Hunter’s Instinct: Male Islamic Fashion Brand

For Man Who Loves To Hunt
For Man Who Takes What He Wants
For Man Who Aims At His Target
For Man Who Doesn’t Ask For Allowance
For Man Who Worships Allah and not sluts

Hunter’s Rules: Mindset of a Real Man
Hunter's Rules Sniper Target Prey Animal Scope Rifle Ambush Special Forces Sniping Army Fashion Brand Wu Corporation China Illuminati Conspiracy Man Male - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Our Fashion models:

Angel Andres (Islamic Spain)

Hassan Kiko (Islamic Switzerland)

Vladimir “Sasha” Mashkov (Islamic Russian Tatarstan, Serbian Paramilitary)

Willem Dafoe (corporate connection, Red Leaf military biotechnology – Imprivata)
The Hunter. Photo by Matt Nettheim.

Jan Motovsky (king of Czech female fashion models)
Jan Motovsky Katerina Motovska Murder Kidnapping Disappeared Missing Nice France Business Russian Mafia Conspiracy Czech fashion model Zuzana Jandova Miss - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

JUBA – photo not available (LebanonThe Vintage Terrorist)

Sniper HES 12.7 ammo
Mosin Nagant
Dragunov Juba – dress for Juba, sport tracking suit
Sniper Sasha Vladimir Mashkov
Sasha SIG SSG 3000 tracking suit Olympian Jacket Sarajevo 1984
Example of masculinity regardless of religion
M-82 antimaterial
AQUA Andros product

For her:

Woman’s Destiny: Islamic Fashion Brand
PHE-XX: The Operative. Ultimate Parfum Of Feminity

PHE-AA: Retain Your Beauty

Visit our Main Corporate Offices, located at Dubai, if you have Special Skills, but don’t forget to fill our obligatory Basic Questionnaire first
Consider employment in EXFOR Paramilitary SPECOPS ranks, a privately owned counterpart of CIA’s Special Activities Division, most suitable for ex-Special Forces and Military members, or Red Leaf – Military Biotech, for scholars and scientists, who prefer off-the-battlefield warfare

Wu Corporation: Business Activities

Alan Svejk