How to Beat McKinsey Consultants by Alan Svejk

For decades, these McKinsey highly self-confident boys and girls declared their supremacy in Business Intelligence. But that times are over. The famous Svejk family enters the same business battlefield… and in large!

How To Beat McKinsey Consultants by Alan SvejkIn the upcoming year of 2015, I plan some tiny PR/business operations. For example, influencing the Czech Presidential Election in 2018, and such small things (this will be announced soon).

But one issue really attracts me: to use my old Finance background (… where did I put that Samuelson book?), to combine it with PSYOPS abilities and experience, and to make a reliable system for the Future Economic Predictions, to compete with the current McKinsey kings and queens. Quite a courageous plan, but nothing is impossible for a professional!

Their long analyses are boring and questionable anyway… this needs some fun, so the retailers, manufacturers and common people of the world can touch the Future and use that exact Intelligence to their Business and Personal advantages!

I firmly believe, that 2015 will be full of economic opportunities and the infamous 2008 World Economic Crisis will end finally. The best time to start something new and show the world what you are made of (… hey, no similiarity with B. Madoff!)

So, be prepared for my upcoming breath-taking business reports, changing your life, and prepare for the bright economic future, shaped by the famous Svejk family, full of highly experienced accountants, consultants and financial advisors 😉

Download as PDF: How To Beat McKinsey Consultants by Alan Svejk

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