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The Spanish government and security apparatus, including Policia Nacional and domestic CounterIntelligence CNI, is highly disturbed by recently leaked, alleged hit list (=list of persons, marked for assassination, elimination or neutralization), containing critical historical Spanish figures of the end of 15th century, connected with Reconquista and final defeat of Islam (Moors) at the Iberian peninsula, very unpleasant event for the world Islamic community, Ummah, who tries to turn the most bitter chapter of history in an unprecedented, most shocking move, which raised much disturbance and controversy, even academic and legal discussions, how to judge such strange action… like an assassination, taking place in the past.

Moreover, there is one very disturbing name added too, causing direct involvement of CIA, the main Intelligence agency of the United States, and particularly their feared Special Activities Division, consisting of the most ruthless assassins of the world, as the Americans have serious reasons to contain this potentially highly explosive situation, which could influence their own country with utmost seriousness, even causing collapse… this is the reason, why they suspect subversive participation of either North Korea, or China, their primary opponents in endless effort for achieving global dominance, using any means necessary.

Using TDE, or Time Displacement Equipment, codename The Device, an ultimate scientific invention, the first time tactical weapon in the history of warfare, provided by North Korea to various subversive, terrorist and activist groups deliberately, to disrupt the fragile balance of the contemporary world, and stolen from Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, the key defence developer, manufacturer and supplier…

A group of conspirators from IFLA (Islamic Front of Liberating Al-Andalus) allegedly wants to return into the past, and to eliminate following key historical figures, to prevent the fall and surrender of Emirate of Granada in 1492 (Al-Andalus, Islamic Spain, today called Andalusia), and to revenge many sins and wrongdoings of Christian infidels against Muslims and Islam on Iberian peninsula.


(published by ARC News Qatar, a Wahhabi global TV station, announced by Omar Bin Ghazali publicly)

Queen Isabel I of Castile
(she wanted to make whole Spain Christian, supported the morale of Spanish troops just by her personal presence at the battlefield)
She was always more active in annihilating Jews and Muslims, than her husband, who was rather a military leader. Thus, her elimination was probably ordered, supported or sponsored also by some Israeli or Jewish extremists, who want revenge for the Alhambra Decree in April 1492, expelling all Jews from Iberia, or forcing them to religious conversion. She ordered Alhambra Palace, the Islamic wonder of the world, to be desecrated with deviant Christian crosses

Ferdinand II of Aragon
(her husband, more active in leading military operations of Reconquista)
Their marriage in 1469 was the final reason of fall of Muslims of Iberia, as the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon became united, fighting against divided and weakened enemy. It was huge tactical mistake of Emirate of Granada not to spoil this marriage immediately, even for a price of assassinating one of the spouses.

Isabel De Solis
(Islamic name Zoraya, after her conversion to Islam)
suspected to be an agent of influence of Christians, deliberately inserted into the rear of Muslims, to seduce the older previous Sultan as his beautiful sexy mistress, to influence him and to cause fateful civil war at Granada Emirate, so the Muslims will be weak and easily conquered.

(mother of Muhammad XII, wife of previous Sultan)
her private revenge for being expelled from ruling structures of Granada, after replaced by Isabel de Solis in Sultan’s bed and heart alike, it jeopardized and eventually destroyed whole Emirate.

Muhammad XII
(last emir of Granada, bad son, traitor of Islam, launched civil war, cooperated with Christians)
He is to be eliminated as a general traitor, but only after signature of critical documents, changing the present situation at Granada and Spanish kingdom, see below.

Cid Hiaya el-Nayyar
this ultimate, unprecedented traitor of Islam secretly cooperated with Christian invaders during the siege of Granada, pretending to be still a Muslim, but converted to Christianity secretly, asserting interests of Christians, betraying his people. And there is only one appropriate punishment for such traitors of Islam and Ummah: death.

Cardinal Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros
executed forced mass conversions of Muslims, to exterminate Islam in Andalusia at any cost, regardless of rights of Muslims, established in Treaty of Granada. This rat started with sweet promises, gifts and bribery, and continued with torture and murders, to persuade the Muslims of Granada to convert to Christianity and to become so called Moriscos, humiliated and defeated Muslims, who even accepted so called Oran Fatwa, eroding the faith. Muslims can’t forgive him this humiliation and using threats and violence to force them to religious conversion. He also ordered burning of all Arabic books in Granada.

