Special Forces soldier, Karel’s personality and character was thoroughly psychologically analyzed, including using multi-layer testing, not only questionnaires and test questions of The Gronhom Method, also advanced polygraph and OCR (optical recognition) based hardware and chemicals, and these preliminary tests showed his high eligibility for certain kind of “special tasks in civilian environment”

So, the Czech SFC (Special Forces Command) had a very particular, bold plan on the table, where Karel Weidenthaler seemed as very efficient asset: to seduce some extremely highly positioned media woman of the world, like Gal Gadot, to test new Unconventional Warfare strategies in the VIP social realm, and most importantly, to test the V4 version of famous PHE-X, an artificial female pheromone bioweapon, manufactured by Industrial Biotech division of Chinese multinational Wu Corporation… the first batch, and still rather an experimental version, suitable to be used by males.

PHE-X: Artificial Female Pheromone Bioweapon
PHE-X Artificial Female Pheromone Chemical Warfare substance business military operations influence persuasion - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Mission: Seducing the Most Beautiful Woman Of The World

It was the commander of The Unit himself, Colonel General (name classified), who had the final interview with Weidenthaler, whether he is willing to participate at Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 30

Luxurious VIP bitch

“Of course, that you may wonder, soldier: what higher sense for the Czech Constitution it has, to seduce some foreign actress? Is she really so special for the interests of the Czech state?” the Colonel General asked a rhetorical question. “Indeed, she is important, from three reasons: first, this particular woman has immensely high social power, she is maybe the most profiled actress with the current media world, the upcoming movie ‘Wonder Woman’ will only widen her fame, and we naturally want to collect such highly valuable asset, to grasp it, to get control over it, to use even related media opportunities for our Psychological, Information and Influence operations, as we will like.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 4

That tan line…!

Second, she is an Israeli, and you know well, that Israel is our principal military ally… but now, when Czech Army owns the arsenal of nuclear retaliation, generally well backed by the mighty Chinese in the terms of advanced military hardware, the Jews need to understand, that our mutual relationships must be changed from obedience and vassalage to full partnership, and let’s say, that by this small and modest operation, we want to send them a decent, but very persuasive message, to perceive us correctly… like the fact, that we are able to intercept their secret comms through a spiked Haifa’s TELCO hub, and reveal their weaknesses.

'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'- European Premiere - Red CarpetAnd third: we want some big, extreme challenge! Because that’s the only way to grow! This Unit was always based on extreme competition. Just have a look at her: only to attempt this mission is so big reward for you! But we are certain, that you won’t fail.

Remember, the task is nothing smaller, than seducing her into bed, but not only for a one-night stand… the command demands a full size affair, with complete video surveillance and media coverage. This is, how we will create our pawn from this woman!

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 14

So innocent…!

Your infiltration into the social and physical vicinity of the target will be secured easily: you have the film industry experience, and using Chinese contacts and decent bribery from our black financial funds, imagine, what happens: YOU will play a major role in that upcoming movie of hers, called ‘Wonder Woman’, to be released in June 2017. So, you will come into very close and frequent contact with her, and you will use the Assault Chemicals properly, so she will be under steady pressure in all senses, chemical or physical, because only then, her defences, all the security layers around her, will crumble… and we will win!

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 25You need to simply hunt her, like a hawk! Give her no chance to slip away… she needs to feel that ultimate masculinity from you, that you are not afraid to use your strength, even violence, to get what you want, that you ignore all things, which could hold you back, like all those fools out there, who are losing, wondering every day, why you are fucking their women, and they are spending lonely nights?

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress Gucci Bamboo - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 23Ignore the fact, soldier, that she fucks some fool, lives with him, she even has two children with him, or what that media fools wrote in the newspaper. But who cares? I don’t care, you don’t care! This is a mission in the higher interest, and you are a soldier, so be merciless and unstoppable! Like during a bayoner charge, when the bugle calls! Just obey and execute it, to accomplish the goals, which will influence our whole country! Don’t disappoint us, don’t fail!

