Gilsel Slawada Slawa: The Superior Female Body. Fake god godess Prophet Illuminati Mastermind Conspiracy Propaganda Mind Control Slavery. Gender Warfare Matriarchy. Ultimate Feminity

Indeed, life of poor infidels is full of naked female bodies, they want it like that, or they rather don’t have any choice, so those wandering fools live in neverending and devastating flow of arousal, sexuality and visual irritation, to live in eternal miserable temptation, always ready to be excited physically and emotionally, always waiting and desiring another stimulation, never stable, never in peace, never balanced, as they worship only physical pleasures, not willing to acknowledge, who created them: Allah, and that their sole purposes of existence in the transient world (dunya) is to worship Him.

And the Internet is literally full of sluts, more or less dressed, who are just using the gifts from Allah, to make their girlish fortune, when they are still young, beautiful, desirable and fresh, their skin is soft and velvet, they are not crushed by aging, mistakes, bad choices and circumstances yet.

But only one of them can be a queen worldwide… and imagine, how many pretty young female competitors she would have to defeat. Still, there is one, who is literally stealing souls, minds and sanity from millions of people, and not only from men, although she is not some publicly recognized “celebrity”, reputated actress or singer, a known face, promoted by corrupted Western mass media and their omnipresent Zionist-backed propaganda, like an Israeli actress Gal Gadot.

In spite of that, Slawa is indeed the ultimate fitnah, who executes complete mind control over millions of her devoted and fascinated “followers”, who worship her, like some New Age cult, or sect (religious organization), who are submitted to her, her beauty and mastered artistic craftmanship.

Once you meet with her, once your brain accepts her highly persuasive message, to which your vulnerable, weak and perceptive mind can’t resist, your mind is forever altered, and you become her slave, unless you are protected by Allah, who is indeed ultimately powerful, and there is nobody and nothing above Him.

Still, this particular and unique infidel slut, she is an artist of female influence and power, and she will get control of you, not only of dumb horny men, but females also, as she fills them with burning desire and jealousy, again, stealing peace from them.

She lets the fools to call her only Slawa, Slawada, Gilsel Slawada (probably fake name), or Gilsel Caserel, and she is most likely from Russia, covering her face always, to raise the tension and create seducing, tempting mystery. She is a devoted and professional, very efficient servant of an unknown force, probably a powerful corporate entity, or a Special Forces PSYOPS unit, which tests mind controlling procedures, by creating such tempting puppet… and they are succeeding.

What is most disturbing, that this Slawa project started in 2008 already. It’s not something fresh, cool and viral, it’s a long term matter, which means utmost determination and concentration. Slawa doesn’t use any open marketing, any open way to make money from her unusual fame… but people, enchanted with her, they relay her message further, like if she would be some prophet… or god.

And what is this message? Well, she uses primarily powerful visual instrument, photographs, made with ultimate artistic quality, plus she owns a superior female body, no doubt about the fact, that Allah was generous to her.

She is definitely a sport woman, not a common bitch from a gym, well trained, but she is well shaped at proper places, not too thin and defined, so her feminity is preserved, and her perfect “bubble butt” got literally worldwide recognition, admired for its ultimately perfect appearance, exactly that shape from dream of all human fools. Thus, Slawa impersonates some kind of prehistoric, eternal female example, a pretty blonde everlasting dream, and the masterminds of this operation, probably those Illuminati fools, have chosen her just perfectly.

For nine years already, systematically, Slawa is publishing her impressive and seducing photos, which have unique and striking style. Indeed, you can recognize her work between thousands, and many fools try to mimic her, but without success, as Slawa is only one. Without any doubt, she is becoming something like an infidel god… who knows, whether she isn’t just a computer-generated fake dream? She claims to do all photos by herself… but could such a thing be even possible, or is it another lie, like, that she is from Bulgaria, that she works as a fitness trainer?

But Slawa’s message is not solely sexual, it’s much more deeper, complex and elaborate, so it captivates anybody. Although many of her photos are seducing and expressive, none of them are expressively vulgar and primitive, rather presenting certain positive, special mood, not speaking her physical superiority, improved by fake breasts of middle large size, but in her case, the matter is arranged so well, probably a good surgeon, or that breast muscles simply put it together well, that you stop thinking about this negative artificial improvement, if your mind is submitted.

On her photos, there is some dream atmosphere of total purity, relaxation, happiness and freedom. Using mostly white environment and bright enlightenment (=Illuminati) for photo shoots and special color manipulation, she seems like somebody far above all human suffering, stress and emptiness, simply common life: indeed a proper symbolism of a (fake) god. Also, notice her common decoration, a bear, symbol of Russia, but also symbol of male dominance over women, even incest, used often in Illuminati artworks (see more details about this phenomenon in Louane Emera article).

Or do they try to make a female god from her, as a part of their pending and massively expanding Estrogen Conspiracy, to get control of the world, misusing weak, crumbling and dumb males, who need to be removed from power, so there will be peace and sustainable future for human kind? Or is it a Russian Active Measures effort, to get geopolitical control of the world, and she serves as a perfect Russian propaganda machine? Or is it just a coincidence? Just another test of Allah?

But she steals souls from all, men or women, dumb or clever, from East and West, inevitably, unless they are protected by Allah, the only deity, worthy of worship, which provides ultimate protection and guidance to His believers.

Fools, now you see another very persuasive proof, that only with Allah, only in Islam, only as Muslim, you can be really free, not under malicious spells and influence of endless capable and clever rats around you, who know your weaknesses, using extremely advanced methods of human psychology, advertisement and Public Relations to get control over you, to rule you, to enslave you, and you will always lose, as they know their job well. And as you can see, they are sending very persuasive and sensual harbingers, which you can’t resist, losing your balance and freedom.

But with Allah? You can just laugh to all those fools, who have no chance to compete with Him, who can get no control over you, as you have your Lord already, and it’s for life, and moreover, He is known as the best of deceivers, so they will always lose, trying just everything… and you will stay forever safe.

Indeed, Islam has limitless advantages, and life of Islam becomes a neverending adventure, neverending dream, when you realize, that all worldly matters, be it possessions or achievements or struggle, are only temporary and secondary, transient, and if you worship Allah properly, pleasing Him, you will enter Paradise, where you will experience eternal happiness, and all what you lacked in physical life will be given to you.

Fools, are you happy, when seeing this Slawa bitch? Are you satisfied to be submitted to some slut, who gives you nothing, who only takes peace from you? Who makes you a fool?

But with Allah, all is different. As He created you, then it’s completely natural to submit to Him, and His will, so life becomes ultimately simple and enjoyable, when you know exactly, what you should do, when you have value, not like those wandering poor infidels.

Indeed, fools, you should convert to Islam, if you haven’t already: it’s the only way to your liberation. Not decadent Western mindless consumerism, houses, cars, promotions, virtual money or bitches in bed, like Slawa.


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