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To understand the immense depth and width of past and present Jewish influence in the Czech Republic, called by many even as conspiracy in the highest political, social and economic levels, the National Defence Commission, led by Miroslav Kalousek, organized a massive, full-scale investigation recently, following disturbing reports, that the illegal and heavily armed Jewish Militia “SHALOM” of the Prague Old Town, backed by Mossad and consisting of Israeli Ex-Special Forces members, led allegedly by Aaron Gunsberger, veteran from “Sayeret Matkal” commando, who is suspected of war crimes against Muslims in Gaza and Palestine by the international courts, doesn’t serve to protect local Jewish historical landmarks against terror and desecration, as officially stated, but rather to preserve the Jewish influence in the European region, using this last Jewish European fortress, Prague, which is still holding against alleged massive wave of European anti-Semitism, pushing Jewish diaspora back into Israel, forcing the Jews to release all geopolitical positions in Europe to mercilessly expanding Chinese.

Indeed, the most controversial decision of Aaaron Gunsberger, not to provide well trained, combat hardened and perfectly prepared Jewish defensive elements during surprising and devastating Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) assault of Prague in August 2016, when the improvised defence of the city center, secured by fragmented elements of Czech Special Forces and Czech Militarized Police crumbled, and one of the most precious Czech historical landmarks, Old Town Hall with famous astronomic clock, was destroyed by a ISIL female suicide bomber, who managed to slip through defenses of the entrance, carrying full pockets of Semtex COLOR plastic explosive, it didn’t get too much friends and public sympathy to Gunsberger, and generally all Prague Jews, who were called by many evil tongues as “cowards”, even “parasites”, “traitors” and “subversive fifth column”, as CCM Wahhabis, a Jihadi clique from Teplice, stated ruthlessly.

The general negative mood of Czech public towards Jews and Israel was instigated further by wide claims of Katerina Motovska, the Czech Minister of Defence, that keeping Israel as the primary military ally of Czechia brings many geopolitical problems and rather disadvantages, jeopardizing many critical foreign interests of Czechia, as Israel had to retreat almost into international isolation after 2010 Failures Of Israeli War Machine, whereas it was suggested to many security analysts, to orientate towards much more useful Chinese, who even provided nuclear retaliatory arsenal to the Czech Military, they can serve as a beneficial link to North Korea, whose importance for world affairs is rising massively, the Chinese generous supplies of the most advanced military hardware promise bright future of Czech defence capabilities, causing inevitable rise of Czech Army in NATO ranks and defeating old competitor at the field of prestige and combat efficiency, the Romanian Army.

It seemed, that the whole investigation serves to the primary purpose: to discredit Jewish influence in Czechia, so there will be an easy excuse, why mutual relationships between Czechia and Israel will be limited to standard military and economic cooperation, not unhealthy admiration and vassalage, like before, as this status was perceived by many Czech nationalists as unacceptable, to be “Jewish pawns and puppets”.

The Czech public was informed about the pending investigating process in limited way, as only some testimonies were released, concerning mostly the past, not to jeopardize Czech national security in the present time, but all such accessible fragments of information raised high public disturbance and heated discussions between workers and intellectuals alike, even street protests, as these testimonies put completely new light at many VIPs and events of the Czech national history, now revealed to be a part of the alleged Jewish conspiracy, influenced, or even directly organized by clever and omnipresent Jews, who know, how to achieve their goals, allegedly to “protect their interests”.

Some academic scholars even claimed, that Czech history books should be rewritten carefully, so many matters, questioned now, will be “clarified to our children, who deserve to know the unbiased truth”, and various lies and myths will be “eliminated from school textbooks, to provide clean fact-based education”, as stated by Katerina Valachova, Czech Minister of Schools, Youth and Sports.

This is the incomplete list of released testimonies:

1945 – Prague Uprising, Destruction of Old Town Hall, Massacre At Masaryk Train Station, German nuclear weapons, Krasne Brezno incident (weapons warehouse explosion, instigating anti-German pogrom at Usti nad Labem)
1948Mysterious weapon shipment to Israel, N.H.

