Innocence of Children Lost: Imprivata Offers Human Augmentation For National Security

Earlier today, it was proudly announced by Imprivata NextGen Health Care IT Systems, an American subsidiary of Chinese multinational Wu Corporation, suspected of sinister Illuminati connection (particularly Munich lodge), that so called Human Augmentation commercial services are now offered to worldwide public, and all responsible parents, who want only the best for their children, naturally, are challenged to secure VIP future of shining social, business, political or military success for their beloved offsprings, by using so called HUG procedure on them, consisting both of psychological and technological means, so hidden qualities and new skills of kids can be obtained, so they can succeed in present extremely competitive and complex, decadent Western world, still deeply in the economic crisis from 2008, where you have to be really ruthless, to prevail, so your dreams about yachts, villas, shiny cars, private airplanes and VIP parties for “golden youth” can become true.

imprivata-impr-health-care-medical-corporation-conspiracy-chinese-china-world-illuminati-technology-nextgen-us-multinational-it-system-human-augmentation-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsBut the astonished public learned soon, that this paradigm shift in modern health care and extending human capabilities further is highly controversial, as Imprivata was suspected earlier already, that they want to become covert rulers of the world, such is the everlasting Illuminati agenda, using extremely sensitive data of unsuspecting patients as battering ram for worldwide conquest, as Imprivata is the world’s leading supplier of IT Health Care systems, and they successfully removed (using Subversive Lawfare, or LAWAR, favorite Chinese measure) or covertly bought all their business competition effectively, getting practical monopoly on such valuable data access and processing. And now, it seems, that HUG is the perfect tool for executing their big malicious plans, using children to promote their interests of power and influence, to have a massive lever against their parents, who make decisions instead of them.

Even the current Imprivata advertisement campaign speaks clearly this way, extorting parents emotionally with unseen, even devastating strength, but also with high effectivity, as the best Public Relations assets and the most merciless media vultures are allegedly on the Imprivata payroll: anyway, what parent would let his beloved child to lose? Who would deny such promising advantages to his or her cute blonde princess, or prince?

And the matter got yet complicated, when it was revealed by the Czech security community quite openly, that the state has its own serious interests in deploying HUG on people widely, particularly VIPs, the key parts of the society, and all responsible citizens, who want to contribute to counter-terrorism prevention and maintaining national security, should consider the procedure, which is now still voluntary, but most likely mandatory in the close future, at least for VIPs, as the modern Orwellian Western corrupted states like to use “salami method”, when deploying new measures of mass surveillance and stripping citizens of their freedoms slowly, so they don’t protest too much, not launching undesirable revolutions against their corrupted rulers, like Katerina Valachova, in the streets.

After 9/11, the “free” and “democratic” Western world had to learn the hard way, how difficult is to find the healthy balance between security, preserving safety of citizens, and morality, preserving human rights. Immense mass surveillance is the reality of the contemporary world, but at least it’s not painful for the fragile human bodies, people don’t die and suffer physically: but there are also other very questionable measures, allegedly to protect national security and citizens, like extrajudical killings, torture, kidnappings of suspected terrorists, drone airstrikes without regards of national borders or international law, with wide inevitable deaths of innocent civilians (collateral damage)… and no one was ever punished for these crimes, because the Western fools believe all those false sweet promises, that their safety has a price, so they even approve these actions of their governments and security apparatus silently, or maybe they are too ignorant, too dumb, in spite of their University education.

Who of those ignorant fools would care about poor civilians at Yemen, Gaza or Syria? Western fools are too busy playing with their technological toys and Pokemon Go, indeed a gift from Devil himself, watching their big-screen TVs with generally decadent content, to have their minds completely brainwashed by the Western state-sponsored propaganada of consumerism, dumbness and sheep passivity. But now, they had to wake up from their dream, that foul security tactics can protect them conveniently, as they realize, that it all maybe went too far this time. And it’s only a beginning of an incoming avalanche.

