Inside Wu Corporation: Magic land of Special Skills

Some call her the most important company in the world history, some despise her and her special recruitment methods, which brought her immense business success: Wu Corporation still remains mysterious, even perceived dangerous, but seductive and addictive for many, as an ultimate woman, including highly positioned politicans, Intelligence and security services, worldwide journalists and common citizens.

It is generally known, how the whole idea started and by who, including unexpected and questionable “assistance” of the French Intelligence service DGSE, who successfully infiltrated the key meeting in the French Alps several years ago, and many speculations exist today, whether DGSE assisted somehow in establishing basic power structure of The Corporation – or was it the Czech Military, particularly top secret Special Unit C102: PSYOPS, as another theories say?

However, the truth will be hardly found, ever – it’s hard to expect revealing secrets of somebody who is excellent in Psychological Warfare, propaganda and manipulation with crowds, including own employees, and who invented The Device, a technological miracle, which changed the world history massively, which rewrote the world political, economic and military map, and opened many moral, ethical and philosophical challenges for the future. Plus, who earned hundreds of billions of USD by selling this “toy” – fulfilling the famous proverb, that “money are just a number for The Corporation”.

Many experienced business people wonder, how could The Corporation survive the whole necessary process, from being established as a small Czech company with modest 500.000 USD of starting capital, to No.1 company worldwide, in just several years, without being taken over or even destroyed by a ruthless competition, including powerful secret services and governments of superpowers (USA, Russia, China)?

Without any doubt, special measures were used, including precise security and psychological strategy, like deliberately involving U.S., Russian and Chinese Intelligence services and playing with them ingeniously and carefully, to keep them all distracted, remaining positioned advantageously in the middle, hidden from the reach of all surveillance satellites, able to cook the most substantial event in world history practically in secret, right under the eternally sniffing noses of many Intelligence operatives and curious business competition.

But The Device was only a top of the iceberg, the big finale of the whole project. All that primary power and influence was established in business sphere, using unseen and very controversial psychological techniques of managing human resources. Some sources even call these special methods “decent mind washing”, others compare it to an advanced MLM (multi-level marketing structure) or a religious organization.

There is a basic and well known motto, used by The Corporation in all recruiting materials and advertisements: “to be one of us”, fully confirming that the mutual bonds inside the company are much deeper than anywhere else, preventing any fluctuation of the workforce and possible stealing critical business secrets.

Another reason, why The Corporation survived all possible crises and attacks, is her basic, very attractive strategy of bringing vast and unique career opportunities for anybody, and using this hungry crowd as a secure shield in any situation. Regardless of age, education, marital status or gender, anybody can get a highly paid job and respected position in The Corporation, and very quickly, if some very simple and unusual demands are met – firstly, to have so called “special skills”.

The Corporation never explained exactly, what those skills mean. They never drew a thick line by some strict definition. Everything is “open and possible”, so thousands of people from all countries come to their interviews with enthusiasm and even passion. But we can guess, that these demanded unusual features are somehow connected with the ability to get closer to critical sources in the society, for example hidden human capital. And how they achieve this difficult task? By their famous paying big bonuses during the interviews, for applicants who can provide names and “weak sides” of desirable, or rather useful persons.

To get as far as The Corporation on your business journey, you need very good cover from the highest places, no doubt about it. And this is exactly the way, how The Corporation could get this protection and support: using their own employees and even applicants as pawns, able to get the management closer to social elite home and abroad, opening the scene for promoting own interests and effective persuasion.

In this system, we can watch some kind of indirect and soft approach. The Corporation never indicated or used any kind of power or coercion against anybody, including the loudest and most dangerous critics and attackers. They orientate consistently at using the positive energy only, never the negative one. This way, they are never “against” anybody or anything, only “for”. It obviously pays off: criticisms weaken through time, but the company is stronger every day, respected, followed, even devoted by the nation. All surveys confirm, that the citizens recognize The Corporation’s merits with appreciation.

However, The Corporation never showed all their aces in the sleeve, and they remain a riddle for many hungry entities, who tried to infiltrate it and to get answers for some very basic questions, for example, who really owns the company, and how that “internal persuasion” works exactly. But none of the agents, who were sent on this demanding mission, ever returned with the news. They all changed sides, voluntarily, including highly trained Military Counterintelligence personnel, because the state suspected an involvement of foreign powers.

In practice, The Corporation literally sucks anybody, who dares to come too close, using him or her to their own cause. It is suspected widely, that some simplified version of The Device is used on the applicants during the interviews, but there are no witnesses to prove it: only highly motivated employees, who are proud of their company. Needless to say, that tremendous average wage in The Corporation (10.000 USD a month) keeps them all highly satisfied and fully devoted to the cause.

Many of the employees declare, that they found “new sense of life” and “proper place in the society” in The Corporation. Love relationships inside the company are not only allowed, but even encouraged: again, it serves to strengthen the bond of the people with their employer, deepening the addiction. Whoever went through The Corporation, remains loyal, helpful and supporting, including unsuccessful applicants.

No wonder, that a complete folklore relates to The Corporation. Intriguing tales, unbelievable stories and fruitful conspiracy theories are good source of entertaintment for thousands of readers and watchers, who dream about employment there, or are simply fascinated by The Corporation’s undisputable achievements.

One of the most favourite tales revolves around the discovery of so called Stechovice Treasure from 1945, which allegedly contained something very special, what brought the ultimate power for the company. And there is also a single link between Czech Military and The Corporation: one person called “The Asset” is connected to both, and she could provide some interesting answers, but unfortunately, she is now MIA (missing in action). In a next article, this connection will be analyzed more.


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