Islam and You

No human being or animal was born to suffer. But as the modern world developed more and more, as the human intellect entered the service of many treacherous masters and their evil plans to create mindless consumming slaves, more and more people are today looking for relief, salvation and escape from the endless pressure of fear, doubts and insecurity, searching for liberation and real freedom in life, having their sins forgiven, given a fresh start.

All these desirable values and achievements, plus many more, are offered by the religion of Islam. Submitting to Allah opens the world of truth, purity and morality where all human beings belong naturally, if they want to fulfill their destiny and serve for noble purposes of Allah’s will, to create the world better, to protect and sustain environment and animals, plus to improve themselves to persons they always should to be.

There is no need to wait for an after-life to get rid of all human pain: the paradise, joy, relief and truth can be found by submitting to Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful. Only then, an individual can be complete.

It’s Allah who gave you the gift of life, and He asks you to worship him, to follow His light, will and inspiration on your path, surrounded by shades and dark, to become the man or woman who is independent on other human beings and their egos, serving only to one master: Allah, who grants you everything you need to fulfill your destiny.


Alan Svejk