Surprisingly, it was not the tabloid media, who informed about so called FIN, or Family Incest Warfare, allegedly being used as a higher interest measure on a particular group of Czech citizens and even foreign nationals. This issue is so extremely hot and sensitive matter, that even these ruthless tabloid media vultures felt, that they can be damaged by immediate backlash, as they would be suspected from creating a conspiracy against Czech military and security apparatus, endangering the national security, and disturbing the society, with clear legal and practical consequences (including possibility of using Extreme Control Measures and executive action against them).

It’s hard to imagine, that reputated Pavel Novotny, the Heavy Slander tabloid magazine CEO and Chief Reporter, always hunting for media sensations, like mad, not afraiding of anyone, he remained silent this time, at least in the beginning… you can imagine, that it had to be something really hardcore.

And without any doubt, misusing forbidden incest (=sexual relations between direct relatives) and mind control for the purposes of national interests… that is really strong coffee for anyone. And we are not talking about single, isolated incidents “ad hoc” here… it’s about systematic, mass misusing parents against children, but also vice versa, simply implementing this extremely questionable of special warfare and promoting national interests, and that’s the most disturbing.

Can you imagine, that your beloved child becomes a ruthless brainwashed machine, to be used against you, like in George Orwell’s “1984” novel? It would lose its innocence indeed, and it can’t be ever retrieved, when they would steal its soul, either the terrorists, or the state, and borders between them are hard to be recognized. And this is, what they do, those malicious masterminds, speaking about national security preservation like scratched vinyl records, repeating this magical alleged mantra like mad, so all the rules cease to be valid.

Estrogen Mafia Infidel Female Special Forces NATO Islam - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military AffairsTo understand this issue well, one needs to return a few years into history, when Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, an alleged elite paramilitary formation of the Special Forces of the Czech Army, was established outside official defence structures deliberately, to be pefectly hidden under all sniffing public radars, losing accountability and influence of control measures, including The Defence Commission, to execute the most sensitive, delicate and questionable operations of Czech national interests, mostly in the civilian environment, both home and abroad.

Although its existence was never confirmed by the Ministry of Defence, or any official body of government, to preserve full plausible deniability, it became something like public secret, and many citizens even supported the Unit’s actions, when certain details were released by the tabloid media occasionally, as people were claiming, that Czech Republic needs these highly efficient Special Forces bandits with their hands not tied with endless laws and orders and rules and morality, to secure fully sustainable future for the nation in this fragmented, unstable and dangerous world, full of economic crises, unrest, conflicts, massive migration waves and terrorism.

And the Unit really used absolutely anything they could, to promote Czech national interests and security, hiding under one of their slogans, “Creating Good by Committing Bad”, including connection with infamous and feared Military-Industrial complex, to obtain the most state-of-the-art weaponry, like PSY, nuclearchemical weapons and special ammunition, including even rumored assassinations, false flag attacks, illegal medical interventions on people, brainwashing citizens for higher interest, breaching both domestic and international law countless times…

Indeed, the list of The Unit’s potential crimes is endless, but no one was ever called for responsibility, although thousands of politicial promises were made…. but The Unit had their operatives and collaborators well placed everywhere already, including higher places (=Ministry of Defence and higher), so all investigations and legal actions went into void eventually, and the Czech public considered these political efforts only as a cheap way to get Public Relations points, so the political rats could be elected again, and they needed a poor scapegoat to provoke “righteous anger” in hungry plebs, who always needs an archenemy to relieve their misery, bad feelings and life failure, so they are grateful for such pleasant opportunity, to “release the steam”, if you explain them patiently, who the enemy is, and that only he is the obstacle for ultimate happiness of the nation, and the cause of all national problems, even the bad weather.

But even that strange, mysterious world of Special Forces and military conspiracies, it’s like with everything… once you start, it’s hard to stop, and sometimes, your obsession to reach further, higher, to cross more alleged borders, to surpass your old competitors, like the reputated PSYOPS Unit of Romanian Army, to create a world with your own rules, defeating your powerful enemies, who are allegedly always massing at the national borders, to steal freedom from us, or at least you claim it publicly, to get more taxpayers money for the desirably inflated defense budget, can lead you astray, and poor citizens, unable to defend themselves, relying on you, putting their trust into your powerful hands, can wake up into a nightmare one day, which you have created.

