Hollywood studios and cinema owners want to ban The Device

Today, more than twenty major Hollywood studios and several multinational cinema chains announced, that their top lawyers are preparing a joint legal action against The Device. All executives wrote an open letter to the U.S. president, where they expressed doubts about the future of the famous American movie industry, after The Device entered the media scene, promising unlimited experience opportunities for entertainment and education of masses.

When rumors leaked lately, that The Device basic technology could be soon released as open source, so any manufacturer could adapt it, the sales of DVD and Blu-Ray movies fell significantly, as the people reject to pay for outdated way of creating movies.

“People think, that The Device will allow them to make their own movies, their own broadcast, to see exactly what they want, so the monopoly of Hollywood will end once and forever,” a reputated media analyst said. “And that is what those executives can’t allow. They survived sharing sites and media piracy, they survived Youtube – but they perceive The Device as really dangerous competition to them.”

But these imaginations and concerns are not justified. The Corporation never indicated, that their intellectual property will be released to the wide public. “We understand that the people are eager to taste our invention. But in this stage, when the legal and factual status of The Device is still unclear, we can’t allow the technology to be released too soon. We created it – and we will be responsible forever, directly or indirectly,” the Executive Manager of The Corporation said.

The U.S. president commented the issue during regular evening meeting with journalists and business personalities in the White House in Washington, where various economic matters are discussed. “I fully understand your concerns,” he said to the assembly, “and I can assure you, that the U.S. economic interests are always the priority of our politics. You want to protect the movie industry, where hundreds of thousands of Americans work, so you suggest to ban The Device on the U.S. soil, and to ban all media products, manufactured using The Device. However, before finding a solution, let’s see the issue from another point of view.”

The following statement from the U.S. president may seem insignificant, but as a top security analyst confirmed, it indicates very substantial change in U.S. foreign politics, allowing European corporations to enter the American military-industrial complex, and opening the opportunities for the defense contractors abroad.

The Device is a challenge for you, and it’s a challenge for U.S. national security as well,” the U.S. president continued with serious voice. “But we need this special technology for sustainable future of our nation. It will allow us to construct a new defensive system, making our skies impenetrable.”

This statement clearly indicates, that U.S. military uses The Device‘s technology for constructing unknown anti-aircraft countermeasures. And according to the fact, that this technology was never handed over to the Americans completely, only partially, and the critical software updates must be still delivered from the European manufacturer, it means that a foreign company will clearly influence the U.S. defense industry, and the national security will be dependent on foreign technology – at least temporarily.

“I suggested to our economic committee to support the movie industry with new grants in the value of ten billion dollars,” the U.S. president concluded his speech. “And I will support the ban you proposed, until our movies will be fully competitive again.”

The Czech government refused to comment, whether this act could be considered as an economic sanction against Czech Republic, long time ally of the U.S. in central Europe. “Firstly, this issue has nothing to do with our international politics and interests. It’s rather a business dispute.” the spokesperson replied. “And no such ban still exists, so there is nothing to comment.”

In a next article, we will bring you an analysis of that mentioned anti-aircraft defensive system.

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