Islamic Conspiracy: Love Jihad. Changing Infidel Sluts Into Good Muslims. Woman Hijab Allah Islam Scarf Submission Seduction Infiltration Sexy Religion Faith Relationship VIP Veil Europe Palestine

Means of Jihad and Da’wah (Islamic missionary activity)
Persuading the targets to convert to Islam, using love as pressure measure

Rules: viz Sexual Affairs and Taqqiya
Primary executive subject: Man. Woman only in special cases, under close supervision (if conceiving a child is desirable, to have control over male object, who has access to desirable resources, like wealth, executive or political power, beneficial for overall interest of Ummah)
Liberating corrupted, sinful infidel souls through seduction, desire and Islamic Romance
There are rumors, that twenty Palestinian young men were sent into Europe from Gaza strip, equipped with classified personal files of twenty women from European VIP, noble, aristrocratic and royal families, delivered by unknown party (possibly military conspirators from Special Forces of the Czech Army), in order to acquire support for Free Palestine, and damage the state of Israel
Provided also during VIP Islamic Tours Dubai as optional package

Hunter’s Rules: For Man Who Takes What He Wants
Hunter's Rules Sniper Target Prey Animal Scope Rifle Ambush Special Forces Sniping Army Fashion Brand Wu Corporation China Illuminati Conspiracy Man Male - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Conspiracy

Guide made by Czech CCM Wahhabis (from Islamic Teplice)
Wahhabi Salafi For Life Muslims Muslim Teplice Czech Saudi Arabia Conspiracy Allah Islam extremist radical Special Forces Army - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affair

Possible object: Angela Magdici (by Hassan Kiko, Islamic operative)

Rumored deployment by: Maria Kukucova

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Chinese Honey Traps
used by Chinese conspirators for Espionage purposes

The Islamic Jihad: There Is No Victor Except Allah
The Islamic Jihad There Is No Victor Except Allah Emirate of Granada Al-Andalus Spain 1492 Moriscos Islam Muslim Alhambra - Alan Svejk VIP Islamic Military Affairs

Islamic Conspiracy: Allah Is The Best Of All Deceivers

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