When the ultimately devastating, but also deterring nuclear arsenal of the Czech Military was introduced, it effectively divided the Czech society into two adverse groups: one strongly condemning this extreme, non-ecological and allegedly even non-Islamic measure (according to one questined fatwa) of preserving national sovereignity for any cost, and second group supporting it, to prevent any future enemy invasion, humiliating the nation again, like in 1938, 1968 and particularly 2016. But everybody understood, that in order to become one of the eight most powerful countries of the world, owners of the nuclear armament, many concessions from the law and morality have to be made, and the Czech state passed some kind of point of no return, like skiing from a steep slope, when you can hardly stop, only continue further, without any certainty, how the mad ride will end.

And now, the matter went yet further, when it was stated by an anonymous Inner Circle (ICE) member, most likely a high-ranked military officer, or even general of the Czech Army, that the Czech public should be informed about latest development, when extreme measures will be deployed not only externally, against North Korea or other potential foreign (apparent) enemies, but internally, on innocent Czech citizens.

“You learned to live with mass surveillance, and the voices against it diminished eventually,” the unknown conspirator stated. “Now, you need to understand, that in order to prevent the omnipresent Islamic State from stealing our key human assets, critical for Czech national security and interests, like Lenka Lenny Filipova, we need to make proper adjustments, make right moves and decisions, so these assets will remain under the control, not to be used against us all.”

Indeed, the Islamic State started with this cowardly, but ingenious tactics first, with mass extortion of European VIPs, using inconspicuous harbingers, women and children, and the world had to react somehow, even for a high price of breaking laws, morality and stealing innocence. But as the Inner Circle states, extraordinary times are demanding extraordinary measures… and in this present decadent world, no one is really innocent anyway.

“If we want to survive, and defend against our mighty enemies, who are always waiting for a chance to stab our backs, the key assets of the society have to take more responsibility for the whole nation. And it also means, that they will realize the potential threat, coming from their children, those alleged innocent angels, who can be turned into the most devastating weapons, as their parents would do just anything for them, to save them, to help them to prevail, including killing other human beings and supporting terrorists.

Let me ask you a simple question, responsible parents: if the Islamic State would kidnap your child, and they would announce, that either your child, or a group of innocent civilians will be let alive, and you have to choose… most definitely you would vote for your child, presenting thousand of reasons, why exactly your child is more important, than other innocent men, women and children. Indeed, you would let thousand of people to be executed, in order to save your child… even million, even the whole human kind, it’s your firm parental relfex, to protect your child at all costs. But from rational angle of view, and interests of the whole nation, such choice is very dangerous for the national security.

Imagine, that you would serve as an operator of the Czech nuclear missile, and the IS terrorists would kidnap your beloved child, saying, that either you will launch the rocket, armed with devastating 10 megaton nuclear warhead, against a metropolitan area, killing millions, or your child will be executed. What would you do? Be honest, you would issue the launch order, again, presenting countless of reasons, even lying to the world, that you do it not for your child, or yourself, but national interests.

And this is, what disturbs us. This creates a weak, risky link in our society, and the terrorists know about it, exploiting it widely. This needs to be changed.

And it’s also in your interest, to have more control of the child. Because if the Islamic State will kidnap it, and brainwash it for executing treacherous and even violent tasks against us, and the state, your child could become a legitimate target for the Militarized Police, our ‘Executive Action’ merciless Special Forces operators and their high-calibre weapons. You will lose it in the end. So use all means to protect it, without regards of some morality, and prevent this bad end to happen.”

Needless to say, what kind of massive wave of unrest this shocking statement caused in the Czech society, but the official Military structures absolutely denied any connection, calling it “subversive action of our enemies against us”, and when a large rally of concerned VIP parents was called in front of Ministry of Defence building, located in Prague-Dejvice, the Ministry spokesperson clearly and loudly condemned the alleged ICE statement, marking it as “provocation and complete lie, even absurdity”, whereas the common folk remained passive, not supporting the protests too much, they even laughed, and presented their dark satisfaction, that VIPs will taste bitter medicine of life at least once, after they oppressed and humiliated common poor people with their wealth, glamour, style, VIP status, big villas, cars and yachts, not sharing with losers.