Karel Weidenthaler Kickbox box ring training elite Special Forces Military Asset operator Operative Gal Gadot Affair Seduction Conspiracy Israel - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsRemember, the whole world will be watching you, and all Czech citizens, in the name of the sustainable future of the Czech state, are relying on you! No weakness, no doubts and hesitation! You are a strong lion in the jungle, and the boxing ring is free for battle. In war and love… there are no rules, so remove all the bad feelings and conscience from your mind, as these are very questionable burden for any devoted servant of the state, who has trust from highest places… like you!

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 9You are the one for this special taks, soldier: you have exactly that features, skills and traits, which this action needs, as our testing indicated… but the Unit will provide complex support, be it money, contacts, pulling levers, removing obstacles from your path, making calls to some important places, if needed, even doing some ‘wet work’, if necessary, because this is the team work, we will all work hard here, in the interest of us all, our families, whole nation, so any single individual means nothing. Her, or you.

So, lways remember our Special Forces motto: ‘Creating Good by Committing Bad’. If you will fail from other than external reasons, you will be severely reprimanded.”

Still, Karel Weidenthaler, as a devoted elite Czech soldier, presented his decision to participate in the Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA as a key executive operator.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnd as the Colonel General informed Karel, there was a complete team of support assets dispatched into action, moving into the filming locations of Wonder Woman with him, to back him in various ways: media assets from Heavy Slander gossip magazine, together with its Chief Reporter Pavel Novotny, hired paparazzi, surveillance units, security elements for Executive Action (=removing potential pests), socialites, female fashion models, various spies, inconspicuous stalkers, puppets, servants, assistants, helpers, coordinators, specialists… the budget, both financial and manpower, was unlimited, because this was an ultimate achievement, so the Unit deployed all its massive resources.

Will all this massive merciless apparatus be able to break one single woman?

Just imagine it: in the end, Gal Gadot is still a woman, full of emotions, sensitivity, instincts, and fear… it means, that she is quite fragile.

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 8To make correct decisions, based on hard facts, and to turn them into effective physical actions, The Unit started to gather immense amount of both physical and digital data about Gal Gadot, and all possible people around her, maybe several thousand persons from all over the world, to map and control all of her social contacts, and to identify suitable weak points, plus her own psychological weaknesses and sensitive “dirty laundry”, so they naturally even spiked her personal cellphone, tracking her movement and comms in real time.

Additionally, to achieve these demanding purposes, the generous Chinese provided their feared All Seeing Eye, global Surveillance technology, and data-processing PLA military supercomputer structures, including alleged AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, codename GOLDEN FISH, so all executed steps of Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA would literally hit the target in the middle…

Global Mass Surveillance Electronic Private Data Processing OCR Optrical Recognition All Seeing Eye camera Monitoring Supervision Spying Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Wu Super Computing Data Analysis Processing Surveillance Autonomous Study Human Behavior China Chinese Supercomputer Vault Military Special Forces Conspiracy - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

And the result was the most exciting tale in many senses, suggested by many to be filmed…

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 18“Once again, we are proud of our country, because brave men like Karel, they are the hope for great future of our nation,” the Minister of Defence Katerina Motovska commented with deep affection. “He showed the world, that only one soldier, if working in a perfect team, like Czech Special Forces are, can achieve just anyhing! And all that fools, who say, that the soldier’s job is not to seduce some actresses… this is the 21st century and ‘4th Generation Warfare’, where you fight in social realm, using sexy body and intellect, instead of assault rifles, executing ingenious honey traps! And whoever says, that Karel failed, he or she lies shamefully.”

Many people were literally dying from desire, to know all the details, how exactly could Karel seduce the most beautiful woman of the present world, and most importantly: HOW WAS SHE???

In a very rare media interview, Karel replied to these questions:

Gal Gadot Fashion Model Elite VIP supermodel Israeli Israel Jewess Wonder Woman Pretty Beautiful 1985 Miss 2004 IDF Military Actress - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 11“This is, what we soldiers do. You get an order, you take your gear, you kiss your girlfriend, and you go. You forget everything, except your mission, and why you are doing it, why all that sacrifices. When you are weak, you just remember all the people back home, relying on you, trusting you, who expect only the best from you, and you keep going, even if it all seems to hard for one man.”

But the Special Forces of the Czech Military is not a charity foundation, where you are treated as some prince: they use all their assets, squeezing them hard, including their own personnel.