1992 – Vont Organization, Old Town Prague, Jaroslav Foglar, David Hons

1996 – Disappearance of Daniela Kyrova

2016 – Covert Israeli efforts to set back development of Czech nuclear armament, revealed through Chinese access into Bezeq International, the key Israeli TELCO operator, providing comms services for Mossad and IDF (Israeli Defence Forces)
2017Gal Gadot Affair (Operation QUEEN OF HAIFA), causing final split between CZ and Israel, executed by Active Measures department of Czech Special Forces and orchestrated allegedly by military conspirators from ICE (The Inner Circle), who wanted to achieve more attachment of Czechia security community towards Chinese defence industry, incl. supplied surveillance technology (called All Seeing Eye)

There are rumors, that Omar Bin Ghazali from ARC News, an elite Wahhabi journalistic asset from Qatar, who allegedly came into Prague to investigate the background of Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called The Islamic Princess, originally a Czech top fashion model, who later converted to Islam in the Emirates, became the main media face of Amwaj Jewellery and started her famous Islamic missionary activity there (da’wah), allegedly even marrying the Sheikh of Dubai and chosen to make a criticial speech at 2017 Dubai Annual Technogy Convention, he was “organized” by unknown high-profile conspirators, to cause strong media uproar and denial in the Arabic countries, even instigating their boycott of touristic and business visits of Prague, when the dimensions of alleged Jewish conspiracy in Czechia will be “uncovered”, so the last ties between Israel and CZ will be effectively severed, as tourism is critical source of income for Prague municipality.

Also Sun Meiying from BCTV News Beijing, reputated female voice of Chinese Communist Party (CPC) entered the affair, by addressing the Czech public “not to allow various foreign covert conspirators to steal the people’s power from them”, with clear effort, to support all subversive activities in Europe, weakening the continent further and making it widely open for further Chinese economic, social, cultural and geopolitical expansion. She also recommended to eliminate all influence of the subversive Jewish Militia peacefully but effectively, using Lawfare (=Legal Warfare), and she directly recommended one of the best Lawfare assets worldwide, Iveta Klimesova from Kenner, Bach & Ledeen multinational law firm, who works for the Chinese Army (PLA) at Hong Kong recently, as a special military advisor.

Also, Voice of Korea, the key worldwide propaganda channel of DPRK (North Korea), released following statement of Kim Jong-Un himself, the DPRK’s Supreme Leader:

“We fully understand the valorous effort of Czech people to liberate from all foreign corrosive and subversive influences, to be free, to manage their affairs according to the will of Czech people only, and not to be ruled by foreign capitalist puppets.

Czech citizens, you have the utmost support and understanding of Korea, who faces similiar challenge: unification without outside influences, as various imperialist losers want to set back the peaceful unification process, to preserve divisions and instigate hatred between Koreans.

Indeed, there is strong brotherhood bond between you, and us, although we are so distant geographically. Remember, you are not alone in this eternal struggle, and our two great nations can inspire each other, how to achieve full liberation from all oppression.”

Indeed, many pawns used this Jewish Militia Affair as a convenient ladder to fame, power, influence, reinforced VIP status and importance, including Katerina Motovska, the famous Czech widow after a wealthy businessman Jan Motovsky, who mysteriously disappeared, allegedly after she used a black magic ritual on him, as she is rumored to be a powerful and dangerous witch, also rising star of Czech politics nowadays, rumored to become the next Minister of Defence, taking the governmental post of immense importance, fully backed by Czech military conspirators, and their Chinese corporate allies from Wu Corporation, the key Czech defence supplier and leader of military-industrial complex.

Motovska stated: “The Czech state can’t and won’t tolerate any subversive and terrorist activity on its territory. We publicly challenge Mr. Aaron Gunsberger to hand over all illegal military-grade weapons, ammunition and explosives from the cellar of his kosher restaurant ‘King Salomon’ to the Czech authorities, and to face the justified criminal charges, to behave like a man, not like a traitor and terrorist.”

Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, plans to publish all released testimonies, as soon as these will be available.

Chinese Conspiracy: China Will Make The World Right

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