And there was nobody to receive the following avalanche of complaints, as all state offices, including Police and courts, simply put their hands away, insisting firmly, that the ICE statement is a fabrication, it doesn’t belong into their competence, and there is nobody to be persecuted, whereas the Czech Counterintelligence service, BIS, refused to provide any comment.

Angered VIP people soon received the hidden message: they are simply pulling the shorter end of rope here, and freedom has a price, so it’s their turn now, to contribute to the welfare of the whole community.

Alena Seredova V - Alan Svejk VIP AffairsThen, an Czech female VIP socialite, mother and former fashion modelMiss Czech 1998 runner-up, Alena Seredova, stepped onto the scene, making her own bold public statement, and introduced alternative approach to the issue, more favorable, although many evil voices suspected her, that she just want to create easy publicity for herself, as her alleged big Italian media career failed a little bit, and she wanted to make the fire of success and public attention burning again, or that she is even a mere media phantom, a puppet, created by the Unit deliberately, bribed or extorted, to turn the public favor to their malicious cause, because dumb plebs likes to listen to VIPs, shaping their opinion with the VIP’s “tender help”.

“Every parent loves his or her children so deeply, and you would do anything for them indeed, even if other people would condemn you,” she said with deep emotion in her seducing female voice. “We live in complicated times, and only those willing to go unexpectedly far will survive, both on macro and micro level. So, when the authorities suggested to many people, to enhance the children with a GPS tracking chip, not to lose them, many of you was mortified at first, saying ‘Never!’ at first, that you won’t steal freedom from them cute angels, never…

But have a look, what is the real face of the world in which we live in. Those terrorists won’t stop doing anything to destroy us. Will we only watch it, full of fear? Now, the Military says, that either we, the VIP parents will help them in their cause, or we will possibly lose our children, who will find other and very malicious masters, very dangerous people, those terrorists, hidden between us, following them with devotion and listening obediently, unlike us, even letting them to be misused for committing various crimes, so the evil tentacles of terrorism can spread further. 

To be a parent is a big responsibility indeed, moreover, to be a VIP parent, so let’s speak clearly: you should submit your children to the HUG procedure voluntarily. If this is, what you can do for your children, and your state: then be it.

They said it well: a parent is ready to pay any price for their child. So it’s your turn now, to do something good for the higher interest, whereas the whole community will protect the children, our only hope for the futgure in many senses, against terrorists. And one day, the kids will thank us, for making good decision in the breaking hour.”

Now, it has to be reminded, that it’s still not known, how the procedure works exactly, as there are no witnesses to provide open testimony: using of The Device against subjects prevents it with reliability. The alleged conspirators use an ingenious approach indeed, creating deep fear in the parents at first, and offering them “premium” solution immediately, how to help their families. And then, the celebrities and VIPs, social leaders, are making social and visible moves, passing the message further, inspiring others to follow, so even the latest loser without TV or Internet knows, what is happening, and what is expected from him, or her. This is the perfect way, how you promote your goals in the society, regardless how questionable these are, and this is, what The Unit does, even in Austria and United Arab Emirates, because with money and media assets in your pocket, you can even persuade the world, that the planet is flat (but it really is, according to some Islamic scholars).

The same treacherous approach was used 15 years ago by the Czech government, who sponsored several high-profile female celebs secretly, to promote natality and having children, as the forecasts of Western demography were not optimistic. So, several VIP females were bribed generously, to show, how great and sexy the maternity allegedly is, inspiring plebs fools, following the women leaders faithfully, moreover, if corrupted glossy fashion magazines started promoting this trend too, and the VIPs really need publicity all the time, so it was desirable development for them in all senses.

Plus, many outdated and expired fashion models could continue in their media career this way, simply changing from young shining beauty, which disappeared slowly, to shining mature maternity, extending their durability for another ten or even twenty years, and appreciated by the society, reaping wide public respect and admiration, because we allegedly need those kids, next poor taxpayers and slaves of capitalism, to pay for our pensions, and to sponsor all that corrupted state officials, not speaking about further shameful military interventions and “humanitarian bombings” abroad to “liberate” foreign nations, following American NATO aggressors like their obedient dogs (=particularly Poland).

