Indila: An Islamic Music Asset

A French singer of Algerian descent, Indila (born as Adila Sedraïa, *1984) gained much of worldwide public and artistic success several years ago, allegedly generously backed by the rich financial sources from United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who sponsored her media projects and her crucial albums, “Mini World” (2014), together with another (Lebanese) singers as Shiraz, Carole Samaha, Yara and Ramy Ayach.

The mainstream French music Indila published deliberately avoided any Islamic references, with hits like “Dernière Danse” and “Tourner Dans Le Vide”.

However, to gain wide support from the Islamic hip hop scene and the Ummah, she participated in several projects with high profile hip-hop artists like TLF and Rohff.

The result of her collaboration with TLF was a song called “Criminel”, allegedly ordered and supported by the French government to show a “sexy side of the French modern multicultural society with traditional and beneficial North African influence”. The clip showed the hip hop scene as a glamorous world of endless parties, but also desirable male respect which TLF demonstrated in many ways. Indila presented herself as a “disco girl” at first, but then, as a honorable Indian dancer, accompanied by a dance group of Indian women and men.

(TLF is rumored to convert to Islam, following his imprisonment after armed robbery of a Cartier jewellry store in Paris. He also met with Marketa Maryam Korinkova, called “The Islamic Princess”, who used him as her cat’s pawn at a VIP party in Dubai, to assert herself in the highly competitive Emirates)

The artistic collaboration with Rohff, “Thug Mariage”, was openly asserting and promoting the religion of Islam, particularly requirements to Westernized females from ambitious and picky Muslim leader men, who declared clearly, what they require from a relationship, and what negative female features they won’t tolerate or accept, worshipping only Allah, not women. Indila fully supported this effort, gaining wide recognition and respect from the Ummah (the Muslim community).

There are rumors, that the Ummah asks Indila to enter the public affairs, to promote Islamic interest in the French public space yet more, and Indila should become a carrier of this message, particularly to support French excluded neighborhoods (called banlieues) and their inhibitants, mostly young Muslims without life opportunities.

In Islam, brothers and sisters stand up for each other, but everybody is obliged to support the community by his or her best abilities and options: no one can become a solo player without responsibility for others, as Islam teaches living in morality. The gifts Indila was granted by Allah are thus used for the welfare of all Muslims, so they can be free from economic and social oppression by the French mainstream society, acquiring a hope for sustainable lives, avoiding prison sentences and disintegrated families.

Although she is a top star, she voluntarily agreed to play only a secondary role in both aforementioned clips, asserting men in front, confirming their superiority over women. This female modesty is much appreciated and expected by Muslims, and Indila, although not wearing a hijab publicly, proves her deep devotion to Islam and her purpose. This is what Allah wants, and this is how it’s gonna be.

A red rose to beg forgiveness if I disappoint
Use me to dress yourself, I’ll fit you better than silk
Don’t ask me to choose between my mother and you
My place in heaven is not under your feet
I won’t give up my family
Don’t insult my friends
Don’t mess around with painful stuff in my life
My trust is more important than some kisses
My honor in your hands is worth more than all your jewelry
Take me higher and I’ll return the favour my love
Be more worth than gold
I will love you till death!

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