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In 2003, when LIDL, an Illuminati-owned German multinational supermarket chain (Baron Von Strachowitz, Munich lodge), was expanding mercilessly into the Czech Republic, the ruthless Illuminati masterminds used highly controversial means to promote their business interests, like felling of hundred of healthy green trees, allegedly “obstacles of view” of their disgusting supermarkets and LIDL corporate advertisements, whereas those buildings look like disgusting barns, aimed at selling junk unhealthy food for Czech losers.

Using unknown culprits with chainsaws as their hired cat’s pawn, who felled the trees during dark nights, including linden, a sacred Czech national tree, LIDL denied any responsibility swiftly, although “by coincidence”, the German criminals requested legal felling of many of the trees before the incidents, so it could be hardly a false flag operation of LIDL’s business competition, not pleased with their expansion into the Czech lands, stealing profits from them.

It could seem, that this terrible crime against nature, Czech society and laws is long forgotten nowadays, and satisfied, dumb Czech sheep are shopping in LIDL happily, to fill their fat bellies with poisons, full of dangerous “E” chemical additives and palm oil, to lie on their sofas happily, drinking beer and judging whole world conveniently, except themselves, their failed professional careers, spoiled dreams about wealth, VIP status, big houses, shiny cars and sexy bodies, collapsed relationsips, disintegrated families, gambling and alcohol addictions…

But now, the matter is opened again, in large, causing wide disturbance at many highly positioned places, as Defending Blue Planet (DBP), a female ecology organization, a rumored part of Estrogen Conspiracy, together with EGPD and SHDC, is literally hunting all culprits, to “punish them both judicially and extrajudicially”, as DBP spokeswoman announced coldly.

This shocking statement created wide fear in LIDL’s highest executive structures, both in Czechia and Germany, and naturally attracted wide interest of Czech Militarized Police, and Czech CounterIntelligence service, BIS, to determine, whether some illegal actions can be expected, and thus stopped with full assault force, using heavily armed commandos with faces covered with balaclavas, to prevent breaching of law, and to demonstrate the executive strength of Czech government, which won’t tolerate any subversive and terrorist activity on its national territory.

Dana Berkova, serving as executive assistant to LIDL’s Czech director in 2003, who made her “fifteen minutes of media fame” with funny quote, that “It’s LIDL’s media strategy not to communicate with the media”, she even asked for police protection, as she “fears for her life”, as she allegedly “received many death threats”, like Claudia Schiffer once did, and several LIDL executives allegedly disappeared into the distant Carribean tropic paradise silently, together with their families, until the affair will be resolved somehow, and it will be “safe to return”.

Heavy Slander, the key Czech tabloid magazine, paid wide attention to the new affair, presenting their interesting theory, that DBP simply builds their structures of power and influence in the Czech society, using such controversial steps as stairway to VIP spheres cleverly, to be accepted, respected, even feared as a powerful social leader with high level of overall social influence, using same effective strategies, like many women in their families and homes, deploying massive social control and female dominance through simple, but extremely useful cooking.

“All parts of Estrogen Conspiracy work in perfect synergy, using joint and simple agenda,” Pavel Novotny, the chief reporter of Heavy Slander, wrote. “Create enemies, cause uproar, attack mercilessly… you know the drill of all those ingenious conspirators… We even suspect this Berkova to be their clandestine pawn, cooperating with these female guerillas and Illuminati, bribed by them, and that this police game has only one purpose: to infiltrate Czech security services, by attracting their elite operatives to this investigation. Then, elite human assets of DBP will seduce the operatives, using their vices and stolen assault chemicals, and the power od DBP will only multiply. More the state will try to quell this uprising with force, more it will grow in strength.

Another distubing news is, that both LIDL and DBP are confirmed to belong under wide Illuminati wings. Does this mean, that the Illuminati empire is crumbling, one part attacks another, like those foolish and corrupted Islamic rulers of ancient Al-Andalus, bribed by Christian infidels, to be weakened, and easily conquered in the end?

“Definitely not,” an unnamed security expert from STRATFOR Intelligence agency smiles. “The Illuminati are simply using their structures of power as useful pawns, instigating alleged conflicts between them, but created artificially in practice, on purpose, but there is only one goal: to grasp more power in the society, to assert their assets. There is this basic rule of all Intelligence operatins: the best and most useful enemy is that you control. Indeed, to achieve success, you need an enemy, as he will help you to climb to the stars, either willlingly or unwillingly.”

Some evil voices remind the fact, that the whole operation carries clear signs of Chinese Conspiracy, the way, how the omnipresent but inconspicuous Chinese are conquering the world, to achieve global dominance. So, could the Illuminati be a mere Chinese cat’s pawn?