Veronika Krejzova Karel Weidenthaler Girlfriend Girl Woman Female Love Spouse Partner - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsSo, suddenly, Heavy Slander brought a heart-breaking tale of Karel’s girlfriend Veronika Krejzova, an employee of an Prague casino, which father is from Senegal, therefore her exotic look, and she described her feelings widely and deeply for the curious female audience, how and what she felt, when her beloved Karel was not home, far away from her, abroad, and she knew, that he is with another woman, and a very shining one, an object of desire of millions.


Veronika Krejzova Karel Weidenthaler Girlfriend Girl Woman Female Love Spouse Partner - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 4“I always tried to accept Karel completely, it means with his dangerous job, with his personal desires and mistakes,” Veronika confessed to the countless female readers of Heavy Slander, who love complicated love tales, like from Harlequin novels. “I knew, that previously, even during our dating, he was with other women, but he was always returning to me faithfully, like a bird, so it was somehow all right… but this woman, Gal Gadot… this was so different… I mean… Gal Gadot as your competitor in love? Every woman would knew, that this is lost in advance, that you are NOBODY, in comparison with this star!

Veronika Krejzova Karel Weidenthaler Girlfriend Girl Woman Female Love Spouse Partner - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs 2And yes, she is beautiful, mesmerizing… she is a leader, who an inspire millions… and you start asking: ‘Who am I?’ And the reply is bad for you, as you realize, that you are just a common village girl, a nothing, who will never reach the stars of famel, because she is too modest, she doesn’t even have such crazy desires… and you only have the love inside you, in your heart… but such fight is decided in advance, if a woman like Gal comes between you two, you and your lover, you know that!

Some people told me then: ‘Hey girl, be glad, because if he was unfaithful with such an elite woman, even getting it as a military order, you shouldn’t be ashamed, on the contrary’… I know, they meant it the good way, to please me, to show me another perspective of view… but I was asking: ‘Hey, what’s wrong with you, people? Infidelity is always just terrible! Yes, it hurts me! I am a girl, not a cold war machine!’

So, when Karel was away, I confess, that the only proper ‘feminine solution’, which came to my restless mind, how to cope with the crushing situation, was, to be unfaithful to Karel, like he is to me… you know, so the world can be balanced, and to go into some affair with even the more powerful and sexy man, like Karel, to revenge properly…

But where to find such a man? Just have a look at Karel… in the whole Czechia, you can hardly find a better looking man!

So, I went to Teplice, to that secret military base near the city, and I asked to see the commander of Karel’s military unit, that I need to talk to him, in an urgent private matter.

‘Sorry, madam… this is just a warehouse of expired meat cans, here is no military base, and it has no commander!’ the soldiers at the entrance gate of the outer perimeter tried to keep the things secret, to persuade me to leave, but I insisted, with eyes full of tears, that my boyfriend is serving there, like them… anyway, every Czech citizen knows about this allegedly secret and classified military installation. The North Korean Supreme Leader even sent a bouquet of flowers there, following that famous Letter To Kim Jong-Un!

Czech Military Conspirators Allegedly Sent A Secret Letter To Kim Jong-un

And when that heavily armed guards with faces covered with balaclavas heard it, that I am a woman of one of their comrades in arms, they changed their approach towards me, they become quite friendly and cordial, and after many calls and patient waiting, the commander indeed accepted me, for a private conversation, when he saw, that I insist, and I will simply achieve my objectives, with utmost persistence.

Then, when facing the Colonel General, I explained my deep female feelings, situation and my malicious plan, how to heal my personal wounds from broken heart, how to revenge Karel as a woman, how to regain my lost dignity… on the other hand, I informed the commander, that I understand, that this is the Army, and he got that order, so he needed to obey.. that I even appreciate, that he has such a sense for duty, even putting it in front of me…

And the commander said: ‘Of course, that I understand you, Veronika! Moreover, we could help you with this task, and we could make a great media tale from it, and Karel would understand… something like… your man, an elite soldier, is abroad, at a top secret mission, seducing the most beautiful woman of the world, but the attention will be paid to you, how you feel, what you think, what you do, how you cope with the situation.’

And I was curious, whether the commander could even supply that ‘other’ man to me?

