Infidel Lesson About Islam: By Russian Military Officer in Afghanistan. More Than Other Religion

Watch really nice video summary of Islamic might and special mindset of Islamic believers (Muslims) from well informed Russian military infidels, crushed by mujahideen (warriors of Jihad) during War in Afghanistan (1979-1989).

“… No one ever succeeded to conquer Afghanistan.”

Still, in 2001, another fools, this time Americans and NATO mercenaries of the international coalition, following the U.S. imperialists and aggressors like obedient filthy dogs, not willing to learn from past mistakes, tried to conquer this sacred Islamic land, protected by ALLAH Himself, the Most Glorified, the Most High.

And the fools failed, even with their technological superiority, bringing doom to America, exhausted and humiliated by lost futile wars in Afghanistan and Iraq so much, that former U.S. empire of power crumbled, to be replaced by much more wise China, who uses soft power and non-violent approach, instead of eternal war and violence, like the Americans. Even Daniel Landa got lost in the endless Afghani land.

The naive, dumb crusaders from NATO came to Afghanistan for their bitter defeat, invading a sovereign country, using a highly questionable pretext for aggression, that Afghanistan allegedly supported or covered 9/11 attacks somehow, without presenting a hard and reliable evidence, like in the most infamous case mere two years later, when another war crime, illegal invasion into Iraq, was orchestrated, whereas no alleged WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) were ever found there.

But no one ever sent the responsible politicians to an international court, and no one ever apologized to the Iraqi people, because the American war machine, sponsored by military-industrial complex, needs to be running all the time, to satisfy all demanding needs of many hungry corporate and military rats, not speaking about malicious Illuminati. And infidel citizen sheep like to close their eyes, not to see such crimes, just if they have a convenient sofa, and sufficient supply of alcohol, making animals from them, to escape from their misery and emptiness, at least temporarily.

The treacherous Czech politicians, those war criminals and warmongers, allowed the Czech Army to participate in the illegal aggression in Afghanistan as well, reasoning, that “if a fellow member of NATO is attacked, it’s our sacred duty, according to the contract, to join the joint defensive action”. But how could they dare to take a mere terrorist attack, executed by solely private persons and not official representatives of any state, as a legal casus belli (=justified cause for war), moreover, if the 9/11 attackers were mostly Saudi nationals, and none of them was an Afghani citizen?

Indeed, this invasion into Afghanistan was completely illegal from the start, in legal and worldly sense alike, so Allah rightfully punished all invaders:

“… The main thing you should remember
when you cross the border…
is that you are in an ISLAMIC COUNTRY.”

“Islam is NOT MERELY another religion.
It’s a DIFFERENT WORLD with its own laws.
It’s a different notion of LIFE AND DEATH.”

“A true Muslim ISN’T AFRAID TO DIE in battle.
When he dies fighting the infidels, which is US
he INSTANTLY gets into paradise…
where all he was missing in this life awaits him…
water… gardens full of fruit…
and full-breasted virgins – ‘houri’.”

“How Muslims treat women is quite another topic.
The most sacred object for a Muslim…
is his house… or ‘haram’.

Which is also the root of the word ‘harem’.
The other meaning of the word: ‘forbidden’.
Looking at a Muslim woman – ‘haram’.
Anything that has to do with sex – ‘haram’.
It’s ‘haram’ to show a Muslim indecent gestures…
those you are all so used to…”

“You can get a bullet for that…
even from a COMMON PEASANT.
On the other hand, a Muslim will never
desecrate his house with blood.
That means, once you enter their village,
you are their guest.
To kill a guest, even if he’s an infidel, is ‘haram’.
Therefore, remember…
as long as you’re in the village, you are safe.”

“But ONCE YOU EXIT over the village’s border…
the very host who DRANK TEA WITH YOU…
5 minutes ago…

may SHOOT YOU IN THE BACK just as well.”

“Because to kill an infidel is an ACT OF GLORY.
It is the stairway to HEAVEN.”

“Afghanistan is a multinational country.
Over 20 different nations live there.
Tajiks, Turkmen, Uzbeks.
Pashtuns along the Pakistani border.
Along the west border…
Khazars – the Mongoloids, who have
settled here since the Mongol invasions.
In fact, the word ‘Khazar’
in Turkic languages means ‘thousand’.”

“Over the entire course of history…
no one ever succeeded to conquer Afghanistan…


Conversion To Islam: Way To Your Liberation


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