Christopher Columbus
to prevent discovery of America and expanding of Spanish empire, on expense of Muslims (Moors). But it also means, that USA will never be established? This additional person of interest was probably added by North Korean request, or suggestion. IFLA claims, that he was a direct witness of Surrender, and he wouldn’t be sent to the fateful American voyage, if Emirate would survive, as there would be no money in the coffers of Christian Monarchs for the expedition, as long as the Granada war continued.

Secondary mission:

As a critical secondary mission, how to influence the present, the Muslims also want to persuade the last Sultan of Granada to sign the legal papers, prepared by their law ace Iveta Klimesova, giving all executive power of the former Emirate into the hands of people of Granada, thus, Islamic Republic Granada (IRG) is created, with de facto legal validity into present times, as Treaty Of Granada thus becomes invalid, as the Emir lost the right to sign it, and the Emirate never ceased to exist, having a direct legal successor, only changing the form of government.

This way, the Granada War would be never lost, and Muslims in Iberia would be never defeated, with complete right to reclaim the territory of Granada, to be acknowledged as a fully authorized state actor internationally, and thus to disrupt the territorial integrity of the Spanish kingdom, going directly against Constitution of Spain.

Suggested weapons for offensive action, as recommended by Marek Chlibek, IFLA’s military advisor:

Walther PPK with Brausch silencer
loaded with poisoned bullets, for discreet, silent and certain elimination from close range

High-caliber anti-material sniper rifle M-82 12.7mm (0.50 cal)
using High Explosive (HES) bullets in stylish silver version with names of the victims engraved, to eliminate Isabela and Ferdinand, while they will be walking through Alhambra gardens. The concealed sniper team will be positioned in the terrain outside of the city.

Semtex COLOR plastic explosive
potential usage for executive action purposes was criticized for possible structural damage to Alhambra Palace, which is protected by UNESCO, if too much of this devastating “next-gen”, nanites-enhanced plastic explosive will be used

Deadly Toxins, agents of Biological Warfare, Weaponized Anthrax
criticized for possible collateral damage (=civilian victims) on Muslim population in Granada, particularly at nearby Muslim quarter, Albayzin


IFLA denied any such hit list to be created, but their effort to study historical archives and to deploy irredentist efforts (=splitting Andalusia from Spain) keeps the Spanish CointerIntelligence service CNI very busy.

As a reaction to this new and very special threat, which is hard to contain with standard security measures, the Spanish kingdom enforced its military presence at Granada territory (where the last Islamic Emirate once was) substantially, concentrating their elite Special Forces there, together with armor, artillery and air support, like if awaiting another Muslim uprising in adjacent Alpujarras mountains (1499-1501, crushed, 1568-1571, crushed)…

Whereas Muslims are recruiting reliable, trustworthy volunteers with military or terrorist background and proven Moroccan or Morisco descent, able to handle various weapons and explosives, experienced in combat and military tactics, “for a special mission of jihad for Allah and whole Ummah, which will change history, which will erase 525 years of humiliation, from which will be probably no return, but instant admittance into Paradise is guaranteeed, with the permission of Allah.”

Also, the prison in Granada, where Maria Kukucova is being held unlawfully, and who is to be liberated by IFLA and IRG, deploying very dangerous and subversive Legal Jihad (=Lawfare), enforced security and protection, to make sure, that no liberation attempt of this Islamic martyr will succeed.

Tension in Andalusia are high, and even the Spanish king Felipe VI entered the affair, inviting IFLA to the negotiation table, to “avoid futile bloodshed”, to “prevent unforeseen consequences of changing the original timeline of history” and to “resolve the matter peacefully”. However, the King emphasized, that “all efforts will be made to prevent any criminal or terrorist action on Spanish territory”.

But IFLA, after proclaimed as a terrorist organization by Spain, USA and Morocco, having their leaders targeted for elimination by drones and Special Forces commandos, is not willing to negotiate any more, as it’s just “losing time with treacherous infidels, who showed their real face during terrorizing and expulsion of Moriscos and rather “to send a loud message with direct executive action, with the permission of Allah, using special tools, granted by the only God”.

Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain): Spanish Andalusia Belongs To Allah. Islamic Republic Granada IRG, Emirate of Granada Revival

Terrorist Conspiracy: Rebellion, Insurgency, Guerilla

Islamic Jihad: Struggle of Mujahideen

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