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Perceived as No. 1 tabloid magazine by the Czech public and favorite between all age and social groups, “Heavy Slander” tabloid magazine brings the ultimate social gossip to its readers, under wise leadership of a highly experienced CEO and Chief Reporter, Pavel Novotny, under the provoking motto “Their Filth Must Be Revealed”.

Pavel Novotny - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsPavel Novotny, or Asset A17, is one of the most respected media professionals in the country, admired and feared by many, including highly positioned celebrities and politicians, begged for favorable media attention by the whole Czech showbusiness, offered their young sexy bodies by fashion models, to “spend a good word” for them, so their media picture can rise, they can get more admiration and fashion jobs, and they are willing to pay for this support by spreading their legs, as it costs them nothing.

However, rumors surfaced lately, that Novotny himself was bribed, extorted and persuaded to cooperate with the Czech Military, particularly an elite paramilitary formationo of the Special Forces, Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, and he allegedly became one of the Unit’s top operatives, to promote higher interests of national security and defence, and to provide necessary media cover and support for the military Psychological and Information operations in the Czech media world.

(For example, Operation AZTEC GOLD, Operation FALLEN KING, Operation TRIAL OF FAITH, Operation NAKED TRUTH, Operation FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, Operation LATERNA, Operation SKINNY PUPPY, and the most controversial of them all, directly connected with the terrorists of the Islamic StateOperation HARBINGER).

The magazine is allegedly established as a front organization of The Corporation as a covert investor and supervisor, backed by China, and the direct connection is rumored to be realized via EXFOR Paramilitary force, supplying the magazine with “special information”, desirable for The Corporation’s interests.

Degree of affiliation with the Czech Intelligence community is not known, but it can’t be excluded. However, there are rumors, that Heavy Slander is used as a critical support measure for deploying a state-of-the-art PSY weapon, USP-PSYOPS (“Universal Social Platform for Targeted Psychological Influencing of Masses, Groups and Individuals”).

Certain relations with the Islamic world, particularly Saudi Arabia, are rumored, allegedly supported by the political opposition, to counter rising Chinese influence and Intelligence operations in Czech republic, and to promote Islam, for generous secret repayment.

In April 2016, Heavy Slander launched their newest shocking affair with unknown background and masterminds, concerning a young fashion Czech model, Daniela Kyrova, who disappeared 20 years ago, and now, the most advanced military equipment was allegedly used to reveal her fate, creating strong wave of public disturbance and protests, including unrest in the highest political and military levels, suspected of a deep conspiracy. Many questions and mysteries remain here.

In May 2016, a Special Issue, called “The Secret War” was released, describing highly questionable military operations of a rumored classified paramilitary Unit, also an incident with Polish NATO allies because of alleged testing of Counter Special Forces measures of Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), causing wide public outrage.

Another Special Issue, June 2016, called “Islamic Revolution under the Alps”, was published at a large Austrian city, in an effort to disrupt and alter local balance of political and social power, and in the end, promoting the local Islamic Affairs, and forcing a mayor of the city to abdicate, so the Muslims could acquire their own political assets. The identity of organization, standing behind the affair, was still not appointed: but participation of the Special Forces of the Czech Military, or the Chinese, can’t be excluded (see Tales from a Mosque), as the new mayor was allegedly an operative of their Political Warfare department.

marketa-maryam-korinkova-sex-lies-emirates-special-issue-slander-gossip-magazine-islam-muslim-convert-uae-dubai-emirates-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFollowing Special Issue, July 2016, was called “Sex, Lies, Emirates”, dedicated solely to Marketa Korinkova, a Czech female fashion model, suspected to be working in the Dubai as a VIP prostitute, and suspected to fake the conversion to Islam, in order to gain more professional opportunities in the highly competitive Emirates, an Islamic country of the Persian Gulf. She was allegedly used in a joint Czech-Israeli infiltration Operation SKINNY PUPPY, directed against the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. More details in The Maryam Affair.