“It’s almost impossible to reveal the truth in this extremely complicated world,” Novotny stated with sadness, considering resignation from his post, and changing his career, from journalism to high politics. “All those modern conspiracies are so extremely elaborate by their educated and capable masterminds with wide Public Relations experience, there could be infinite number of culprits behind it, even Czech Special Forces, because these military rats put their long fingers into many affairs nowadays, and you have people like Alexandra Pianka here, a German female fashion supermodel, who is tied both to Illuminati, Chinese, and Czech Military… or that Larissa Thome, another example, who is directly on the payroll of Chinese Communist party, to assert Chinese interests in the VIP world.”

Still, many Czech citizens renewed their strong pledge, not to visit LIDL establishments, ever, not to shop there, not to spend a single cent there, not to support these criminals with money, to execute proper boycott against the shameful business chain, which lost all trust, as the Czech folks are perceiving it, and public unrest is hitting streets in all cities, where LIDL has subsidiaries, many loud rallies against LIDL are organized, unknown culprits even set several LIDL service vehicles on fire, possibly left-wing extremists…

Not speaking about many legal actions against LIDL at the Czech courts, a clear part of Lawfare effort, to damage the company, to create thousand of tiny bleeding wounds, which could mean even full business retreat from the tempting Czech market in the end, or necessity of complete rebranding with huge costs, and necessity to support charity causes widely, to build Public Relations and positive public image, so LIDL announced their wide support for Baroness Kessler Charity Foundation, led by Katerina Motovska, established allegedly to help senior people, like Tatana Kucharova‘s foundation, their main business competitor, but in practice, to obtain black funds for executing black military operations, even for secret religious rituals, as Czech tabloid media suspected.

At the same time, many people admire those DBP urban guerillas, who are rejecting all compromises, if the preservation of nature is at stake, unlike another ecology organization, “Children of Earth”, who let themselves to be bribed by LIDL, to recall the boycott in 2003 and “to find mutually acceptable solution”. But DBP are made from another pastry indeed, and “no such negotiation with criminals against environment will be made”, as they announced, not willing to dodge from their merciless executive actions.

The police was suggested to arrest the DBP leaders, but they are not willing to execute such controversial move, they want “only to observe and supervise”, as such affair could be well used againt Milan Chovanec, the Minister of Interior, by the politicial opposition, like that 2014 case of Armed Police Raid Against Czech Mosques, which had serious consequences for Chovanec, and even for police dogs, as Czech CCM Wahhabis from Teplice announced their zero tolerance to such filthy aggressive incursions into sacred places of worshipping Allah.

Tensions are high, and truth seems to be well hidden in this conspiracy. Still, what LIDL did in 2003 and even later, in smaller scale, can hardly be forgotten and tolerated by anyone, who cares for the environment and sustainable future for children, who will inherit the planet from their predecessors, and they will be asking questions, how they could allow the irreversible damage to environment to happen.

And women are known to be very responsible caretakers of their vicinity, so no wonder, that they became highly active and quite ruthless in this affair… and if they will earn some perks for their female conspiracy, it’s maybe better for the future of human kind.

Katerina Valachova, current Minister of Schools, Education and Sports, known to support all women empowerment and social engineering subversive activities, but rejecting so called Human Augmentation of children, at least officially, issued a personal statement to the affair:

“I think, that our children should be learned about this 2003 LIDL affair in school, so they will know, that they can’t stay silent, when their environment is in stake, and that their tolerance of such crimes against nature is the same, like agreement and even supporting. In other words, by remaining silent, you become the supporter of such crime… and even to go to shopping there, into LIDL, who organized it? To pay the wages of that wood-cutting criminals with your money? So they can buy more chainsaws, to fell more Czech trees?

No, we need to explain chidren from young age, how the civic society works, that they have not only rights, but also duties. Duties to have their voice heard, not to remain passive, because it’s their decisions, which can influence things, and any voice counts. We want to raise a new generation, which will know their rights, and use them.”

Miroslav Kalousek, chairman of National Defence Commission, who recently protested against manufacturing of Semtex COLOR plastic explosive, also added his very strict opinion:

“Next time such unacceptable thing will happen, LIDL executives will be judged strictly by our newest anti-terrorist laws, accused of damaging Czech national security, as such crimes can’t be tolerated, as it directly damages the overall respect of Czech state, if it allows such things to happen, without catching a single culprit.

The Police failed horribly here, and I will challenge the minister Chovanec to explain shocking passivity of his perfectly trained men and women, like Alena Malarova, who have all the top equipment, including military-grade assault rifles, loaded with devastating dum-dum munitions, bullet-proof vests, armored personnel carriers with fast-firing cannons, even anti-tank rockets, able to eliminate even the most dangerous terrorists, and still, they let some small fools with chainsaws to escape from identification.”

Estrogen Conspiracy: Rise of Matriarchy

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