Or before entering into the European Union (EU) in 2003. In their PR campaign, to influence voters before referendum, the treacherous Czech government only presented advantages of this extremely fateful step, not mentioning a single word about risks, problems, dangers, disadvantages. How could they forget, or “forget” to add also the negative side, in the form of warnings, as any matter in the world has it not purely white or black, but more complicated and colorful?

No, they didn’t bother to be “fair”, as nobody wanted to hear about the possible unpleasant future anyway, to listen to evil voices of fortune-tellers, ruining your good mood. And the fools had so concrete vision of the corrupted Capitalist paradise they wanted so much, like in 1989, when they believed so called Velvet Revolution (or Velvet Fraud) and its corrupted leaders, controlled puppets of secret state police, like Vaclav Havel, promising endless paradise and welfare too, like if they would be some god with unlimited powers, but there is only one God, it’s Allah. And look: the promised paradise never happened. But you believed the traitors again, voting for them again, giving them power, only to cry tomorrow and to curse them.

Monika Maresova - Alan Svejk VIP Affairs VAnd the similar strategy of Public Relations approach is used by Saudi Arabia today, to promote Islam and Wahhabism worldwide: simply getting key assets in the society, making beneficial business with them, and they can promote any idea you want, like Monika Maresova allegedly did, working as a media face of Woman’s Destiny, an Islamic fashion brand, and she also participated in that nasty alleged affair, also connected with The Unit, when alleged military conspirators wanted to extend the military budget and deploy more surveillance on people, so a false flag attack of the Islamic State was orchestrated, using Special Forces personnel in disguise, and she was allegedly playing one of the main roles, an innocent female (alleged) victim of the merciless ISIS terrorists, a pure white angel, who allegedly never hurt anybody, to emphasize the terrorist threat for the dumb Czech sheep, so they will understand, even with their limited capabilities, what needs to be done: to pledge support for the Military and security apparatus.

In the end, the fools will be begging Wu Corporation and Imprivata, to execute “The HUG Procedure” on them, and their offsprings, and they won’t conceal this experience, on the contrary, they will flaunt with the fact, like fashion models with their disgusting silicone breasts, like if mutilating your body with plastic fillings would be normal, natural and maybe even sexy, and the experienced, but also merciless and too well paid PR team of Imprivata rushes with appropriate slogans like:

“Give your child more love. Be a better parent. Protect your beloved ones from danger.” – who wouldn’t hear those sweet arguments?

“The world is changing, and so are we.” – very literal in this sense, although used by Commercial Bank in the past already. Being a cyborg, isn’t it cool and trendy?

“Your Child is Chosen.” – because any parent believes, that exactly his or her child is special, and born to achieve great things… so why not to make the good choice? Why not to be a leader, running in front of others, those dumb fools, who never understand quickly enough, what needs to be done, to secure fully sustainable future for your family? And you want to defeat them, so they won’t steal opportunities for your child!

If the corporate rats would promise you, that they can change your child into an unstoppable future elite warrior (man), or sexy princess (woman), wouldn’t you agree, as you want only the best for them, not to be average, to become another loser, but to become somebody, a person you always wanted to be youself, but you failed, from many reasons? Why shouldn’t and couldn’t your child remedy your mistakes? Why shouldn’t it get the chance, which you lost, being robbed by unfavorable circumstances and consequences of your own bad choices?

Regarding the content of The Procedure, it can be divided into two parts: effects on parents (who can experience it too), and children.

The first, mature group is exposed to The Device for brainwashing and “opening their souls for new infuences”, and then, unknown Imprivata medical procedure is executed on them, possibly using nanotechnology and biochips, or specialized chemicals.

Children are exposed to The Device as well, making effective mind slaves from them, but there is also that sinister Gronholm Method used on them, originally invented by German Military around 1914, developed later into an advanced and complex system nowadays, how to identify the key personality features in the young age, with option to enforce the skills, talents and positive prerequisites, and suppress the mistakes and vulnerabilities, including those impersonating threat for public order, like desire for violence and willingness to commit criminal acts.