Teplice The Islamic Czech City Islam Muslim V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsNext Special Issue, “Teplice: The Empire of Allah, descibed massive rise of Islam in Teplice, called “Czech Islamic city” or “Small Kuwait”, together with young female celebrity, Dominika Myslivcova, who visited the place, and decided to enter politics, allegedly to stop Islam in the Czech lands, but in practice, she started serving to Allah just well, promoting the religion of Islam between the young hungry generation of her devoted followers, and massive wave of coversions to Islam, plus discovering the Beauty of Hijab between female Czech youngsters, followed, making Teplice yet more admired between all Muslims, who visited and settled there, changing Teplice once and forever, including construction of three new mosques, sponspored by Saudi Arabia, and a Woman’s Destiny boutique.

Marketa Vselichova Kurdish Kurd Syria crusader Islamic State V - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsAugust 2016 issue, called “Girl Who Tasted War and Violence”, introduced Marketa Vselichova, ruthless Czech Special Forces assassin in Syria, fighting with Kurds against Islamic State terrorists there, although lacking any official authorization of the Syrian state, achieving more than 100 kills, using her famous “The Syrian Shark” signature sniper rifle, and allegedly provoking ISIS assault of Prague, as a retaliation for their fallen comrades. Also, a psychological analysis of the woman was presented, indicating, that she be a threat to Czech national security, not able to live without war and violence.

the-dark-sun-inside-nuclear-weapons-facility-czech-reporter-report-journalist-research-secret-base-special-forces-warhead-missile-rocket-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsSeptember 2016 issue, called “Facing The Dark Sun”, was dedicated to highly explosive rumors, that the Czech Military constructed a Nuclear Weapon, called The Dark Sun, at a secret base near Teplice, using old German blueprints, found by Islamic State operatives in a hidden stash near Stechovice, and then retrieved by Special Forces of the Czech Army, during a raid in Northern Syria, in order to use the documentation themselves, allegedly to enforce the national security of the country, and to become one of the eight most powerful states of the world (so called ‘Nuclear Club’), in highly controversial Operation DARK SUN: constructing a nuclear silo, a ballistic missile, and a nuclear warhead, to complete a retaliation weapon, preventing any invader to enter the national territory again… and preventing also any public control of “Project 258”, while being operated by WMD department of the Special Forces.

phe-xx-the-operative-ultimate-parfum-of-your-feminity-taste-the-vip-illuminati-conspiracy-seduce-serve-homeland-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsAnother September 2016 issue, called “A Fragrance Without Return”, introduced the new parfum for women, produced by The Corporation, a civilian version of sinister PHE-X, which caused literally an earthquake at many highly positioned places: PHE-XX: The Operative – Ultimate Parfum of Feminity and VIP Illuminati Conspiracy. The magazine appointed at the fact, that participating in this special programme can be one-way ticket, and the women, who want to taste it, will return completely brainwashed, with intention to be a part of a planned Illuminati conspiracy, but the real one, not a promised training simulation.

rise-of-czech-islam-muslim-allah-prague-saudi-arabia-mecca-europe-convert-ummah-community-empire-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsFollowing October 2016 Issue, “Rise of Czech Islam”, described new upcoming epoch of Islam in the Czech lands, when new leaders of the Czech Islamic Community emerged, particularly Concerned Czech Muslims (CCM), a sinister Czech Islamic organization from Teplice, which sent a shocking letter to the owners of The Mecca Club in Prague, demanding its renaming, as it’s allegedly insulting Islam, creating strong public disturbance and political unrest. And it was only the beggining of Czech and even international CCM’s operations: see Silesian Affair.

slaves-of-darkness-illuminati-mind-control-fashion-model-conspiracy-h-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsDecember 2016 issue, “Slaves of Darkness: Fashion Models Conspiracy” issue promised shocking revelation of alleged highly explosive military-corporate conspiracy, to test alleged Illuminati methods of mind control on a foreign fashion model asset. But yet before the issue was released to the public, wide political affair emerged, and Municipal Court of Prague even considered halting the issue, as it allegedly contained classified military information, which could jeopardize national security of Czechia, if publicly released. Also, in a joint Police-Military raid, the Heavy Slander’s main office was secured, and much evidence seized, and people came to the streets, to protest against alleged oppression of the free press. Novotny considers this issue as complet top of his media career, deploying his Public Relations mastery like never before, influencing the fate of the whole country.

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