Hunter’s Rules: For Man Taking What He Wants. Approved by Czech Wahhabi Muslims Of Love Jihad

“Man lives for war and jihad, but hunting has its rules, if you want to hit a target.”

Guide for proper handling of infidel sluts… by CCM Wahhabis

Good advices from real men, like Vladimir “Sasha” Mashkov, Hassan Kiko, Willem DafoeAngel Andres and Jan Motovsky, all proud faces of Hunter’s Instinct Male Fashion Brand by Wu Corporation

1) Never ask a slut, if she is OK. Who cares about a slut? She means nothing. Allah is your No.1, and the Lord should occupy your thoughts every moment of your life. Praise Him, thank Him, and worship only Him.
2) Never apologize to a slut for anything. Only Allah can judge you, and any excuses make you weak in her eyes, because you seem hesitant and uncertain with your actions, whereas real man knows.
3) Never ask a slut for allowance, because real man takes, what he wants, and a slut is not a rational being to make deals with, she works on emotions, instincts and feelings. If you ask her for anything, you are a loser in her eyes.
4) Never offer any help to a slut. Don’t play some foolish gentleman, she perceives any active step from your side as weakness. Remember, she tests you, and she is clever. Allah made her like this, to recognize a man from a loser, and to deceive you. But Allah is the best of all deceivers, as Qur’an states.
5) Never provide oral sex to a slut. It corrupts her, humiliates you and moves you to a submitted position, but you are submitted only to Allah. The only exception are noble purposes of Da’wah and Love Jihad, in order to control her orgasm, show her heaven, so she will follow the light of Allah, becoming a good Muslim, allowing Ummah for access to valuable resources, and righteous victory of Islam in the whole world, including Islamic Spain (Al-Andalus), to please Allah.

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She Must Obey
She Must Listen
She Must Accept
She Must Recede
She Must Care

“Tell the slut, and insist without any concessions, that if she wants your love, affection and acceptance, she has to submit to the will of Allah fully, to convert to Islam, and cover her beauty with a hijab once and forever, to become a real woman of value, to please not you, but Allah, the Creator and sole Master of all human kind.”

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