Indeed, in the end, you child can become an elite – but there will be a price to pay for this ultimate achievement, not only in terms of money and health risks. It would be too easy, just to pay money and to send your child to Imprivata Ethiopian laboratories, where The Procedure is allegedly executed, so it can return as a future President, reputated scientist, Miss Czech or admired sportsman – but they want you to pay with your blood, literally, they want you to be an accomplice of their possible crime against humanity, as many Western evil tongues are saying, so you will be submitted to that masterminds, not able to do anything against them, like to steal their secrets, to speak into media, to lead the anti-augmentation coalition of “concerned parents”.

They want and need you, to share the guilt, so they can say: “Our technology doesn’t make crimes against nature. It’s people, who want better future for their children, and themselves, we only fulfill their wishes, not accepting any moral questions and eternal cheap criticism. It’s the parents who made the decisions to alter the relationship to their children in all senses: either giving them sustainable future, or letting them to be led astray by omnipresent terrorists, always waiting for a chance to strike and hit us all.”

Of course, that if Imprivata and Wu Corporation would offer these special services just on commercial base, people would pay them anything, so tempting the alleged results are. But there is also state, the government, the military and security apparatus, who want and need to use the situation to their favor: so they assert their own needs, to have more control over you, and the newly created human assets. Also, there needs to be some kind of regulation: the created “cyborgs” need to be controlled, so they won’t turn their special skills against the state one day, becoming extremely capable and thus dangerous revolutionaries, guerilla, and terrorists…

But the Military and security apparatus needs public enemies, to deserve their golden coins, to prove their alleged key importance for public order, so it’s possible, that in many cases, they deliberately allow these enemies of the society to be created and acting, even creating them secretly, because the terrorists, without knowing it, serve to the states as unpaid collaborators, even by committing criminal acts, however ridicously it sounds – no wonder, that many Intelligence services are orchestrating fake terrorist actions, to achieve their own goals.

And the state will always use any situation and pretexts to strengthen its influence in the society more, so 9/11 was literally blessing for many, many entities, including weapon manufacturers and merchants… but they need to sell yet more of their deadly arsenal, so they maybe even pray for another and yet more devastating terrorist attacks, helping their business just perfectly (ironically, the Wu Corporation is a weaponproducer as well, really strange coincidence).

Anyway, the state simply can’t allow you to obtain such ultimate “toys”, augmented humans, even if those are your children, just like that – so you will pay, you and the kids will submit, and most importantly, you will share. And Imprivata, which executes the operation directly, had to accept these strict rules as well… but why not?

the-wu-corporation-business-company-multinational-military-defense-industry-illuminati-conspiracy-shanghai-china-salzburg-teplice-s-alan-svejk-vip-islamic-military-affairsTheir mother multinational corporation, “Wu”, are powerful, important and influential defence supplier anyway, playing by the state rules, at least partially and apparently, still promoting their secret agenda, how to use the state security needs for ruling the world, fulfilling the principal task of Chinese Communist Party masterminds, but using only soft power, not endless wars and futile violence like the foolish American crusaders, who wanted to defeat Islam, and they only destroyed themselves, and their former might, by losing in two exhaustive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their foolish War On Terror failed terribly, as laughing bandits of the Islamic State are extending their infuence into more and more other countries, not to be defeated easily, as they infiltrate the infidel society ingeniously, including weaknesses of security apparatus, including vices of police officers.

Read about Larissa Thome, suspected to be a brainwashed fashion model in Chinese service:

This whole game is indeed opening a Pandora’s Box, and who knows, how it will end? And who is standing behind it?

But who cares about some boring conspiracies and endless intellectual debates! The most important information is, fools, that The HUG Procedure is quite reasonably and affordably priced, it costs only 80.000 USD, as a part of “initial limited offer”. So, reserve your space in Wu Corporation’s Dubai offices soon, not to miss your spot, how to create better future for your children, and yourself!


BUY NOW, don’t let the unique chance to escape, to lose again, fools!

And don’t forget to kiss the feet of Imprivata’s medical personnel, to demonstrate your endless affection for their great help in your family’s cause! That white coats… aren’t they even angels?

Read about Zuzana Jandova, a Czech Elite fashion model, who allegedly participated in an Illuminati Mind Contol test, and she allegedly met one of the AUG children, as she testified:

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