‘We will give the best we have, Michal Hrdlicka will be certainly interested in having an affair with you, as you are very interesting girl,’ the officer said. ‘We will create deliberate tension between both elite soldiers… you know, to deepen the tale… there will be this big love not triangle, but square, together with Gal Gadot! And this is, how you raise public interest, creating an attractive conflict between people… there could be even a violent fight between Karel and Michal, when they will be competing for you!

Yes, the unfaithful Karel will realize, after making repentance, how big mistake he has made, how much he loves you, doing just anything to get you back… but meanwhile, you fell in love with Michal Hrdlicka… you will be full of doubts, whether to return to Karel, to try to repair your broken relationship, or to start a new life with Michal, walking towards the sunset together… we will call it, let’s say: Woman Betrayed.’

Heavy Slander Gossip Magazine – Special Issue
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You can imagine, when I shared this news with my female friends, drinking mojito in a VIP club of Prague, they were simply astonished, and they told me: ‘Girl, you can make a great media career from this affair for yourself!’

Yeah, I felt much better then, I was suddenly a star… I was cured just perfectly!”

In the end, everybody was satisfied, it seemed: the Czech state, the Czech Army, Karel Weidenthaler, his girlfriend, even Heavy Slander, bringing unique content to the readers…

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Hijab Suits Her Well…

The only person, for whom the affair become much more darker and with serious consequences, was Gal Gadot herself, who always swiftly denied the affair to happen, when asked by the media, but all people saw, how destroyed she is, how she resents herself for being weak and succumbing to some manly fool… not knowing, poor girl, that it was also the advanced chemistry, which turned the pumps inside her body… of course, except Karel’s immense charm, backed by Czech defence apparatus, including its black structures.

The question remained: how will the state of Israel react to this insolence, treason and public humiliation?


Israel never hesitates with revenge against its enemies, regardless if open or covert entities. The Jewish elites believe, that swift and quick revenge is necessary to be executed immediately, without delay, without lasting investigation or lengthy preparation, to send a clear message to both present and future adversaries, that no offensive action against the state of Israel will be tolerated.

In 1972, after so called Munich Massacre, when the Israeli sportsmen were killed by a commando of Palestinian terrorists, called “Black September”, the world wondered, how could Israel identify the culprits so quickly?

But the truth was, that it was not important, whether the targets of merciless retribution operation, causing worldwide controversy, were “genuine”, it means responsible for the attack, or just chosen as scapegoats. Sending a message was more important, than certainty: so, Israeli simply claimed, that those targets were culprits, and they sent Mossad commandos to eliminate them, regardless of their absolute guilt in the affair.

In this “soft” Gal Gadot case, where no one was killed and Gal maybe even enjoyed the affair, Israel sent their best Female Warfare specialist, a Mossad operative, named Nataly Hay, codename “Princess of Haifa”, a reputated belly dancer, to execute very appropriate act as proper revenge: to seduce the father of a VIP Muslim celebrity, originating from Czechia, mentioned earlier, Marketa Korinkova, called Islamic Princess Maryam, a very sensitive personal matter for Marketa, as she always felt denied by him as person, she was even deeply attracted sexually to him… but now, this Jewish woman comes, and achieves easily, what Maryam was never able to accomplish, to humiliate her.

As this man, or target of Nataly Hay, is a highly positioned executive in the multinational pharmaceutical company, Hofmann-La Roche, asserting some additional Israeli interests in the corporate environment through the power of female beauty can’t be excluded, as the main Mossad resident in Czechia, David Cohen, is very active in this realm, previously working for Goldman Sachs multinational corporation, and later controversial Stratton Oakmont Inc.

It must be reminded, that Marketa Korinkova, later renamed to Maryam Al Maktoum (after her conversion to Islam and later marriage with the emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum), was a person of Israeli interest, as she was the subject of an old joint Czech-Israeli conspiracy, where Czech Special Forces (=maternal unit of Karel Weidenthaler) cooperated with Mossad to infiltrate the highest royal ranks of the Middle East, with tempting perspective of disrupting the axis of Islamic power, including Saudi Arabia.

Some old acccounts simply needed to be settled, when old friends became new enemies.

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